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NieR: ReArranged

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Mar 24, 2022
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
PublisherPixel Mixers / /


Original Composers / Keiichi Okabe / , Kakeru Ishihama / , Keigo Hoashi / , Takafumi Nishimura / , Kuniyuki Takahashi /
Artists / Andrew Dunn, AnimeVivi, BeanBops, Becca Michaelson, bewildebeest, Brandon L. Harnish, bratkat, Capt'n Shred, Carlos Oliveira, Cavatina, Chromatic Apparatus, Cygnus Rift, Danilo Ciaffi, Dean Nguyen, Dewey Newt, Diana Dunn, Draskon, endlessrepeat, ETHERealString Orchestra, Evan Bonanno, Evan Carville, Forgotten_One_56, Fredrik Häthén, Funbil, GameroftheWinds, giocko, GuitarSVD, HappyFunTimeGameBand, HappyTurtle, Hashel, heymagurany, Ian Martyn, jmabate, JohnStacy, Justin Miller, Justin Thornburgh, KestrelGirl, Lauriane G., Luis Vasquez, Marcus Stables, Mark Autumn, May ClaireLaPlante, Metatron, OstilMusic, Phoenix Down RPG, Piano Game Knight, Psamathes, Purpleschala, Rahul Vanamali, R-Man, Ruscel Torres, SableProvidence, Sam Lavin, Schneider Souza, Soranohato, Sorven, Soul in Sadness, soundyg, STTC, subversiveasset, TenorKicksBrass, TerminatedWeasel, thebitterroost, Tommi Ilmanen, Troisnyx, TSori, Warp Whistles Music, xMEIYIN, Yuki K, zmand97, Zohar Emulator
Arranger / jmabate, GuitarSVD, Hashel, soundyg, Justin Thornburgh, Fredrik Häthén, Soranohato
Cover Arranger / Chromatic Apparatus, OstilMusic, KestrelGirl
Vocals / jmabate, xMEIYIN, Cavatina
Soprano / Annie Rosen, Becca Michaelson, Bonnie Bogovich, Cavatina, dytabytes, Ian Martyn, Imme Kuchenbrandt, Liz Rishel, Marcela Estelië, Troisnyx
Alto / Alejandro Espinosa, Annie Rosen, Becca Michaelson, Bonnie Bogovich, dytabytes, Ian Martyn, Ica Tongco, Imme Kuchenbrandt, Liz Rishel, Mats Lindgren, Troisnyx
Tenor / Alejandro Espinosa, Garrett Horne, GuitarSVD, Ian Martyn, Matheus Manente, Mats Lindgren, Patrick Dunnevant, Phaseroll
Bass / Alejandro Espinosa, Brian Diamond, Garrett Horne, GuitarSVD, Ian Martyn, Josh Pendlebury, Matheus Manente, Mats Lindgren, Patrick Dunnevant, Ro Panuganti, Soul in Sadness
Soprano Choir / Troisnyx, Cavatina
Alto Choir / Troisnyx, Cavatina
Tenor Choir / Ian Martyn, Troisnyx, Cavatina
Bass Choir / Soul in Sadness
Orchestra / jmabate
Piccolo / TerminatedWeasel
Flute / TerminatedWeasel, GameroftheWinds, SableProvidence, Becca Michaelson
Alto Flute / GameroftheWinds
Oboe / Phoenix Down RPG, Diana Dunn
Clarinet / Warp Whistles Music, bewildebeest, zmand97, bratkat
Bass Clarinet / Warp Whistles Music, Marcus Stables
Contrabass Clarinet / Marcus Stables
Soprano Saxophone / GameroftheWinds
Alto Saxophone / subversiveasset, Fredrik Häthén, Justin Thornburgh
Tenor Saxophone / HappyFunTimeGameBand
Baritone Saxophone / Marcus Stables
Horns / JohnStacy
French Horn / Brandon Harnish
Trumpet / Metatron, Sorven, giocko
Bb Trumpet 1 / giocko
Bb Trumpet 2 / TSori
Trombone / Justin Miller, Dewey Newt, Forgotten_One_56, Brandon Harnish
Bass Trombone / Brandon L. Harnish
Euphonium / Dewey Newt
Baritone Horn / Brandon L. Harnish
Harp / May Claire LaPlante
Lever Harp / Chromatic Apparatus
Strings / ETHEReal String Orchestra
    Violin / Andrew Steffen
    Viola / Andrew Steffen
    Cello / Andrew Stern
    Double Bass / Andrew Steffen
Violin 1 / KestrelGirl
Violin 2 / STTC
Viola / AnimeVivi
Cello / Andrew Dunn, Chromatic Apparatus
Cello 1 / Chromatic Apparatus
Cello 2 / Chromatic Apparatus
Erhu / GuitarSVD
Acoustic Guitar / Mark Autumn, GuitarSVD
Classical Guitar / GuitarSVD
Lead Guitar 1 / Capt'n Shred
Lead Guitar 2 / jmabate
Rhythm Guitars / jmabate
Bass / jmabate, Grimm
Piano / Draskon, Sam Lavin, Purpleschala, OstilMusic
Lead Synth / Draskon
Xylophone / Evan Carville
Vibraphone / Evan Carville, Rahul Vanamali, Sean R. Hanson
Glockenspiel / BeanBops
Marimba / BeanBops, Sean R. Hanson
Drum / jmabate
Snare Drum / Troisnyx
Percussion / GuitarSVD
Orchestral Percussion / Dean Nguyen
Mixing Engineer / xMEIYIN, GuitarSVD, Hashel, soundyg, Justin Thornburgh, Chromatic Apparatus, Fredrik Häthén, Soranohato, OstilMusic
Orchestrator / Fredrik Häthén
Project Director / Hashel
Artworks / Troisnyx
Album Mastering / Erika Richards


