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Professor Layton & the Bay Harbor Butcher

Catalog Number N/A
Barcode 888295122498
Release Date Jun 27, 2014
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 10.00 USD
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
OrganizationsCareless Juja


Disc 1

01 An Introduction… From the Future! 1:22
02 Professor Layton & the Bay Harbor Butcher 4:10
03 Puzzle Theme – Professor Layton 1:44
04 Electric De Chocobo – Final Fantasy VII 2:53
05 Birth of a God – Final Fantasy VII 2:18
06 Devil’s Lab – Final Fantasy VI 2:11
07 Safe Chambers – Resident Evil 1 & 2 2:32
08 Ending Theme – Resident Evil 2:02
09 Running – MegaMan Battle Network 1:44
10 Tyrian The Level – Tyrian 1:22
11 Battle Theme 2 – Chrono Trigger 1:13
12 Battle Theme 1 – Chrono Trigger 1:56
13 SeinSnail’d – Snailiad 2:17
14 Lux Lirata – Snailiad 2:21
15 Bout - Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! 1:38
16 Corneria – Star Fox 3:05
17 Protoman’s Castle – MegaMan V 2:00
18 Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode 1:23
19 Miss You – Random Encounter 3:06
20 Onett - Earthbound 2:28
21 --Secret Track-- Thank you for buying our album! 4:07
Disc length 47:52



CD version limited to 300 copies.

All Songs Arranged by Careless and Juja Except:
Corneria - Arranged by Cory "Demonstray" Harbak with additional arrangement by Juja
Prof. Layton & The Bay Harbor Butcher - Arranged by Careless, Juja, & Brandon Strader

Paul "Juja" Mella: Guitar on all tracks, Vocal Introduction, Bass on almost all Tracks
"Careless": Accordion/Keys/Glockenspiel/Piano/Drums on almost all tracks, Bass on RE Ending, & Miss You
Brandon Strader: Drums on Puzzle Theme, Tyrian, & Devil’s Lab
"H3lios": Keyboard on Devil’s Lab
"Auriplane" Crystal Jacobs: Keyboard, Bass, and Drums on Running
Adam "One" Cartwright: Drums on Miss You
John Pike: Drums on Prof. Layton and the Bay Harbor Butcher
Phil Robertson: Drums on Electric Chocobo, RE Ending, Protoman’s Castle, Top Secret Episode
Kit (of Random Encounter): Drums on Corneria

M02 from Professor Layton series (Tomohito Nishiura) & Dexter series (Daniel Licht)

M03 from Professor Layton series
Originally composed by Tomohito Nishiura

M04 & M 05 from Finaly Fantasy VII
Originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu

M06 from Finaly Fantasy VI
Originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu

M07 from Resident Evil 1 (Makoto Tomozawa, Koichi Hiroki, & Masami Ueda) & Resident Evil 2 (Masami Ueda, Shusaku Uchiyama, Shun Nishigaki)

M08 from from Resident Evil 1
Originally composed by Makoto Tomozawa, Koichi Hiroki, & Masami Ueda

M09 from Mega Man Battle Network
Originally composed by Akari Kaida

M10 from Tyrian
Originally composed by Alexander Brandon

M11 & M 12 from Chrono Trigger
Originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda

M13 & 14 from Snailiad!
Originally composed by "Auriplane" Crystal Jacobs

M15 from Punch-Out!!
Originally composed by Yukio Kaneoka & Akito Nakatsuka & Kenji Yamamoto

M16 from Star Fox
Originally composed by Hajime Hirasawa

M17 from Mega Man V
Originally composed by Mari Yamaguchi

M18 from Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode
Originally composed by Michiharu Hasuya

M19 Original Track
Originally composed by H3lios

M20 from EarthBound
Originally composed by Keiichi Suzuki

M21 from Chrono Trigger
Originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda

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