Sonic the Hedgehog 3

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1994-02-02 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 / / U.S. Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)


    Music Composers / Brad Buxer, Bobby Brooks, Darryl Ross, Geoff Grace, Doug Grigsby III, Scirocco, Michael Jackson*
    Sound Team / SEGA Sound Team / (Bo, Sachio Ogawa / , Milpo, Masaru Setsumaru / , Tatsuyuki Maeda / , Tomonori Sawada / , Masayuki Nagao / , Jun Senoue / )
    Sound Project Coordinator / Hisaki Nimiya
    Sound Special Thanks / Mayumi Nina Sakazaki (MRM), CUBE CORP. (Masanori Hikichi / *, Miyoko Kobayashi / *), OPUS CORP., Masanori Nakayama (STUDIO WHO), Howard Drossin


    Music Composers: Brad Buxer, Bobby Brooks, Darryl Ross, Geoff Grace, Doug Grigsby III, Scirocco
    SEGA Sound Team: Bo, Sachio Ogawa, Milpo, Masaru Setsumaru, Tatsuyuki Maeda, Tomonori Sawada, Masayuki Nagao, Jun Senoue
    Sound Project Coordinator: Hisaki Nimiya
    Sound Special Thanks: Mayumi Nina Sakazaki (MRM), CUBE CORP., OPUS CORP., Masanori Nakayama (STUDIO WHO), Howard Drossin

    Various discussions, interviews, random mentions from developers and news articles have addressed Michael Jackson's involvement with the game's music.

    Miyoko Takaoka (then Kobayashi) lists Sonic 3 on her website under her history with CUBE.
    Masanori Hikichi's involvement was revealed by Masayuki Nagao and can be seen in the forum thread discussion for Hikichi's artist page.



    ??.?? Child album Sonic & Chill N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.05 Snow Stage SJ-001 Fan Arrangement
    11.03 Sonic & Chill N/A Fan Arrangement
    10.10 File Select N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.31 Child album VGM Essentials: SARE FIRE-0029-V Fan Arrangement
    08.18 Angel Island Zone N/A Fan Arrangement
    03.10 Child album Club Needlemouse FIRE-0007 Fan Arrangement
    ??.?? Green Hill Funk N/A Fan Arrangement


    11.25 Video Game LoFi: Winter's Tale CURE-0045 Fan Arrangement
    11.24 Child album Video Game LoFi: A Winter's Tale CURE-0045-V Fan Arrangement
    11.22 Saturday Night Dance at vgmtogether (House Mixes) N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
    10.28 VGM Essentials: SARE FIRE-0029 Fan Arrangement
    08.13 Super Sonic Con Music Collection 2022 SSCD-0001 Fan Arrangement
    08.12 Chip Funk N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.24 VGM CON Album Jam Vol. 2 N/A Fan Arrangement
    03.29 Sega Genesis N/A Fan Remix
    02.16 ROCK 'N' SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Sessions! WWCE-31500 Arrangement, Vocal
    ??.?? Child album Video Game LoFi: Winter's Tale CURE-0045-CD Fan Arrangement


