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Kaze to Issho ni / Sachiko Kobayashi

風といっしょに / 小林幸子
Catalog Number CXDA-102
Barcode 4935228981601
Release Date Sep 03, 1998
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 1050 JPY
Media Format Mini CD
Classification Vocal
PublisherMEDIA FACTORY, INC. / /
DistributorNIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD. / /

Disc 1

01 Together With The Wind 4:58
02 Wonderful Collection 4:10
03 Together With The Wind (Karaoke) 4:59
04 Wonderful Collection (Karaoke) 4:11
Disc length 18:18



01: Movie "Mewtwo no Gyakushuu" ending theme song
Composition: Hirokazu Tanaka
Arrangement: Kan Sawada
Vocals: Sachiko Kobayashi (Nippon Columbia)
Lyrics: Akihito Toda
Chorus: Pokémon Kids, Otowa Yurikago-kai (by the courtesy of Sony Records)

02: Pokémon Stamp Badge TVCM song
Composition & Arrangement: Hirokazu Tanaka
Vocals: Sachiko Kobayashi (Nippon Columbia)
Rap: Raymond Johnson
Lyrics: Akihito Toda
Track Programming: Hirokazu Tanaka
Manipulator: Go Sudo
Guitar: Jun Sumida

Recording Engineers: Masayoshi Okawa, Masakazu Kimura, ガブリエル大迫 (MIT Studio), 彦坂 "中田アニ" (Sound Inn), Masato Morisaki (ONKIO HAUS), Yoichiro Kano (MIXER'S LAB), Satoru Yamaguchi (ONKIO HAUS)
Recording Studios: Sound Inn Studio, ONKIO HAUS, ON AIR Azabu Studio

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