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Shiteki Ryokou / DAOKO [Limited Edition]

私的旅行 / DAOKO
Catalog Number TFCC-86654
Barcode 4988061866543
Release Date Dec 12, 2018
Publish Format Commercial, Limited Edition
Release Price 3564 JPY
Media Format CD + DVD
Classification Vocal
ManufacturerTOY'S FACTORY INC. / /
DistributorVAP Inc. / /


Disc 1 (CD)

01 終わらない世界で 5:06
02 ぼくらのネットワーク 3:37
03 オイデオイデ 3:55
04 24h (feat. 神山羊) 4:46
05 種も仕掛けもある魔法 4:06
06 サニーボーイ・レイニーガール 4:09
07 涙は雨粒 3:17
08 蝶々になって 4:03
09 打上花火 (DAOKO SOLO ver.) 4:51
10 NICE TRIP 6:06
Disc length 43:56
Disc 2 (DVD)

01 「終わらない世界で」 DAOKO × 小林武史 SPECIAL SESSION
02 「終わらない世界で」 MUSIC VIDEO
03 「終わらない世界で」 メイキング映像

  Total tracks 13   Total length 43:56


M-01 - iOS/Android Game "Dragalia Lost" Theme Song
Composer: Takeshi Kobayashi
Arranger: Takeshi Kobayashi
Lyricist: DAOKO
Produced by Takeshi Kobayashi

M-02 - iOS/Android Game "Dragalia Lost" Insert Song
Performer: DAOKO × Yasutaka Nakata
Composer: Yasutaka Nakata
Arranger: Yasutaka Nakata
Lyricist: Yasutaka Nakata
Produced by Yasutaka Nakata

Composer: Hideya Kojima (ORESAMA) / DAOKO
Arranger: TAKU INOUE
Lyricist: DAOKO

Performer: DAOKO feat. Yoh Kamiyama
Composer: Yoh Kamiyama / DAOKO
Arranger: Yoh Kamiyama
Lyricist: DAOKO

Composer: Kikuo / DAOKO
Arranger: Kikuo
Lyricist: DAOKO

Composer: Yoshiki Mizuno (ikimono-gakari)
Arranger: TAKU INOUE
Lyricist: DAOKO

Composer: Yoh Kamiyama
Arranger: Yoh Kamiyama
Lyricist: DAOKO

Composer: Maigo Hanyuu / DAOKO
Arranger: Maigo Hanyuu
Lyricist: DAOKO

M-09 - Anime Film "Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka?" Theme Song DAOKO SOLO ver.
Composer: Kenshi Yonezu
Arranger: Kenshi Yonezu & Hayato Tanaka (agehasprings)
Lyricist: Kenshi Yonezu

Composer: Masayuki Nakano (BOOM BOOM SATELLITES) / DAOKO
Arranger: Masayuki Nakano (BOOM BOOM SATELLITES)
Lyricist: DAOKO
Produced by Masayuki Nakano (BOOM BOOM SATELLITES)

This album was originally scheduled to be released on Nov 14, 2018.

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