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Long Time No See: Sonic Segatenderations

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Dec 20, 2014
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
Published by Segatenderations Team (distributed by Bandcamp / / )
Composed by Jun Senoue, Masayuki Nagao, Saori Kobayashi, Tomoya Ohtani, Masafumi Ogata, Spencer Nilsen, Soya Oka, Kenta Nagata, Yasufumi Fukuda, Kyu Sawamura, Hideki Naganuma, Kenichi Tokoi, Junko Shiratsu, Mariko Nanba, Richard Jaques, Tomoya Ohtani, Naofumi Hataya, Tomonori Sawada, Tatsuyuki Maeda, Chris Senn
Arranged by BaluvXaluv, Sly4Good, LoboXero, Charles Ritz, $adiq Wade, K-Lub L, KyleAB5000, Box Robot, Laughing Lyric, Dizcrybe, AshZone, William Shipes, Joshua Taipale
Performed by Joshua Taipale, KyleAB5000, Pamela Calvo, Mesmerist


Disc 1

01 Death Egg Mk. II (White World) 1:15
02 Eggpire Strikes Back! ...for Death Egg Mk. II (Classic) 5:48
03 Walking on Egg Shells ...for Death Egg Mk. II (Modern) 6:16
04 Rainy Savannah (White World) 1:16
05 Drifting Away ...for Rainy Savannah (Classic) ver. 1 8:53
06 Calm Before the Storm ...for Rainy Savannah (Classic) ver. 2 4:12
07 Heavenly Paint ...for Rainy Savannah (Modern) 7:15
08 Aquarium Park (White World) 1:14
09 Underwater Fantasy ...for Aquarium Park (Classic) 4:13
10 Water Rides Are Dangerous ...for Aquarium Park (Modern) 5:38
11 Collision Chaos "B" (White World) 1:14
12 Collision Gone Wrong ...for Collision Chaos "B" (Classic) 3:11
13 Thirteenth Carreau ...for Collision Chaos "B" (Modern) 4:44
14 Tidal Tempest (White World) 1:14
15 Dark & Damp ...for Tidal Tempest (Classic) 6:16
16 Silky Serene Seafloor Scene ...for Tidal Tempest (Modern) 3:51
17 Lava Reef (White World) 1:18
18 Pfft, Convection? ...for Lava Reef (Classic) 4:55
19 Echidna's Fiery Wrath ...for Lava Reef (Modern) 3:19
20 Quartz Quadrant "B" (White World) 1:15
21 Gemini's Shadow ...for Quartz Quadrant "B" (Classic) 7:21
22 If All Else Fails ...for Quartz Quadrant "B" (Modern) 4:03
23 Ice Cap (White World) 1:16
24 Let it Snow ...for Ice Cap (Classic) 4:31
25 Typical Snowfall ...for Ice Cap (Modern) 4:00
26 Rainbow Road (White World) 1:18
27 A Hundred Prismatic Lanes ...for Rainbow Road (Classic) 4:36
28 The Road That You Go ...for Rainbow Road (Modern) 3:55
29 Rival Battle: Sonic.EXE (White World) 1:27
30 Crimson Hills ...for Rival Battle: Sonic.EXE 1:47
31 Boss Battle: Egg Salamander (White World) 1:16
32 Golden Flames ...for Boss Battle: Egg Salamander 3:16
33 Bonus Track: Asteroid Coaster (Classic) 3:53
34 Bonus Track: Isolated Island (Modern) 2:47
35 Bonus Track: Sky Fortress (Classic) 2:27
36 Bonus Track: Cosmic Fall (Modern) 7:12
37 Bonus Track: Reactive Factory (Classic) 4:16
38 Bonus Track: Night Palace (Classic) 4:40
39 Bonus Track: Stardust Speedway (Classic) 3:40
40 Bonus Track: Quartz Quadrant "G" (Modern) 3:29
41 Bonus Track: Egg Factory (Classic) 4:43
42 Bonus Track: Flying Battery (Modern) 2:15
43 Bonus Track: Carnival Night (Classic) 2:33
44 Bonus Track: Egg Rocket (Classic) 4:23
45 Bonus Track: Eggmanland (Modern) 3:16
46 Bonus Track: Red Mountain (Classic) 3:32
47 Bonus Track: Space Queens (Classic) 2:37
48 Bonus Track: Windy Valley (Modern) 3:00
Disc length 174:46

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"A project almost two years in the making, this album takes songs throughout the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and reinvents them in the style of Sonic Generations, with three different mixes for each: A White World, Classic, and Modern rendition.

Sonic, all related characters, the franchise and such are trademarks and copyright of SEGA. This product does not intend any type of copyright infringement and instead wants to only pay tribute and express the love that the fans, who made this album, have for the franchise.

Album art by LoboXero
Original logo by BaluvXaluv, edited by KyleAB5000 and LoboXero
Special thanks to The Twisted Hero, Can of Nothing, Shirojyuu, Karros, Joshua Minor, Sean Evans, Super Spindash, Celerina the Jackrabbit, Faseeh, Falk K M Au Yeong, James Landino, Funk Fiction, Toni Leys, and Matthew Mannheimer

And very special thanks to you for listening!"