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Wild Arms: ARMed and DANGerous

Catalog Number OCRA-0031
Release Date Dec 20, 2011
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 4 Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /



Disc 1 Arrangement, Vocal

01 Succumb to the Wilderness (To the End of the Wilderness) 4:02
02 Up an' at 'Em (Inn) 3:06
03 Dust Trails [Courage (Dungeon)] 3:31
04 Unstoppable (Critical Hit!) 4:33
05 Adlehyde Interlude (Adlehyde Castle) 3:15
06 Holding the Line [Wh-What? (Zed's Theme)] 4:28
07 Civilization (Ancient Culture Exhibition) 6:09
08 Forlorn Warrior [Warrior's Whistle (Boomerang's Theme)] 3:53
09 Centerfield (Town) 4:15
10 The Way (The Way Home) 3:23
11 Round the Cape of Good Hope (A Waterside Where Migratory Birds Gather) 4:39
12 ~to be loved is to love~ (The Miracle of Love) 2:50
13 There in My Dreams (Dreams of a Lonely Past, Funeral Procession) 5:31
Disc length 53:35
Disc 2 Arrangement, Vocal

01 East Meets Western (WILD ARMS) 4:10
02 I Now Pronounce You Incorrectly (False Wedding on the Sea) 3:29
03 Sharp Edge of Love (The Tip of an Assault) 3:29
04 Optimist Prime (Hope) 4:14
05 An Effrontery Escape (An Escapable Situation) 2:51
06 Sanctuary (Ancient Shrine) 5:31
07 Constellations (To the Sea of Stars) 5:11
08 Rudy's Electronic Temptations (Rudy's Companions) 4:00
09 Desirous Sacrifice (War Demon) 4:38
10 Telepath Tower (Kizim Fire) 7:11
11 Fireflight [Castle of Flames (Prologue 1)] 7:23
12 Priority Nemesis (Battle M-BOSS) 3:06
13 You Are (Not) Defeated [Defeated] 4:29
14 Relief for the Wanderer (Fragments of Hope, Revived ~ Inn) 3:32
15 Premonitions (Oh, Shaman...) 3:47
16 A Ring and a Promise [Lamentation and a Promise (Prologue 2)] 7:55
Disc length 74:56
Disc 3 Arrangement

01 A Morning at the Abbey (Abbey) 3:31
02 Warm Summer Breeze (What You're Looking For Is on the Calm Beach) 2:57
03 Between Heaven and Earth (Isolated World) 2:50
04 Forbidden Perception (Taboo Storyteller) 4:10
05 Harmonious Apparitions (Lost Way) 3:02
06 I'm a Force of Nature (The Power Which Supports the World) 3:45
07 Holy Mother! (Dark Madonna) 7:48
08 Within Despair Lies Hope (After the Chaos and Destruction) 4:10
09 Termination (Eulogy of Ruin) 3:14
10 Gunning the Metal Knight (Battle ZEIK) 4:02
11 What's Left (Agitation to Destruction) 3:56
12 Flight of the Eagle [The Bird Soaring the Sky (Emma's Theme)] 3:55
13 Godspeed (A Wound Carved Upon the Heart) 4:54
14 Advance (Retreat) 4:07
15 And So He Flew [Migratory Bird of the Wilderness (Rudy's Theme)] 5:58
Disc length 62:19
Disc 4 Arrangement, Vocal

01 Return to Dust (Ashes to Ashes) 7:58
02 Black Skies (Standing Against the Flames) 6:52
03 Moonrise (A New Moon ~Malduke~) 3:52
04 Echoes from the Shadow (Ballad of the Shadow Wolf) 4:33
05 Cries of Earth (Screaming World) 4:19
06 Reverse Float (Collapse) 3:17
07 Inner Light (Ka Dingel) [The Demon Tower That Pierces the Heavens] 6:04
08 The Ultimate Sacrifice ("Asgard Did His Best, Didn't He?") 2:19
09 The Traveling Band's Last Song (The Journey Is Your Companions) 2:49
10 Hope for the Future (The Shaman Princess's Feelings) 3:32
11 The Eternal Journey (To the End of the Wilderness ~To a New Journey~) 4:47
12 The Long Journey Ahead (Morning of Departure) 4:09
13 The End to a New Beginning (The Prologue Beginning from Here) 4:13
14 A Ring and a Promise (Club Mix) [Lamentation and a Promise (Prologue 2)] 8:05
Disc length 66:49

  Total tracks 58   Total length 4:17:39


On December 20, 1996, a role-playing game called Wild Arms released in Japan. 15 years later, I am proud to announce the official OC ReMix album of ARMed and DANGerous.

I never had intentions of directing this project. It was just a fan request in the beginning. The thread was old and dead, and after several months later it was revived. Suddenly, the support was pouring in and I took on the responsibility. I wanted this project to be different than the others and make it memorable. I wanted each artist to represent the meaning of the game and my feelings of what it meant to me. Directed by someone who is not an OC ReMixer, I want to thank those who believed in me that I could do this.

