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The Legend of Zelda: Lime of the Season

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date May 07, 2014
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement


Disc 1

01 A Raucous Din 3:41
02 Pluvia Veris 4:29
03 Ripples of Slime 3:14
04 Drowning in a Sea of Bass 2:05
05 I Like, Like Like You 3:33
06 How to Charm a Witch 2:53
07 'round 'n 'round 3:14
08 Your Robe Is on Fire 3:03
09 Lava Raga 5:20
10 Quicksands 3:08
11 Sandhandla 3:32
12 No Rain in the Desert 4:14
13 Tragically Heroic 2:54
14 Shadow of the Reptile 3:55
15 When the Fires Go Out 4:04
16 Optical Camouflage 3:30
17 Sub 3:33
18 Sword Beams in the Wind 5:55
19 Cryomentus 3:11
20 Dat Mushroom Dust 3:19
21 All That Remains 3:29
22 Frozen Hell 5:16
23 Lowdown Showdown 3:13
24 Lime of the Season 6:21
Disc length 91:06



Lime of the Season is a remix album paying tribute to the soundtrack to The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. It complements the previously-released Essence of Lime, which covered Oracle of Ages. This time, we've worked the very gameplay premise into the music. Every track has been assigned a season and arranged accordingly; a spring track might represent a rainy day or young love, while an autumn track might represent a creepy dungeon or a chilly morning. It was up to each musician to decide how to approach the arrangement.


A Raucous Din
Arranger: Hylian Lemon ft. Chris | Amaterasu, prophetik, Tuberz McGee, XPRTNovice
Source: Introduction, Title Screen, Din's Dance

Pluvia Veris
Arranger: Zorlaxseven ft. Rexy
Source: Horon Village

Ripples of Slime
Arranger: Hylian Lemon
Source: Poison Moth's Lair, Sad Theme

Drowning in a Sea of Bass
Arranger: urdailywater
Source: Sunken City

I Like, Like Like You
Arranger: Brandon Strader
Source: Hidden Treasure, Here Comes Maple!, Overworld

How to Charm a Witch
Arranger: halc
Source: A Date with Rosa, House

'round 'n 'round
Arranger: PROTODOME ft. WillRock
Source: Windmill

Your Robe Is on Fire
Arranger: Hylian Lemon
Source: Subrosian Dance

Lava Raga
Arranger: ladyWildfire, Mirby
Source: Subrosia, Overworld

Arranger: Dj Mokram
Source: Samasa Desert

Arranger: Hylian Lemon
Source: Ancient Ruins

No Rain in the Desert
Arranger: Chickenwarlord, Hylian Lemon ft. Brandon Strader, Tuberz McGee
Source: Dancing Dragon Dungeon

Tragically Heroic
Arranger: The Eluryahn
Source: Hero's Cave, Overworld, Trouble on the Raft!, Sad Theme

Shadow of the Reptile
Arranger: Dj Mokram
Source: Snake's Remains

When the Fires Go Out
Arranger: Hylian Lemon
Source: Explorer's Crypt

Optical Camouflage
Arranger: Dj Mokram
Source: Unicorn's Cave, Overworld, Miniboss, Secrets of the Oracles

Arranger: Rozovian
Source: Subrosian Home

Sword Beams in the Wind
Arranger: Krow
Source: Tarm Ruins

Arranger: Hylian Lemon
Source: Gnarled Root Dungeon

Dat Mushroom Dust
Arranger: Xenon Odyssey
Source: Syrup's Shop

All That Remains
Arranger: The Eluryahn, ladyWildfire
Source: Temple Remains

Frozen Hell
Arranger: Zorlaxseven, MW
Source: Sword and Shield Maze, Horon Village

Lowdown Showdown
Arranger: Flexstyle
Source: Castle of Despair, Explorer's Crypt

Lime of the Season
Arranger: Dj Mokram, Hylian Lemon, Krow, The Eluryahn, Xenon Odyssey, Zorlaxseven
Source: Overworld

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