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Golden Sun: A World Reignited

Catalog Number OCRA-0074
Release Date Jun 30, 2020
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 3 Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /


Composer / Motoi Sakuraba /
Arranger / Sam Dillard, Ganaé, Reuben6, TSori, Lucas Guimaraes, RebeccaETripp, Ophanin, P2 Sue, Pavos, Deedubs, StormSkuggan, Fxsnowy, GuitarSVD, Eladar, Siolfor the Jackal, 744, Bluelighter, Glejs, Chernabogue, Vylent, Juke, djpretzel, Rozovian
Performer / Chris | Amaterasu, JohnStacy, Reuben6, GameroftheWinds, TSori, GuitarSVD, tibone, dannymusic, Hank "The Spank Tank" Jankerson, Siolfor the Jackal, Deedubs, SirCorn, Alex Hill, thebitterroost, Nathan Madsen, Damian Nguyen, DS, wolfman1405, Matheus Souza, Jake Kargl, Bubble Pipe Media, luxu5, Spy Girls / , StormSkuggan, P2 Sue
Lyricist / TSori, Spy Girls /
Director / Logan Thomas (TSori)
Artwork / Mikaël Aguirre (Orioto), David W. Lloyd (djpretzel)
Mastering / Nathaniel Chambers (Bubble Pipe Media)
Website / David W. Lloyd (djpretzel)
Associate Producer / MindWanderer, Joe Zieja (XPRTNovice), Jarel Jones (Arrow), Dylan Wiest (Wiesty), Dustin Lagaly (Theory of N)
Executive Producer / David W. Lloyd (djpretzel), Larry Oji (Liontamer)


Disc 1

01 Golden Sunrise (The First Book) 4:34
02 D-Lay On (An Adept's Home) 2:54
03 Within the Stars (The Elemental Stars) 4:00
04 Hand of the Fire Clan [Saturos and Menardi, Battle! (Saturos and Menardi)] 4:07
05 Starting a New Chapter (Page One) 3:42
06 Angarian Vigil (Hopelessness) 3:53
07 Isaac's Only Shot [Battle! (Isaac)] 3:35
08 Echoes in the Gloomy Caves (Mysterious Caves) 3:26
09 Variations on Intrepidity (Alone) 3:37
10 Sorrow of the Forest (Forest's Requiem) 3:31
11 Winter Winds (Wintery Imil) 2:49
12 Mercurial Mechanisms (Mercury Lighthouse) 3:35
13 I'm Golden, Son! [Battle! (Saturos)] 3:04
14 Back to the Fields (The Angarian Journey) 3:50
Disc length 50:37
Disc 2

01 Smooth Sailing (Set Sail! Through the Karagol Sea) 5:31
02 Streets of Tolbi (Tolbi) 4:31
03 Hope in 8 (Venus Lighthouse) 4:41
04 Another Point of View (The Second Book) 4:58
05 Madra Mania (Little Madra) 2:35
06 Reflection of the Wolf Moon (A Full Moon in Garoh) 2:48
07 Riding the Desert Winds (Air's Rock) 4:35
08 To the Open Seas! (Full Speed Ahead!) 3:37
09 Watery Grave (Yepp's Song) 2:44
10 Freshwater Nightmare (Aqua Rock) 4:27
11 Djinn Rounds (Gaia Rock) 3:40
12 At the End of the Road (Ruins of Lemuria) 4:38
Disc length 48:45
Disc 3

01 Dance of the Anemos (Jupiter Lighthouse) 6:10
02 Treason Deserves Death (Agatio and Karst) 6:49
03 Going Down the Line (Walking Forward with Determination) 3:14
04 Moltencore (Magma Rock) 3:51
05 Cocytus (Frozen in Prox) 3:36
06 Martian Arts (Mars Lighthouse) 4:36
07 Unholy Miracle [Battle! (Doom Dragon)] 4:45
08 Heart of Stone (The Final Beacon) 3:59
09 Warmth in the Cold (Freezing Kalt) 3:45
10 D-Lay Off (An Adept's Home) 2:01
11 What I Want to Say (하고 싶은 말) [The Golden Sun Rises] 3:21
Disc length 46:07

  Total tracks 37   Total length 2:25:29


Golden Sun: A World Reignited
Album freely available at

Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age, two halves of a single story, took gamers on a wondrous journey through the rich and varied world of Weyard. Golden Sun saw you charged with the noble quest of stopping those who would release the destructive powers of alchemy upon the world, while The Lost Age turned the tables as players found themselves in control of the first game's antagonists, desperate to restore this ancient magic. This story of discovery, exotic locales, forgotten histories, hidden motivations, heroism, and desperation was nowhere more beautifully embodied than in motion Sakuraba's incredible soundtrack.

