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Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile Sound Track THE BEST

スターオーシャン & ヴァルキリープロファイル サウンドトラック ザ ベスト
Catalog Number ALCA-8224~5 (bootleg printing of KDSD-00008~9)
Release Date 2003
Publish Format Bootleg
Release Price Unknown
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
Published by Alion Records / /
Composed by Motoi Sakuraba /
Arranged by Motoi Sakuraba /
Performed by Mio Sakuraba /
This album is a bootleg.
Please support the original artists by not purchasing bootleg albums.


Disc 1

01 The incarnation of devil (Star Ocean The Second Story) 1:49
02 One Challenge (STAR OCEAN) 2:01
03 Silent the universe (Star Ocean The Second Story) 2:59
04 Confidence in the domination (Valkyrie Profile) 1:23
05 An Ideal (STAR OCEAN) 1:33
06 Sail Against the Wind (Star Ocean Till the End of Time) 2:41
07 Theme of RENA (Star Ocean The Second Story) 1:44
08 For Achieve (STAR OCEAN) 2:18
09 Integral body and imperfect soul (Star Ocean The Second Story) 3:19
10 Mission to the Empty Space (Star Ocean Till the End of Time) 3:13
11 Behave irrationally (Valkyrie Profile) 1:18
12 All Is Twilight (Valkyrie Profile) 1:52
13 Starless Wavelets (Star Ocean Till the End of Time) 3:13
14 Manifestation (Star Ocean Till the End of Time) 1:01
15 New World (STAR OCEAN) 1:23
16 The true nature of all (Valkyrie Profile) 1:14
17 Fragments of the Heart (Valkyrie Profile) 1:30
18 Demand (STAR OCEAN) 1:26
19 The neverending cycle of reincarnation (Valkyrie Profile) 1:44
20 Field of Exper (Star Ocean The Second Story) 4:21
21 Till the End of Time (Star Ocean Till the End of Time) 2:22
22 Reunion (STAR OCEAN) 1:20
23 The venerable forest (Star Ocean The Second Story) 1:24
24 Resolution (Star Ocean The Second Story) 2:17
25 Unfinished Battle With God Syndrome (Valkyrie Profile) 1:46
26 At the Bottom of Hell Is Distortion (Valkyrie Profile) 1:56
27 Pure a stream (Star Ocean The Second Story) 1:23
28 Sky Gate (Valkyrie Profile) 1:55
29 The Divine Spirit of Language (Star Ocean Till the End of Time) 2:45
30 Brass Wings (Star Ocean Till the End of Time) 2:51
31 Highbrow (Star Ocean Till the End of Time) 10:32
Disc length 72:33
Disc 2

01 Epic Tale of a Holy Death (Valkyrie Profile) 3:16
02 Like Becoming Accustomed to Happiness (Valkyrie Profile) 3:34
03 The Desolte Smell of Earth (Star Ocean Till the End of Time) 2:10
04 The Strong (STAR OCEAN) 1:33
05 KA.MI.KA.ZE (Star Ocean The Second Story) 1:16
06 Tangency (Star Ocean The Second Story) 1:11
07 Turn over a new leaf (Valkyrie Profile) 0:59
08 Fly Away in the Violet sky (Star Ocean Till the End of Time) 2:03
09 We form in crystals (Star Ocean The Second Story) 5:50
10 Calm time (STAR OCEAN) 1:56
11 The first unison (Valkyrie Profile) 1:51
12 An illusion of the brainstem (Valkyrie Profile) 1:43
13 Field of Nede (Star Ocean The Second Story) 4:24
14 Divine Indignation (Star Ocean Till the End of Time) 3:57
15 Stab the sword of justice (Star Ocean The Second Story) 1:38
16 Mission to the deep space (Star Ocean The Second Story) 3:13
17 Relief (STAR OCEAN) 1:30
18 So Alone, Be Sorrow (Star Ocean Till the End of Time) 3:49
19 Cutting Edge of Notion (Star Ocean Till the End of Time) 2:27
20 Tense Atmosphere (STAR OCEAN) 2:27
21 Beast of prey (Star Ocean The Second Story) 1:35
22 Into a World Becoming Impure (Valkyrie Profile) 1:47
23 The Dawn of Wisdom (Star Ocean Till the End of Time) 2:38
24 Hand to Hand (Star Ocean Blue Sphere) 2:05
25 Myth of Fate (Star Ocean Blue Sphere) 0:43
26 No Mercy (Star Ocean Blue Sphere) 0:52
27 Death is a Great Leveller (Star Ocean Blue Sphere) 1:59
28 Civilization Keeper (Star Ocean Blue Sphere) 2:13
29 Legacy from the Past (Star Ocean Blue Sphere) 2:31
30 Pacifism (Star Ocean Blue Sphere) 2:12
31 Peace of Mind (Star Ocean Blue Sphere) 2:40
32 STAR OCEAN FOREVER (Star Ocean Blue Sphere) 1:16
Disc length 73:18


Compose & Arrangement
Motoi Sakuraba

Vocal→Mio Sakuraba
(Disc.2   So Alone,Be Sorrow)

CD Staff
Producer→Taku Kitahara (TEAM Entertainment)
A&R→Mitsugu Nakamura (TEAM Entertainment)
Mix Engineer→Motoi Sakuraba
Mastering Engineer→Kazuya Sato
Mastering Studio→Memory Tech

Graphic Design→Iizuka Gaku (いいづか がく) (Atali Project)
Special Thanks→Yoshiharu Gotanda (tri-Ace)
                      →Hiroya Hatsushiba (tri-Crescendo)
                      →Yusaburo Simojyo (tri-Crescendo)
                      →Ryouichi Chiba
                      →Mariko Futo
                      →Naoya Matsuzaki

Supervision   SQUARE ENIX CO.,LTD

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