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Tales from Earthsea Soundtrack

ゲド戦記 サウンドトラック
Ged Senki Soundtrack


Disc 1

01 Cataclysm - Dragon 2:31
02 Signs of Dusk 2:21
03 Sparrowhawk - The Fugitive 2:45
04 A Journey 3:42
05 The Town 1:30
06 Losing the Way - The Hunted 3:39
07 Chains 2:06
08 To the Countryside 1:34
09 Cob 2:36
10 Men of the Earth 3:10
11 Thistles and Sorrow - The Villains 3:32
12 Memories - The Storekeeper's Advice 2:31
13 Therru's Song - Movie Version in a Cappella 2:31
14 Parting - Fear of the Shadow 2:41
15 Abduction - The Lure of Eternal Life 5:01
16 The Dash - Confrontation 4:57
17 Light and Shadow 3:40
18 True Name - Awakening 4:55
19 The Curse of Death - Madness 7:24
20 The Fire of Life 2:09
21 The End and the Beginning - Song of Time (Theme Song) - Ending 8:36
Disc length 73:51

Translated by iTunes


Music: Tamiya Terashima

M-3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 18, 21 feat Carlos Nuñez / Carlos Nuñez appears kind courtesy of Sony BMG Music Entertainment (France/Spain)
Theme Song/Insertion Song: Aoi Teshima / Aoi Teshima appears by the courtesy of YAMAHA MUSIC COMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD.

M-11 Composed by Tamiya Terashima & Hiroko Taniyama

M-13: Insertion Song Movie Version (A capella)
Vocals: Aoi Teshima
Lyrics: Goro Miyazaki
Composition: Hiroko Taniyama

M-21: Theme Song
Vocals: Aoi Teshima
Lyrics: Akino Arai, Goro Miyazaki
Composition: Akino Arai, Hiroko Taniyama
Arrangement: Tamiya Terashima

Conductor: Chikako Takahashi

Carlos Nuñez: Gaita, Uilleann Pipe, Whistle, Ocarina, Duduk

Garyu Matsumoto: シリモー, Crumhorn, Tromba Marina, Duduk and others
Rio Yamase: Hardingfele
Xurxo Nuñez: Percussion
Gerald Muirhead: Bagpipe
Amalia Neculaes: Voice
Tessey Ueno: Lute
Yukiko Sakai: Piano
Tokyo Shitsunaigaku Kyokai/東京室内楽協会
Masatsugu Shinozaki Group


Composed, Arranged & Produced by Tamiya Terashima

Recording Engineer: Akihiko Ohno
Music Editor: Naoko Ono/大野直子
Assistant Engineer: Takashi Oizumi (Avaco Creative Studio)
                             Yasuo Hiruma (Sound Inn Studio)
                             印野希宏 (Sound Inn Studio)
                             Yuki Mototani (Studio Room)
Voice Direction: Toshiaki Nishioka (Fixe)
Voice Coding Engineer: Hiroshi Yamamoto/山本弘 (Onkyo Stuff/音響スタッフ)
Recording Studio: Wonder Station
                           Avaco Creative Studio
                           Sound Inn Studio
                           Quinteiro de Nerua
                           Roba House
                           Onkyo Stuff
                           Studio Ghibli
Mixing Studio: Studio Room
Mastering Engineer: Koji Suzuki (Sony Music Communications)
Mastering Studio: Sony Music Studio
SACD Authoring Engineer: Takeshi Muramatsu (Octavia Records)
SACD Authoring Studio: Octavia Records

Management Office: Inspire Holdings
Production Management: Masaaki Fujita (Inspire Holdings)

A&R Director: Kazumi Inaki/稲城和実 (Studio Ghibli)
                     Tomoko Okada/岡田知子 (Tokuma Japan Communications)
Assistant A&R: Noriko Tsushi/津司紀子 (Studio Ghibli)
Technical Support: Tamaki Kojo/古城環 (Studio Ghibli)
Production Manager: Takashi Nagai/長井孝 (Studio Ghibli)
Promotion: 菅宗平 (Tokuma Japan Communications)
Sales Promotion: Hideo Tanaka/田中英雄 (Tokuma Japan Communications)
Jacket Design: Junko Ishino/石野順子 (Tokuma Japan Communications)
Still Photographer: Yuu Kamimaki/上牧佑
Movie Photographer: Masataka Kato/加藤昌孝

Superviser: Goro Miyazaki
Music Production: Studio Ghibli
Production Producer: Toshio Suzuki (Studio Ghibli)

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