Many years ago, I had a great circle of friends. We did everything together and depended on one another. As we got older, our lives started to change and many friendships ended in brokenness. I remained lost for a great amount of time hoping someday it would be the same again. Later I discovered Wild Arms because of the music and decided to buy it. I found myself and these old friends in Wild Arms. It was like replaying my past over with a soundtrack. The Western theme reminded me of my father, because of his admiration for Westerns. He passed away after I discovered the game, so it brought me some closure.

The project is about the music, the fans and everyone's dedicated hard work. Though the reason why I chose Wild Arms is because I wanted to dedicate this to my husband, Jordan Aguirre (bLiNd). It is the very meaning of my love. What I needed and wanted was always right in front of me, not what I had before him. In the middle of making this, I wanted to give up on the project because of what occurred in 2010, but Stevo Bortz (Level 99) did not let me give up. Wes McDonald (Emunator) also joined to ensure the release. I thank those two for being my co-directors, because it would have not released today. Also, special thanks to James Joyner (Jewbei), Aaron Wu (Global-Trance), and Wesley Cho (Bahamut). After MAGFest 9, I learned who my friends are and what my life deserves the most. I had been separated for a year and a half and just recently we had our reunion. I am truly blessed and grateful that for Christmas of 2011, I get to spend it with my husband and his family while celebrating the release of this album and our reconciliation, despite of our sacrifices and pain. I am still making an effort to leave the past behind me and accept the present and future. The music is the whole explanation of this strife.

I am grateful to those who succeeded in this specific sound. Wild ARMs is about love, emotion, tragedy, and adventure. Shine in all your glory.

- Jennifer Jade-Lee Aguirre (JaDE ARaN HaRuNo)


I want to say as Jade's husband how proud I am of her and all the work she did to organize, inspire, and keep this project alive and everyone working in spite of all the struggles she went through these past couple of years. She worked her butt off to get this done and deserves a lot of praise for what she did. I have seen many projects come and go on OCR, but this one is different than the rest for one reason - Jade INSPIRED people. She used something she adored and loved and was inspired by and somehow got all sorts of musicians to feel the same way, even if they never played the game before; myself included...

This project really stretched me as a musician, an artist, and a person. I took in a lot of music in the beginning and throughout the process learned I was probably capable of being a judge at OCR, as I was giving lots of feedback to people about their tracks and it was actually helping them! It's not a job I would probably want to take on as it is very time consuming and takes away from what I love to do most (make music), but I can say it was a good experience and I found it a joy to work with the artists. There are SO many talented people in this community and sometimes I think they are overlooked because of minor things like not knowing production as well as a professional or not knowing music theory enough to be considered "good enough" and they really just need a push in right direction.

This project is a prime example of talent already acknowledged and overlooked talent that just needed some tender love and care and some motherly nurturing. Jade did a wonderful job of getting to know each artist's music before approaching them so she knew where to direct them and their talents. It was truly awesome to see how great things fell in place once everyone was on the same page. I am proud to be a part of this project as an artist and a co-director because of the sheer QUALITY I hear in the final result.

The remixes I produced also stretched me as an artist and I can say I am very proud of the work I did for it. I am especially proud of "Fireflight" because it is the matured sound of bLiNd. But most of all, the "Ring and a Promise" tracks are what this project is about for me - my wife. I made that track for our 1 year wedding anniversary, so this project represents the love I have for my wife and we will look back on it as a shining moment in our marriage. Everyone give Jade your thanks, love, and support for making something this grand come to life...

- Jordan Aguirre (bLiNd)

Disc 1 - Courage
Disc 2 - Love
Disc 3 - Hope
Disc 4 - Dream


1.01 Succumb to the Wilderness
Arranged by: Level 99
Source Track: To the End of the Wilderness

1.02 Up an' at 'em
Arranged by: Blue Magic
Source Track: Inn

1.03 Dust Trails
Arranged by: The Joker
Source Track: Courage (Dungeon)

1.04 Unstoppable
Arranged by: Flexstyle
Source Track: Critical Hit!

1.05 Adlehyde Interlude
Arranged by: BlackPanther
Source Track: Adlehyde Castle

1.06 Holding the Line
Arranged by: Wintermute
Source Track: What-What? (Zed's Theme)

1.07 Civilization
Arranged by: Rozovian
Source Track: Ancient Culture Exhibition

1.08 Forlorn Warrior
Arranged by: ilp0
Source Track: Warrior's Whistle (Boomerang's Theme)

1.09 Centerfield
Arranged by: k-wix
Source Track: Town

1.10 The Way
Arranged by: Jewbei
Source Track: The Way Home

1.11 Round the Cape of Good Hope
Arranged by: Level 99, LuIzA & prophetik
Source Track: A Waterside Where Migratory Birds Gather

1.12 ~to be loved is to love~
Arranged by: melody
Source Track: The Miracle of Love

1.13 There in My Dreams
Arranged by: Abadoss, DragonAvenger & Nutritious
Source Tracks: Dreams of a Lonely Past / Funeral Procession

