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NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming

Catalog Number OCRA-0026
Release Date Jul 05, 2011
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 3 Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /


Disc 1

01 Panzer Nightopia (Message From Nightopia) 2:38
02 Dreams Dreams (Disco NiGHTS Mix) [Dreams Dreams] 3:20
03 From Dusk til Dawn (Fragmented Nights) 4:40
04 Lies Within Dreams (Deep It Lies) 3:06
05 Reverse Rain (The Amazing Water) 6:28
06 She Can Has Long Ears (She Had Long Ears) 3:52
07 The Desert Had a Strange Dream (The Dragon Gave a Loud Scream) 3:20
08 The NiGHT Has Just Begun... (Under Construction) 2:39
09 New Jack Mantle (The Mantle) 4:27
10 Slumber on a City Corner (Dreams Dreams : In Silent Memory) 4:52
11 The Nemesis Schema (NiGHTS and Reala) 5:06
12 Tomorrow Should Have Been Last Night (After The Dream) 3:46
Disc length 48:14
Disc 2

01 Beyond the Dream (Gate of Your Dream) 5:51
02 I'll Fly You (nel cielo notturno) [Paternal Horn] 3:14
03 Urban Museum (Suburban Museum) 2:22
04 She Had Angry Pixels (She Had Long Ears) 3:24
05 Trans-Siberian Tuning Fork (Take The Snow Train) 6:17
06 Clawz Jam (E-LE-KI Sparkle) 3:42
07 Overnight Cloverleaf (Gloom of The N.H.C.) 4:44
08 Restless Depths (Deep It Lies) 3:06
09 Twin Seeds Flyby (Growing Wings) 3:45
10 Dies, Nox et Omnia (D'Force Master) 6:21
11 The World Is Dreaming (Dreams Dreams) 5:24
12 Sleepless Nights (Gate of Your Dream) 4:30
13 A Dream... (Beautiful) [Gate of Your Dream] 4:20
Disc length 57:00
Disc 3

01 Dreams Dreams (Disco NiGHTS 10" Karaoke Mix) [Dreams Dreams] 3:20
02 The NiGHT Has Just Begun... (10" Karaoke Edit) [Under Construction] 2:41
Disc length 6:01

  Total tracks 27   Total length 1:51:15


NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming
Comments from album director Stevo Bortz (Level 99)
Album freely available at

To me, NiGHTS into dreams.. defines what the essence of the Sega of old was: creative, original, adventurous, and memorable. The music was the most memorable part of the game for me: I've been listening to the soundtrack for 15 years now. Despite being a cult classic, NiGHTS has not received its due attention over the years. Two years ago, I started this album, hoping to pay respect to the music, the game, and their creators through art and sound.

To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the original game's release, it is my honor and pleasure to present to you, in association with NiGHTSintoDreams.Com, OverClocked ReMix's 26th album, NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming. Ranging a wide variety of genres, images, and dreamscapes, this album features twenty-seven songs and twenty-eight images by a total team of around forty people. It also features a recurring theme of the NiGHTS musical motif throughout the album, and a song with vocals contributed from thirty NiGHTS fans.

This is our love letter NiGHTS, a game which means a great deal to us. Enjoy!

It is not possible to thank every person who helped make the album a reality, but some people who deserve thanks are:
Yuji Naka, Naoto Oshima, Takashi Iizuka, and the rest of Sonic Team who worked on NiGHTS; djpretzel and the staff of for helping and putting up with my bugging about stuff; the NiDfans who've kept this game's legacy alive; Shaun Wallace for his mixing tutelage; Andrew Luers and Deia Vengen for being awesome; Bradly Burr for sparking the fire to do a NiGHTS album in the first place; PapaPrinny; AAUK and all the members of the Sega communities who've encouraged the project or spread the word about it; José the Bronx Rican for an amazing trailer; TRiPPY and DiGi for helping with so many little things, every artist and musician who is part of the project, my fiancée Valérie (whom I didn't even know when the project began) for supporting me every day since we met; and my Dad, whom this album is dedicated to, for buying the game and always encouraging me to follow my dreams.