    10.21 Under Covers N/A Fan Arrangement
    09.17 Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony N/A Arrangement, Live Event
    03.14 Angel Island: Past, Present & Future EP N/A Fan Arrangement, Fan Remix
    01.08 Backwards Compatible N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
    01.04 Nostalgia Zone - ACT I N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.04 Badniks & Chill N/A Fan Arrangement
    11.13 Of Time, Shadow, Ice & Ninjas N/A Fan Arrangement
    10.28 Sonic The Hedgehog Throwback Collection Vol.2 N/A Remix
    08.25 Sonic - Lights, Camera, Action, REMIX N/A Fan Arrangement
    05.27 Sonic The Hedgehog / Non-Stop Music Selection Vol.2 WWDA-310 Soundtrack
    03.17 The Gaming Muso Ver. 1.5 (EP) N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.06 Smooth McGroove Remixed 3 N/A Fan Remix, Vocal
    02.14 GaMetal VIII N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.09 Super Sonic Fusion URB-008 Fan Arrangement
    11.30 Spindash 3 N/A Fan Arrangement
    10.31 The Robotnik Revolution N/A Fan Arrangement
    10.02 Year 6 N/A Fan Arrangement
    09.27 Try Blowing on the Cartridge N/A Fan Arrangement
    07.24 Act 5 N/A Fan Remix
    01.27 Sonic Symphony 2.0 - 25th Anniversary Remix N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.26 Totino's® Presents High Quality Video Game Rips Provided By Hinchy To Be Uploaded By SiIvaGunner (nice): The Platinum Collection - Volume 1 (Featuring Coconut Gun from the Donkey Kong Series) N/A Fan Remix
    10.25 Gotta Go Slow N/A Fan Arrangement
    09.17 16-BIT SUMMER! N/A Fan Arrangement
    09.01 RadioSEGA Presents: Collision Theory N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.28 Legacy Redux N/A Fan Arrangement
    07.28 Let's Surf: The Cover Collection (Remastered) N/A Fan Arrangement
    07.01 Spindash 2 N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.22 Speeding Towards Adventures: 25 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog OCRA-0062 Fan Arrangement
    05.09 Live From the Lair N/A Fan Arrangement
    04.01 & Knuckles OCRJ-2017 Fan Arrangement, Fan Remix


    12.18 Zoned N/A Fan Arrangement
    11.12 Sonic 25th Remix Album : Act II N/A Fan Arrangement
    08.25 Snowflakes - Volume 1 N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.23 Sonic 25th Anniversary Selection [SynthBeat Remix] N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.23 MOBIUS: Sonic the Hedgehog Remixed MCOL-0005 Fan Arrangement
    06.18 Sonic The Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Remix Album N/A Fan Remix
    04.16 Sonic Symphony - 25th Anniversary Remix N/A Fan Arrangement
    03.12 GameLark Records: SUPERSONIC N/A Fan Arrangement
    03.05 Charity Remix Album III : Fighting Children's Cancer! N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
    02.29 Sonic the Hedgehog Remixes Vol. 2 N/A Fan Arrangement
    02.18 Fireball! N/A Fan Arrangement
    02.14 VG Metal Covers Vol. 6 N/A Fan Arrangement
    01.04 MetalHog 2.0 N/A Fan Arrangement
    01.03 Alternate Zone Act 3 N/A Derivative


    09.18 Chaos Rising N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
    08.26 Altered Beats N/A Fan Arrangement
    07.14 Let's Play - The Cover Collection Vol.2 N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.24 Take cover - Deluxe Edition! N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.12 The Boss Battle Album N/A Fan Arrangement
    03.31 Project Game Gear Act 2: A Sonic 3 Chiptune Album N/A Fan Arrangement
    03.27 Project Game Gear Act 1: A Sonic 3 Chiptune Album N/A Fan Arrangement
    03.10 Kazoo'd! - Vol. 1 N/A Fan Arrangement
    02.06 Violin Playing Game Vol. 2 N/A Fan Arrangement
    01.23 Finally N/A Fan Arrangement
    01.20 Spindash N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.21 An OverClocked Christmas v.8 N/A Fan Arrangement
    12.20 Long Time No See: Sonic Segatenderations N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
    12.11 Super VG Christmas Party N/A Fan Arrangement
    11.28 Out of the Ashes - Sound of The Sonic Stadium '14 N/A Fan Arrangement
    11.11 Press Start: Five Years of Video Game Remixes N/A Fan Arrangement
    10.13 Zone Runners N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
    09.16 VGM, Vol. 1 N/A Fan Arrangement
    09.16 Infection #03 N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
    08.12 Throwback Nerdsday N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.03 Black Ice N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.24 An OverClocked Christmas v.7 N/A Fan Arrangement
    10.13 Club Needlemouse N/A Fan Arrangement
    10.01 BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume II OCRA-0043 Fan Arrangement
    09.30 VGM Acapella: Volume 3 LOUDR-1213 Fan Arrangement
    09.21 Warp Whistle, Volume 1 (Sonic) N/A Fan Arrangement
    04.14 Worlds Collide - Sonic Vs. Mega Man N/A Fan Arrangement
    04.08 The Sonic Stadium Music Adventure 2012 N/A Fan Arrangement