We invite you to once again return to the world of Golden Sun with Golden Sun: A World Reignited, the 74th free community arrangement album from OverClocked ReMix. Take a new journey from the slopes of Mount Aleph to the shores of the Karagol Sea, from the depths of Madra Catacombs to the tops of the monolithic elemental lighthouses. Featuring 37 tracks and 42 artists in a wide variety of genres, this is the return of Golden Sun, as you have never heard it before!

As we were trying to paint a revitalized picture of Weyard through music, I also hoped our album cover would do the same visually. From the beginning, I imagined the cover as landscape containing one of the lighthouses that would give us a view of it that we never got in the games, something that would show the magnificence of these ancient structures. With that in mind, I started hunting for fan art that had a similar style. I happened upon a YouTube video with a really cool rendition of the elemental sanctum. It wasn't exactly what I imagined, but it was a gorgeous piece of artwork. Thankfully the YouTuber credited the artist, and soon I found myself on Orioto's DeviantArt page, which was just full of stunning and fantastical landscapes, many of them from video games! I messaged him and was ecstatic to find out that not only was he interested and a Golden Sun fan, he was also a fan of OCR as well. Perfect!

I shared my ideas with him, and then gave him free reign to create what he thought would work best. The resulting cover art featuring all four lighthouses in near-perfectly game-accurate landscapes absolutely blew me away. He surpassed my wildest hopes and gave the album a one of a kind piece of art. As a bonus, he also offered the elemental sanctum piece which originally caught my attention as the back cover.

As the artwork came together, we were still lacking title graphics. Fortunately for us, djpretzel jumped in and put something together! It matched the style of the game logos themselves, and with the addition of some well-placed embers, really drove the idea of A World Reignited home.

I had the privilege of making my debut as ReMixer on the Arcadia Legends album in December 2018. I was so excited when the album was released that I immediately started thinking about what I could do next. I bounced around the forums for a couple weeks looking for someone who might need a trumpet player, but didn't really find anything. So, I decided I would try to pull together a new ReMix on my own, and what better place to start than my favorite game, Golden Sun. As I was beginning to mull over ideas for the many MANY tracks I thought should be ReMixed, there was a conversation in the Discord chat suggesting a Golden Sun album. A few of us responded that we'd love to see it, but there was also some skepticism that there'd be enough interest to make it happen. I ended up spending some time looking at old posts on the request forums, and what I realized was that if I wanted to see it happen, I was going to have to be the one to lead it!

So It began. I spent three hours on the phone with my brother (also a big GS fan) picking a tracklist for the album. I went through every post anyone had ever made about Golden Sun on OCR. Specifically, I looked at both of the previous attempts at a Golden Sun project. I wanted to understand what their approaches had been. What had they done right? What did I think needed to be done differently? Once I had come up with a management plan that I believed would help avoid the pitfalls of the past and complete an album inside of a year, I posted the project thread in the forum, and started recruiting!

This is where I stop being the main character in this story. Over the following months, our album became a collaborative effort of 43 different artists. There are 14 collaboration tracks. Five of them have at least four people involved and fifteen of the ReMixers have more than one track on the album. We also want to give a special shout out to MindWanderer who evaluated and provided feedback on every single track, as well as Bubble Pipe Media, who saved the day at the 11th hour by signing on as our mastering engineer. Siolfor the Jackal deserves a special mention as well for putting in a tremendous amount of effort behind the scenes. Every single person involved went above and beyond what was expected. The quality of this album and the rapidity with which it has been completed is a direct result of the talent and unyielding dedication of everyone involved.

We are proud to present Golden Sun: A World Reignited, and we hope you enjoy every minute of it.

- Logan Thomas (TSori)


Disc 1: Valiant Pursuits

1-01. Sam Dillard - "Golden Sunrise"
Source: Golden Sun - "The First Book"

1-02. Ganaé - "D-Lay On"
Source: Golden Sun - "An Adept's Home"

1-03. Sam Dillard - "Within the Stars"
Source: Golden Sun - "The Elemental Stars"

1-04. Bluelighter feat. Chris | Amaterasu, JohnStacy - "Hand of the Fire Clan"
Sources: Golden Sun - "Saturos and Menardi," "Battle! (Saturos and Menardi)"

1-05. Reuben6 feat. Gamer of the Winds - "Starting a New Chapter"
Source: Golden Sun - "Page One"