- Stevo Bortz (Level 99)


1.01 Panzer Nightopia
Arranged by: MattInc
Source Track: Message From Nightopia
Composed by: Naofumi Hataya & Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
This song is the embodiment of adventure and intrigue. MattInc crafted this incredibly interesting soundscape, with tribal drums and lush strings layered between warm synths and a crystal clear piano. It is definitely a stark contrast to the style of the source, but the melodies are still all there and he has an amazing attention to detail. It also gives the NiGHTS motif a thorough runthrough, preparing the listener for their journey through the rest of the album.

1.02 Dreams Dreams (Disco NiGHTS Mix)
Arranged by: AkumajoBelmont & Level 99
Source Track: Dreams Dreams
Composed by: Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
"Dreams Dreams" is the definitive song of the NiGHTS series. Robbie does "Dreams Dreams" justice with this upbeat euro-dance tune with huge chunks of infections 80's cheese. I was honored to be able to contribute the guitar work. Robbie's voice is perfect for the style, and he brings the vocoding that he's become known for. He is also a huge fan of NiGHTS and the Sega Saturn in general. This song will put a smile on your face and get you dancing in your seat (if you are, in fact, seated while listening).

1.03 From Dusk til Dawn
Arranged by: pu_freak
Source Track: Fragmented Nights
Composed by: Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
Taking the source from "Fragmented Nights," which is less than a minute in length, and transforming it into something nearly five minutes long without being too repetitive is a feat in itself. This delicate, piano-focused arrangement features effective use of strings, drums and chimes to support the various interpretations and movements the piano goes through. pu_freak did an excellent job for being one of the last people to hop on the project. His piano keeps dreamers company until the first morning light.

1.04 Lies Within Dreams
Arranged by: LuIzA
Source Track: Deep It Lies
Composed by: Fumie Kumatani

Director's Note:
Luiza is a guitar beast, regardless of the genre she aims for. Guitar is not the main focus of the track, but that doesn't stop it from maintaining her standard of quality. Inspired both by 70's disco and by Arabic music, this song is funky, with a fever for organ, piano, and strings. The guitars serve greatly as rhythm and reinforcing instruments, with funky bass to keep the groove going at all times. In the deep of the sea, disco is still alive.

1.05 Reverse Rain
Arranged by: Rozovian
Source Track: The Amazing Water
Composed by: Fumie Kumatani (arr. Fumie Kumatani, Naofumi Hataya & Tomoko Sasaki)

Director's Note:
At six and a half minutes, this is the longest song on the album. Rozovian's light electronica take on "The Amazing Water" feels very wet, and very relaxing. He incorporated a number of the variant themes from the source tune, allowing to song to be progressive throughout its duration. This water is peaceful and serene.

1.06 She Can Has Long Ears
Arranged by: Fishy
Source Track: She Had Long Ears
Composed by: Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
Fishy took on a source tune that is spastic and random, with three distinct sections that jump genres. Somehow, he has honed that same spirit and churned out a jazzy alt rock song which proves cohesive through three movements. It also has an absolutely killer guitar/organ-piano duel that knocked me off my feet! Long Ears are meant for rocking out: use them if you got 'em.

1.07 The Desert Had a Strange Dream
Arranged by: Dj Mokram
Source Track: The Dragon Gave a Loud Scream
Composed by: Naofumi Hataya & Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
Soaring over the desert sands, this Dragon is chasing the listener past dunes of Middle Eastern-influenced music. There is much breadth to the amount of instruments used, even taking some cues from electronic music at times. Dj Mokram's song is a good example of world music types being represented on the album. Try not to get hypnotized by the oasis.

1.08 The NiGHT Has Just Begun...
Arranged by: ProtoDome
Source Track: Under Construction
Composed by: Naofumi Hataya

Director's Note:
ProtoDome has proved himself a master of short, happy, chiptune-heavy songs, and he continues that streak here. This song is one of his longest to date, features great vocals and appropriately cheesy lyrics. There were many songs on this project that added vocals to sources that originally had none, and this is one of the best. If the rest of the night is going to go like this, I'm glad it just got started!

1.09 New Jack Mantle
Arranged by: Tryezz feat. DiGi Valentine
Source Track: The Mantle
Composed by: Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
DiGi is one of the most integral members of this album: he served as associate producer, helped get the artists on board, assisted in gathering the singers for The Dreamers chorus, and many other things. One big feat was him getting Tryezz on board to do an New Jack style arrangement of "The Mantle." DiGi provided the lyrics and vocals, the resulting song coming together splendidly. Get off that Mantle and break it down on the dance floor.