Disc 1

01 The Weight of the World 6:12
02 Snow in Summer 5:27
03 Amusement Park 4:22
04 City Ruins ~ Rays of Light 5:48
05 Song of the Ancients ~ Devola 3:23
06 Temple of Drifting Sands 3:06
07 Halua 3:19
08 This Dream 3:26
09 Vague Hope ~ Cold Rain 4:57
10 Voice of No Return 2:41
11 Song of the Ancients ~ Hollow Dreams 3:09
12 Emil ~ Karma 4:50
13 Forest Kingdom 6:40
14 End of the Unknown 4:55
15 The Lost Forest 3:01
16 Grandma 8:00
17 Pascal 6:57
18 Yonah 3:25
19 Cold Steel Coffin 3:47
20 Copied City 4:48
21 Song of the Ancients ~ Popola 5:28
22 Kainé ~ Salvation 4:27
23 Dance of the Evanescent 3:42
24 Emil ~ Sacrifice 5:48
25 Wretched Weaponry 3:46
26 Blissful Death 6:24
27 Mourning 4:48
28 Shadowlord 3:40
29 Dependent Weakling 4:55
30 Song of the Ancients ~ Atonement 5:43
31 Ashes of Dreams 6:13
Disc length 147:07



"Nier: ReArranged" is a FREE NieR Series Tribute Album made by the Pixel Mixers community!

01 Luis Vasquez
02 jmabate, Capt'n Shred, Soul in Sadness, Ian Martyn, Troisnyx, Cavatina
03 Capt'n Shred
04 Danilo Ciaffi, Capt'n Shred, Yuki K
05 xMEIYIN, GuitarSVD
06 HappyTurtle
07 EndlessRepeat
08 Hashel, Draskon, Mark Autumn
09 Zohar Emulator, xMEIYIN
10 Evan Bonanno
11 xMEIYIN, GuitarSVD
12 soundyg, Cavatina
13 Cygnus Rift
14 R-Man
15 heymagurany
16 Justin Thornburgh & Friends
17 Lauriane G., TheBitterRoost
18 Chromatic Apparatus, giocko, TSori
19 EndlessRepeat
20 Schneider Souza
21 Troisnyx
22 Fredrik Häthén & Friends
23 Carlos Oliveira
24 Soranohato, SableProvidence, GameroftheWind, Warp Whistles Music, giocko, Brandon Harnish, Forgotten_One_56, OstilMusic
25 Sorven, TenorKicksBrass, Warp Whistles Music, Phoenix Down RPG, TSori, PIano Game Knight, Chromatic Apparatus
26 Tommi Ilmanen
27 Funbil
28 GuitarSVD
29 Capt'n Shred, GuitarSVD, Psamathes, RichGC
30 Ruscel Torres, xMEIYIN
31 OstilMusic & Friends

Track Credits:

    02 Snow in Summer

Composed by Keiichi Okabe, Kakeru Ishihama, Keigo Hoashi, Takafumi Nishimura
Arranged by jmabate
jmabate: Orchestra, Drum, Bass, Rythm Guitars, Lead Guitar 2, Vocals
Capt'n Shred: Lead Guitar 1
Soul in Sadness: Bass Choir
Ian Martyn: Tenor Choir
Troisnyx: Tenor, Alto & Soprano Choir
Cavatina: Tenor, Alto & Soprano Choir

    05 Song of Ancients ~ Devola

Arranger: GuitarSVD
Mixer: xMEIYIN, GuitarSVD
Vocal: xMEIYIN
Classical Guitar: GuitarSVD