1-06. TSori feat. GuitarSVD - "Angarian Vigil"
Source: Golden Sun - "Hopelessness"

1-07. Lucas Guimaraes feat. GuitarSVD, Gamer of the Winds, tibone, StormSkuggan - "Isaac's Only Shot"
Source: Golden Sun - "Battle! (Isaac)"

1-08. RebeccaETripp feat. Gamer of the Winds - "Echoes in the Gloomy Caves"
Source: Golden Sun - "Mysterious Caves"

1-09. Ophanin - "Variatons on Intrepidity"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Alone"

1-10. RebeccaETripp feat. Gamer of the Winds - "Sorrow of the Forest"
Source: Golden Sun - "Forest's Requiem"

1-11. P2 Sue - "Winter Winds"
Source: Golden Sun - "Wintery Imil"

1-12. Lucas Guimaraes, Eladar - "Mercurial Mechanisms"
Source: Golden Sun - "Mercury Lighthouse"

1-13. TSori feat. dannymusic, JohnStacy, Hank "The Spank Tank" Jankerson, Siolfor the Jackal, tibone, StormSkuggan - "I'm Golden, Son!"
Source: Golden Sun - "Battle! (Saturos)"

1-14. Pavos - "Back to the Fields"
Source: Golden Sun - "The Angarian Journey"

Disc 2: Shifting Perspectives

2-01. Deedubs feat. TSori - "Smooth Sailing"
Source: Golden Sun - "Set Sail! Through the Karagol Sea"

2-02. TSori feat. Deedubs, dannymusic, JohnStacy, SirCorn, Alex Hill, thebitterroost - "Streets of Tolbi"
Source: Golden Sun - "Tolbi"

2-03. Lucas Guimaraes feat. Nathan Madsen, Damian Nguyen, TSori, DS, wolfman1405, Matheus Souza, Jake Kargl - "Hope in 8"
Source: Golden Sun - "Venus Lighthouse"

2-04. StormSkuggan - "Another Point of View"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "The Second Book"

2-05. Fxsnowy - "Madra Mania"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Little Madra"

2-06. GuitarSVD - "Reflection of the Wolf Moon"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "A Full Moon in Garoh"

2-07. Eladar - "Riding the Desert Winds"
Source: Golden Sun - "Air's Rock"

2-08. Deedubs - "To the Open Seas!"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Full Speed Ahead!"

2-09. Siolfor the Jackal feat. Bubble Pipe Media - "Watery Grave"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Yepp's Song"

2-10. 744 - "Freshwater Nightmare"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Aqua Rock"

2-11. Ophanin - "Djinn Rounds"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Gaia Rock"

2-12. Bluelighter - "At the End of the Road"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Ruins of Lemuria"

Disc 3: Unfathomable Motives

3-01. Glejs - "Dance of the Anemos"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Jupiter Lighthouse"

3-02. StormSkuggan - "Treason Deserves Death"
Sources: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Agatio and Karst," "Enemy Appearance"

3-03. djpretzel - "Going Down the Line"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Walking Forward with Determination"

3-04. Siolfor the Jackal - "Moltencore"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Magma Rock"; Cameo: Golden Sun - "Djinn Get!"

3-05. Chernabogue - "Cocytus"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Frozen in Prox"

3-06. Rozovian - "Martian Arts"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Mars Lighthouse"

3-07. Eladar - "Unholy Miracle"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Battle! (Doom Dragon)"; Cameos: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Ruins of Lemuria," Golden Sun - "The Elemental Stars", Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Sorrow and Regret"

3-08. Vylent feat. luxu5 - "Heart of Stone"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "The Final Beacon"

3-09. Juke - "Warmth in the Cold"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Freezing Kalt"

3-10. Ganaé - "D-Lay Off"
Source: Golden Sun - "An Adept's Home"

3-11. Vylent, TSori feat. Spy Girls - "What I Want to Say (하고 싶은 말)"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "The Golden Sun Rises"

• Logan Thomas (TSori)

• Mikaël Aguirre (Orioto) - front and back cover
• David W. Lloyd (djpretzel) - logo

• Nathaniel Chambers (Bubble Pipe Media)

• David W. Lloyd (djpretzel)

• José E. Felix (José the Bronx Rican)

Associate Producers
• MindWanderer
• Joe Zieja (XPRTNovice)
• Jarel Jones (Arrow)
• Dylan Wiest (Wiesty)
• Dustin Lagaly (Theory of N)

Executive Producers
• David W. Lloyd (djpretzel)
• Larry Oji (Liontamer)

Album Stats

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Platforms represented
Nintendo Game Boy Advance

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