    11.27 Emerald Chasers: Sonic the Hedgehog Remix Album N/A Fan Remix
    09.30 32X-Bit Nostalgia N/A Fan Arrangement
    09.28 8X-Bit Nostalgia N/A Fan Arrangement
    09.04 Aquarium Park - Trash FM N/A Fan Remix
    08.10 GREEN EYES ZONE - Bad Future N/A Fan Arrangement
    07.23 The Sonic Zone Remix Competition 2012 N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.03 BRAWL: SUPER SMASH BROS. OST Remixed N/A Fan Remix
    05.18 Mindwipe Goes Sonic - The Album N/A Fan Arrangement
    02.20 The Sonic Stadium Music Album 2011 N/A Fan Arrangement
    01.26 HELLHOUND N/A Fan Arrangement
    01.05 GAMECHOPS Volume 2 N/A Fan Remix


    12.30 Videogames Covers 2011 N/A Fan Arrangement
    12.24 Generation Gap: A Sonic The Hedgehog Tribute EP KNGIA-0003 Fan Arrangement
    12.08 8-Bits and Pieces: The Super Sonic Theory N/A Fan Remix
    12.07 HISTORY OF SONIC MUSIC 20th Anniversary Edition WWCE-31259~60 Soundtrack
    12.05 Video Game Covers N/A Fan Arrangement
    12.01 HISTORY OF THE 1ST STAGE Original Soundtrack White Edition SGET0036-W Soundtrack
    11.11 Chiptunez of Destiny N/A Fan Arrangement
    09.25 Nine N/A Fan Arrangement
    09.11 Nostalgia Remade N/A Fan Remix
    08.26 Asis Galvin's Game Over Mixtape Vol I N/A Fan Remix, Vocal
    07.14 Project 20 Music Album N/A Fan Arrangement
    04.06 Flames of Destiny (Instrumental) N/A Fan Arrangement
    04.06 Flames of Destiny N/A Fan Arrangement, Vocal
    03.28 Super Nintendo Sega Genesis N/A Fan Remix
    02.12 Pixel Perfect N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.25 Act 2 N/A Fan Remix
    11.28 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles 8-Bit Soundtrack N/A Fan Arrangement
    11.23 PuD'S DuDs POD-001 Fan Arrangement, Vocal
    07.08 Sonic Symphony: An Orchestral Tribute to the 16-bit SEGA Classics GM4A-08 Fan Arrangement
    06.01 Play Them All N/A Fan Arrangement
    04.17 Act 1 N/A Fan Remix


    12.16 TRUE COLORS - THE BEST OF SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Part2 WWCE-31220 Arrangement
    12.01 Obligatory Ice Level Day 2009 N/A Fan Arrangement
    06.?? Vivace ~Memories of Game~ VDMA-003 Fan Arrangement


    11.01 LOSER: A Sega Genesis Tribute Album N/A Fan Arrangement, Fan Remix
    09.24 MetalHog N/A Fan Arrangement


    12.26 Sonic Remixed Deluxe N/A Fan Arrangement
    04.01 ReCapitated: An Official OverClocked ReMix Tribute Arrangement Album Project N/A Fan Arrangement


    11.19 Project Chaos: A Sonic 3 and Knuckles Arrangement Album OCRA-0008 Fan Arrangement


    06.23 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 10th Anniversary 673-02942 Soundtrack


    10.17 CLUB SEGA MJCA-00003 Remix


    10.19 SONIC & KNUCKLES • SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 3 ALCA-5015 Arrangement



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