    08 This Dream

Arranger: Hashel
Mixer: Hashel
Piano, Lead Synth: Draskon
Acoustic Guitar: Mark Autumn
Everything Else: Hashel

    11 Song of Ancients ~ Hollow Dreams

Arranger: GuitarSVD
Mixer: xMEIYIN, GuitarSVD
Vocal: xMEIYIN
Classical Guitar: GuitarSVD
Acoustic Guitar: GuitarSVD
Percussion: GuitarSVD

    12 Emil ~ Karma

Arranger: soundyg
Mixer: soundyg
Vocals: Cavatina

    16 Grandma

Arranger: Justin Thornburgh
Mixer: Justin Thornburgh

Piccolo: TerminatedWeasel
Flute: TerminatedWeasel, GameroftheWinds, SableProvidence
Alto Flute: GameroftheWinds

Oboe: Phoenix Down RPG

Clarinet: Warp Whistles Music, bewildebeest, zmand97, bratkat
Bass Clarinet: Warp Whistles Music, Marcus Stables
Contrabass Clarinet: Marcus Stables

Soprano Saxophone: GameroftheWinds
Alto Saxophone: subversiveasset, Fredrik Häthén, Justin Thornburgh
Tenor Saxophone: HappyFunTimeGameBand
Baritone Saxophone: Marcus Stables

Trumpet: Metatron, Sorven
Trombone: Justin Miller, Dewey Newt, Forgotten_One_56
Bass Trombone: Brandon L. Harnish
Euphonium: Dewey Newt
Baritone Horn: Brandon L. Harnish

Piano: Sam Lavin
Xylophone: Evan Carville
Vibraphone: Evan Carville
Glockenspiel: BeanBops
Marimba: BeanBops

Snare Drum: Troisnyx

Solos performed by the first listed player

    18 Yonah

Original Track: Yonah - Strings Version
Composer: Keiichi Okabe
Cover Arranger: Chromatic Apparatus
Mixing: Chromatic Apparatus
Bb Trumpet 1: giocko
Bb Trumpet 2: TSori
Cello 1: Chromatic Apparatus
Cello 2: Chromatic Apparatus
Lever Harp: Chromatic Apparatus
DAW Mixing Software: Studio One 5

    22 Kainé ~ Salvation Credits

Arranger: Fredrik Häthén
Mixer: Fredrik Häthén
Orchestrator: Fredrik Häthén

Piano: Purpleschala
Harp: May Claire LaPlante
Vibraphone: Rahul Vanamali
Orchestral Percussion: Dean Nguyen

Flute: Becca Michaelson
Oboe: Diana Dunn
Clarinet: Warp Whistles Music

Horns: JohnStacy

Alejandro Espinosa: Alto, Tenor, Bass
Annie Rosen: Soprano, Alto
Becca Michaelson: Soprano, Alto
Bonnie Bogovich: Soprano, Alto
Brian Diamond: Bass
Cavatina: Soprano
dytabytes: Soprano, Alto
Garrett Horne: Tenor, Bass
GuitarSVD: Tenor, Bass
Ian Martyn: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass
Ica Tongco: Alto
Imme Kuchenbrandt: Soprano, Alto
Josh Pendlebury: Bass
Liz Rishel: Soprano, Alto
Marcela Estelië: Soprano
Matheus Manente: Tenor, Bass
Mats Lindgren: Alto, Tenor, Bass
Patrick Dunnevant: Tenor, Bass
Phaseroll: Tenor
Ro Panuganti: Bass
Soul in Sadness: Bass
Troisnyx: Soprano, Alto

ETHEReal String Orchestra
  Consisting of
  Andrew Steffen: Violin, Viola, Double Bass
  Andrew Stern: Cello

Andrew Dunn: Cello (solo)

    24 Emil ~ Sacrifice

Arranger: Soranohato
Mixer: Soranohato
Flute: GamerOfTheWinds and SableProvidence
Clarinet: Warp Whistles Music
Trumpet: giocko
French Horn: Brandon Harnish
Trombone: Brandon Harnish and Forgotten_One_56
Piano: OstilMusic

    28 Shadowlord

Erhu: GuitarSVD
Flute: SableProvidence
Vibraphone: Sean R. Hanson
Marimba: Sean R. Hanson
Bass: Grimm

    31 Ashes of Dreams

Cover Arranger: OstilMusic / KestrelGirl
Mixing: OstilMusic
Piano: OstilMusic
Vocals: xMEIYIN
Violin 1: KestrelGirl
Violin 2: STTC
Viola: AnimeVivi
Cello: Chromatic Apparatus

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