1.10 Slumber on a City Corner
Arranged by: audio fidelity, Josh Dunlap, Eric Griffin & Ben Charles
Source Track: Dreams Dreams : In Silent Memory
Composed by: Naofumi Hataya & Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
Ever since we collaborated on a track for OCR's FFIV album, I can't seem to shake Jay away. This is a good thing, because Jay is a talented man, and he brought some talented friends with him this time around! Jay, Josh, Eric, and Ben have crafted a song that would sound right at home on a city corner from a lounge ensemble, or in a bar downtown. The song has a very live feeling to it, which is sure to keep you awake from beginning to end.

1.11 The Nemesis Schema
Arranged by: Level 99, prophetik & Avaris
Source Track: NiGHTS and Reala
Composed by: Naofumi Hataya & Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
"NiGHTS and Reala" is an iconic track, pitting NiGHTS against his antagonist equal, Reala. They're matched in power and abilites, providing a near-stalemate of a boss battle. I wanted to convey the malice and animosity Reala has for the hero of the game, and how intense the battle between them is. The destructive guitars are always vying for control with the crisp saxophones, provided by prophetik. With Avaris's mixing help, this grand confrontation between nemeses is given proper treatment.

1.12 Tomorrow Should Have Been Last Night
Arranged by: OA & DragonAvenger
Source Track: After The Dream
Composed by: Naofumi Hataya & Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
OA and DragonAvenger have made a formidable remixing duo for quite some time. Their take of this song is blissful and heartfelt, with Deia's vocals soaring to support the guitars, chimes and synths that hold the melody throughout the song. As the first disc comes to a close, the end is sweet and leads right back to another beginning.

2.01 Beyond the Dream
Arranged by: Sixto Sounds
Source Track: Gate of Your Dream
Composed by: Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
Sixto must be Joe Satriani in disguise, because if I didn't know any better, I'd say this was the Satch himself covering NiGHTS. Juan noodles through numerous motifs in this version of "Gate of Your Dream," with crisp and shimmering clean guitars joining with smooth distorted leads. While more music lies beyond this song, Sixto's work here is the stuff that dreams are made of.

2.02 I'll Fly You (nel cielo notturno)
Arranged by: AkumajoBelmont
Source Track: Paternal Horn
Composed by: Tomoko Sasaki (arr. Tomoko Sasaki, Fumie Kumatani & Naofumi Hataya)

Director's Note:
Robbie has a proven history of vocal-heavy European dance music. His second track on the album is just as good as the first, with a superb sample selection and fantastic production. The lyrics are fanciful, sung with many effects that make them have a sound all their own. This song flies through the night divine and right into the PA system of a club near you.

2.03 Urban Museum
Arranged by: Geshen of Balamb
Source Track: Suburban Museum
Composed by: Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
Justin is a friend of mine who is an aspiring classical musician. After months of badgering, he finally gave in to my request to do an arrangement for this album. "Urban Museum" is full of pomp and frills, sounding like a song that would be played at a high-class tea party a few centuries ago. Lush orchestration and a conservative arrangement conveys imagery of poofy hats and lavish dresses, and it's a party I'd like to be a part of.

2.04 She Had Angry Pixels
Arranged by: Benjamin Briggs
Source Track: She Had Long Ears
Composed by: Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
If there had to be another version of this track, I'm glad it was done by Ben Briggs. Angry chip sounds with bitcrushed drums and some really inventive interpretations of the source make this track a great compliment to Fishy's version. Ben has shown he knows his way around making complex, layered songs that draw from old chip sounds, and that can definitely be heard here. Angry pixels were meant for throwing down.

2.05 Trans-Siberian Tuning Fork
Arranged by: Sundog
Source Track: Take The Snow Train
Composed by: Naofumi Hataya & Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
Sundog, a relatively unknown musician who contacted me personally requesting to be on the project, has given a unique version of "Take The Snow Train." The soundscape sounds both dreamy yet druggy, almost as if the person listening is on a bad trip through an amorphous terrain of snow and ice. Sundog's tuning fork is ringing some surreal notes through the tundra.

