Metroid: Samus Returns

メトロイド サムスリターンズ
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    Music Director / Kenji Yamamoto /
    Music / Daisuke Matsuoka /
    Arrangement / Daisuke Matsuoka /
    Original Music / Kenji Yamamoto / , Minako Hamano / , Ryoji Yoshitomi /
    Audio Lead / Emilio Gutiérrez López
    Sound Design / Pablo Balaguer de Diego
    Sound Coordination / Minako Hamano /
    Audio Technical Support / Yuichi Ozaki /
    Music Support / Masaru Tajima /


    Music Director: Kenji Yamamoto
    Music & Arrangement: Daisuke Matsuoka
    Original Metroid Music: Kenji Yamamoto, Minako Hamano, Ryoji Yoshitomi
    Audio Lead: Emilio Gutiérrez López
    Sound Design: Pablo Balaguer de Diego
    Sound Coordination: Minako Hamano
    Audio Technical Support: Yuichi Ozaki
    Music Support: Masaru Tajima

    While only Daisuke Matsuoka is explicitly credited in-game with writing music, the game's website originally stated that the game had "an atmospheric remastered soundtrack arranged by veteran Metroid composers Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano." Three songs are credited to Kenji Yamamoto in the CD-Text of the European version of SAMUS ARCHIVES, although since they're all reprises of songs originally composed by Yamamoto, it's possible he's credited only for the original composition and not arrangement.



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