2.01 East Meets Western
Arranged by: Artem Bank
Source Track: WILD ARMS

2.02 I Now Pronounce You Incorrectly
Arranged by: Binster
Source Track: False Wedding on the Sea

2.03 Sharp Edge of Love
Arranged by: Mazedude
Source Track: The Tip of an Assault

2.04 Optimist Prime
Arranged by: Flexstyle
Source Track: Hope

2.05 An Effrontery Escape
Arranged by: Xenon Odyssey
Source Track: An Escapable Situation

2.06 Sanctuary
Arranged by: Eino Keskitalo & Pleiade
Source Track: Ancient Shrine

2.07 Constellations
Arranged by: FFmusic Dj
Source Track: To the Sea and Stars

2.08 Rudy's Electronic Temptations
Arranged by: Gario
Source Track: Rudy's Companions

2.09 Desirous Sacrifice
Arranged by: Jewbei
Source Track: War Demon

2.10 Telepath Tower
Arranged by: Mike Saint-Jules
Source Track: Kizim Fire

2.11 Fireflight
Arranged by: bLiNd
Source Track: Castle of Flames (Prologue 1)

2.12 Priority Nemesis
Arranged by: Flexstyle
Source Track: Battle M-BOSS

2.13 You are (Not) Defeated
Arranged by: Theophany
Source Track: Defeated

2.14 Relief for the Wanderer
Arranged by: Pot Hocket
Source Tracks: Fragments of Hope, Revived ~ Inn

2.15 Premonitions
Arranged by: Avaris
Source Track: Oh, Shaman...

2.16 A Ring and a Promise
Arranged by: bLiNd & Ashleigh Coryell
Source Track: Lamentation and a Promise (Prologue 2)

3.01 A Morning at the Abbey
Arranged by: Archangel
Source Track: Abbey

3.02 Warm Summer Breeze
Arranged by: Harjawaldar
Source Track: What You're Looking For Is on the Calm Beach

3.03 Between Heaven and Earth
Arranged by: blackguitar
Source Track: Isolated World

3.04 Forbidden Perception
Arranged by: LuIzA
Source Track: Taboo Storyteller

3.05 Harmonious Apparitions
Arranged by: Artem Bank
Source Track: Lost Way

3.06 I'm a Force of Nature
Arranged by: Devastus
Source Track: The Power Which Supports the World

3.07 Holy Mother!
Arranged by: E-Bison
Source Track: Dark Madonna

3.08 Within Despair Lies Hope
Arranged by: Dj Mokram
Source Track: After the Chaos and Destruction

3.09 Termination
Arranged by: Mazedude
Source Track: Eulogy of Ruin

3.10 Gunning the Metal Knight
Arranged by: The Dual Dragons
Source Track: Battle ZEIK

3.11 What's Left
Arranged by: Radiowar
Source Track: Agitation to Destruction

3.12 Flight of the Eagle
Arranged by: pu_freak
Source Track: The Bird Soaring the Sky (Emma's Theme)

3.13 Godspeed
Arranged by: Theophany & audio fidelity
Source Track: A Wound Carved Upon the Heart

3.14 Advance
Arranged by: Nutritious
Source Track: Retreat

3.15 And So He Flew
Arranged by: Ergosonic
Source Track: Migratory Bird of the Wilderness (Rudy's Theme)

4.01 Return to Dust
Arranged by: Stephen Kennedy & Level 99
Source Track: Ashes to Ashes

4.02 Black Skies
Arranged by: bLiNd
Source Track: Standing Against the Flames

4.03 Moonrise
Arranged by: Theophany
Source Track: A New Moon ~Malduke~

4.04 Echoes from the Shadow
Arranged by: McVaffe
Source Track: Ballad of the Shadow Wolf

4.05 Cries of Earth
Arranged by: Vampire Hunter Dan
Source Track: Screaming World

4.06 Reverse Float
Arranged by: Malcos
Source Track: Collapse

4.07 Inner Light (Ka Dingel)
Arranged by: Theophany, DragonAvenger & James George
Source Track: The Demon Tower That Pierces the Heavens

4.08 The Ultimate Sacrifice
Arranged by: diotrans
Source Track: "Asgard Did His Best, Didn't He"

4.09 The Traveling Band's Last Song
Arranged by: Artem Bank
Source Track: The Journey Is Your Companions

4.10 Hope for the Future
Arranged by: WillRock
Source Track: The Shaman Princess's Feelings

4.11 The Eternal Journey
Arranged by: Jovette Rivera
Source Track: To the End of the Wilderness ~To a New Journey~

4.12 The Long Journey Ahead
Arranged by: Diggi Dis
Source Track: Morning of Departure

4.13 The End to a New Beginning
Arranged by: audio fidelity, Clay Hensley & Eric Griffin
Source Track: The Prologue Beginning from Here

4.14 A Ring and a Promise (Club Mix)
Arranged by: bLiNd & Ashleigh Coryell
Source Track: Lamentation and a Promise (Prologue 2)

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