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Elsinore Original Game Soundtrack

Catalog Number MCOL-0224-CD
Release Date Aug 2019
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 20.00 USD
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
LabelMateria Collective / /
PublisherMateria Collective LLC / /
Phonographic CopyrightMateria Collective LLC / /


Composer / Adam Gubman
Performer / Adam Gubman, Jeff Askew, William Arnold, Christof Unterberger, Jeff Ball, Lousi Gallo, Katelyn Isaacson, Christine Hals, Candy Emberley, Cain German, John Robert Matz, Michelle Jade, Michaela Nachtigall, Caroline Granner, Ashleigh Gordon, Kinga Bacik, Lilit Hartunian, Nicole Parks, Christopher Escalante, Kevin Odekirk, Nathan Madsen, Wayne Strange, Josh Plotner, Elizabeth Zharoff
Lyricist / Christine Hals, George Sanger
Programmer / Adam Gubman


Disc 1

01 Ophelia
02 Pakke Mit Hjerte
03 The Greens
04 Ghosts
05 Unwritten
06 Watchman To My Heart
07 Festival
08 A Mark, A Hole, A Hand, A Heart, A Scar (feat. Christine Hals)
09 No Love Is Lost Love
10 Courtroom Politics
11 Quince
12 Hide the Slain
13 So Sweet Breath
14 Fair as a Rose (feat. John Robert Matz)
15 Twisting, Turning
16 Will He Not Come Again?
17 Cold, Calculated, Clever
18 Wider Oceans Have Been Swam (feat. Caroline Granner)
19 Falling into Madness
20 Donne the Boat Boy (feat. Kevin Odekirk)
21 Slow Cut
22 My Memory Lock'd
23 The Fates Sing to Ophelia (feat. Katelyn Isaacson)
24 To Murder, or Not to Murder
25 Ophelia's Music Box - Wider Oceans
26 Only Love
27 His Sole Son
Disc 2

01 Wishing Well (feat. Kevin Odekirk)
02 A Mirror to Nature
03 Ophelia in Prayer
04 Ophelia's Music Box - Twisted Love
05 I Hear Voices
06 Draw Them Out
07 Quince, Alone
08 Ophelia's Music Box - Fair as a Rose
09 Wishing Well, Empty
10 Empty, The Fates Sing
11 A Mark, A Hole, A Hand, A Heart, A Scar, Empty
12 Ophelia's Music Box - No Love Is Lost Love
13 Hamlet
14 The Great Dark
15 Quince, Empty
16 Twisting, Turning, Strung Along
17 Empty Oceans
18 Fair As A Rose, Cavity
19 Wider Oceans, Just A Drop
20 Importun'd Me with Love
21 Wishing Well (feat. Caroline Granner)
22 Donne the Boat Boy, Empty
23 To Me, It's a Prison
24 Lost Love, Is Love No
25 Carry On (feat. Elizabeth Zharoff)



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