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FAIRY TAIL Opening & Ending Theme Songs Vol.2

FAIRY TAIL オープニング&エンディングテーマソングスVol.2
Catalog Number PCCA-03580
Barcode 4988013073067
Release Date Mar 21, 2012
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2300 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
ManufacturerPONY CANYON INC. / /
DistributorPONY CANYON INC. / /


Composer / +Plus, ZETTON, Shikata, Mats Lie Skare, 40mP, headphone-Bulldog, Satori Shiraishi / , Shihori / , Another Infinity, Hi-Fi CAMP
Arranger / +Plus, Redwood Humberg Jr., ZETTON, Shikata, Mats Lie Skare, 40mP, headphone-Bulldog, Hidetoshi Miyai / , KOUTAPAI, Another Infinity, Hi-Fi CAMP
Performer / +Plus, w-inds., Daisy×Daisy, ShaNa, JAMIL, Idoling!!! / , Hi-Fi CAMP
Lyricist / +Plus, Natsumi Watanabe / , 40mP, ShaNa, JAMIL, PA-NON, mitsu, KIM


Disc 1

01 Fiesta 3:57
02 Be As One 4:27
03 Evidence 4:51
04 Hitori Samishiku 4:49
05 The Rock City Boy 3:33
06 Don't think.Feel!!! 3:50
07 Towa no Kizuna feat. Another Infinity 3:37
08 Kono Te Nobashite 4:23
Disc length 33:27



M-01 - TV Anime "Fairy Tail" 6th Opening Theme
Performer: +Plus
Composition & Lyrics: +Plus
Arrangement: +Plus, Redwood Humberg Jr.

M-02 - TV Anime "Fairy Tail" 6th Ending Theme
Performer: w-inds.
Composition & Arrangement: Zetton, Shikata, Mats Lie Skare
Lyrics: Natsumi Watanabe

M-03 - TV Anime "Fairy Tail" 7th Opening Theme
Performer: Daisy×Daisy
Composition, Arrangement & Lyrics: 40mP

M-04 - TV Anime "Fairy Tail" 7th Ending Theme
Performer: LGYankees produce ShaNa
Composition & Arrangement: headphone-Bulldog
Lyrics: ShaNa

M-05 - TV Anime "Fairy Tail" 8th Opening Theme
Performer: JAMIL
Composition: Satori Shiraishi
Arrangement: Hidetoshi Miyai
Lyrics: JAMIL

M-06 - TV Anime "Fairy Tail" 8th Ending Theme
Performer: Idoling!!!
Composition: Shihori
Arrangement: KOUTAPAI
Lyrics: PA-NON

M-07 - TV Anime "Fairy Tail" 9th Opening Theme
Performer: Daisy×Daisy
Composition & Arrangement: Another Infinity
Lyrics: mitsu

M-08 - TV Anime "Fairy Tail" 9th Ending Theme
Performer: Hi-Fi CAMP
Composition & Arrangement: Hi-Fi CAMP
Lyrics: KIM

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