2.06 Clawz Jam
Arranged by: Cyril the Wolf, Level 99 & Brandon Snell
Source Track: E-LE-KI Sparkle
Composed by: Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
Classic rock, anyone? This massive jam out session, written by Cyril and performed by him with some assistance by his friend Brandon and myself, harkens back to the days when classic rock jams were king. All the guitarists have excellent clawz for playing, and the jam out contrasts the different approaches to play style and tone that each has.

2.07 Overnight Cloverleaf
Arranged by: José the Bronx Rican
Source Track: Gloom of The N.H.C.
Composed by: Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
Close your eyes and take a flight deep into the forest, shrouded in fog and full of wonders to explore. When Mr. Bronx Rican joined up, I expected to get some hip hop with slick rhymes, but I was blindsided when he showed me progress on this jazzy piece of work. José shows great versatility with the pianos and mallet instruments, supported by well-written drums throughout. There's a lot of "whooshing" sounds that evoke the sensation of flight. This track is a lucky charm to keep in your pocket when you're flying through the mist.

2.08 Restless Depths
Arranged by: Avaris & Level 99
Source Track: Deep It Lies
Composed by: Fumie Kumatani

Director's Note:
Shaun knows how to effectively use sound textures to evoke emotion in his mixes. Here, he is channeling the dark deeps and what lurks beneath the waves to create an air of suspense and dread. I was asked to give guitars for the leads, and he completely twisted and morphed what I had given to make it sound unsettling and somewhat malicious. Ocean depths are eerily calm and filled with unknown dangers.

2.09 Twin Seeds Flyby
Arranged by: Level 99
Source Track: Growing Wings
Composed by: Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
I know that I and countless other people have had dreams where they are flying around their towns, and I wanted to capture that with this song. Cheery, upbeat acoustic guitars are supported synths and strings while a lead electric guitar trades off the melody with other instruments. Just close your eyes and imagine that you're soaring through the clouds, the city below you and all around you, dashing through balloons, rings, and stars. And, yes, that is me singing the high vocals.

2.10 Dies, Nox et Omina
Arranged by: Josh Whelchel feat. Danielle Messina & Ryan C. Connelly
Source Track: D'Force Master
Composed by: Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
Many genres are represented on this album, but this song represents one that is uncommon in the video game arrangement community. An operatic duet, Composed by Josh and performed beautifully by Danielle and Ryan, which is built on lyrics from the Carmina Burana. This arrangement gives a whole new level of depth and meaning to the game's final boss music. I cried the first time I heard the final version with vocals.

2.11 The World Is Dreaming
Arranged by: Level 99 & The Dreamers
Source Track: Dreams Dreams
Composed by: Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
For the past 15 years, the NiGHTS legacy has been kept alive by its small but diligent fanbase. This album wouldn't have been possible without their support, so this acoustic rock version of "Dreams Dreams" features a group of Dreamers with chorus takes from nearly 30 NiGHTS fans. This song is dedicated to them.

2.12 Sleepless Nights
Arranged by: Emunator
Source Track: Gate of Your Dream
Composed by: Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
As the album winds to a close, Wes's ambient and relaxing piano version of "Gate of Your Dream" echoes all the diverse dreamscapes that have come and gone during the album. Like the sweet sunrise after slumber, the song brings forth reflection. It is a bittersweet realization that, though this adventure may be ending, every night is another chance to dream.

2.13 A Dream... (Beautiful)
Arranged by: Skrypnyk
Source Track: Gate of Your Dream
Composed by: Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
Skrypnyk insisted that his track remain a secret until the album's release, which is why his name was not mentioned anywhere beforehand. Being a big fan, and previous ReMixer, of the NiGHTS soundtrack, he came on board to do a new version of his "Gate of Your Dream" arrangement "Escape Into the Twilight." Dreams can be full of surprises.

3.01 Dreams Dreams (Disco NiGHTS 10'' Karaoke Mix)
Arranged by: AkumajoBelmont & Level 99
Source Track: Dreams Dreams
Composed by: Tomoko Sasaki

Director's Note:
Karaoke version of track 1.02.

3.02 The NiGHT Has Just Begun... (10'' Karaoke Edit)
Arranged by: ProtoDome
Source Track: Under Construction
Composed by: Naofumi Hataya

Director's Note:
Karaoke version of track 1.08.

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