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Final Fantasy I - The Legacy

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jan 28, 2017
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
Published by Pixel Mixers / /
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu /
Arranged by Hashel05, Toxodentrail, Kain White, Mairiba, Dann Link, DinnickThe3rd, SlashBib, Subversiveasset, Juja, Orchestral Fantasy, NickMan7x, Brandon Strader, Dacian Grada, TheCoolestNerdGuy, VideoGamesG33k, Prjzcalavera, DT Majesty, ImAFutureGuitarHero, Ganaé, SharpRainMusic, TylerNJazz, Jer Roque, Tentaclepotatodroid, VictorTheguitarNerd, Arvangath, Pegster McDudeson, Thennecan, Craig Matterson, Draskon, Team Friesen, Crystal Dennis
Performed by Hashel05, Toxodentrail, Draskon, 69GuitarChick, VictorTheguitarNerd, TheCoolestNerdGuy, DjGuthrie5, Marc Papeghin, Crystal Dennis, Pegster McDudeson, FirahFabe, Xander, Dacian Grada, Mairiba, Orchestral Fantasy, SlashBib, Omabroodje, TheMusicalGamer88, Kain White, AnimeVivi, Dann Link, Christian Richardson, DinnickThe3rd, Knightmare59, Subversiveasset, TubaHero37, Juja, Careless, Psycosulu, NickMan7x, SwigglesRP, Brandon Strader, EricL_Music, Lauren the Flute, VideoGamesG33k, Prjzcalavera, DT Majesty, Jnsk, Team Friesen, ImAFutureGuitarHero, Colbydude, Ganaé, Gabin Loubiere, Adam Matlock, SharpRainMusic, David Cookie, Andrew Filipski, TylerNJazz, Jer Roque, Lori Syngajewski, Sigmabeta, Posu Yan, Thennecan, Daniel Woodyer, Natalie Clyne, Mkafie, John Robert Matz, Ian Martyn, Tentaclepotatodroid, Richard L, Arvangath, Orly, Tiago Rodrigues, Craig Matterson, Lemellekh2


Disc 1

01 The Prelude 5:24
02 Opening Theme 4:15
03 Cornelia Castle 2:54
04 Overworld (Main Theme) 3:27
05 Temple of Chaos 3:27
06 Matoya's Cave 2:02
07 Town 2:37
08 Shop 2:01
09 Ship 2:07
10 Undersea Shrine 2:20
11 Dungeon 3:36
12 Menu Screen 3:07
13 Airship 1:57
14 Gurgu Volcano 4:09
15 Floating Castle 2:25
16 Battle Scene 4:15
17 Victory Fanfare 2:21
18 Ending Theme 4:17
19 Game Over 4:55
20 Save Music 2:47
21 Church 2:36
22 Abandoned Castle 3:08
23 Lute 4:19
24 Build a Bridge 8:50
25 To Some Place Deep 1:28
26 Restoration of the Crystals 1:44
27 Get an Important Item 2:12
28 Inn 1:31
29 Mid Boss Battle 2:02
30 Boss Battle A 4:04
31 Boss Battle B 2:04
32 Last Battle 1:58
Disc length 100:19


- Project Director: Hashel05
- Artwork: Toxodentrail
- Album Mastering: SwigglesRP

All tracks composed by Nobuo Uematsu

1. The Prelude
Arranged by Hashel05
Mixed by SwigglesRP
Lead Guitar: Hashel05
Rhodes: Toxodentrail
Lead Synth: Draskon
Piano: 69GuitarChick
Rhythm Clean Guitar & Solo: VictorTheguitarNerd
Flute: TheCoolestNerdGuy
Metal Rhythm Guitar: DjGuthrie5
Trumpet & French Horn: Marc Papeghin
Female Choirs: Crystal Dennis
Male Choirs: Pegster McDudeson
Bass: FirahFabe

2. Opening Theme
Arranged & Mixed by Toxodentrail
Flute: TheCoolestNerdGuy
German Accordion: Xander
Fretless Bass: Dacian Grada
Glockenspiel: Mairiba
Strings: Orchestral Fantasy
Electric Guitar: 69GuitarChick
Electric Bass: SlashBib
Electric/Acoustic Guitar & Flute: Omabroodje
Classical Guitar & Bari Ukulele: Pegster McDudeson
Cello: TheMusicalGamer88

3. Cornelia Castle
Arranged by Kain White
Acoustic Guitar: Kain White
Cello & Electric Bass: Dacian Grada
Viola: AnimeVivi
Flute: TheCoolestNerdGuy
Strings: Orchestral Fantasy

4. Overworld (Main Theme)
Arranged by Mairiba
Performers: Mairiba, VictorTheguitarNerd

5. Temple of Chaos
Arranged & Mixed by Dann Link
Co-arranged by Crystal Dennis
Guitars & Ocarina: Dann Link
Vocals & Chorus: Crystal Dennis
Bass: Christian Richardson

6. Matoya's Cave
Arranged by DinnickThe3rd
Acoustic Guitar & Bass: DinnickThe3rd
Acoustic Guitar: Mairiba

7. Town
Arranged by SlashBib
Electric/Acoustic Guitar & Keyboards: SlashBib
Bass & Drum Programming: Knightmare59

8. Shop
Arranged by Subversiveasset
Sax: Subversiveasset
Tuba: TubaHero37
Street Organ: Toxodentrail

9. Ship
Arranged by Juja
Mixed by Brandon Strader
Acoustic/Electric Guitar & Accordion: Juja
Additional Performer: Careless

10. Undersea Shrine
Arranged by Orchestral Fantasy
Strings: Orchestral Fantasy
Flute: Omabroodje
Synths: Psycosulu

11. Dungeon
Arranged by NickMan7x
Electric Guitar, Bass & Keyboards: NickMan7x
Guitar Solo: SwigglesRP

12. Menu Screen
Arranged by Brandon Strader
Performed by Brandon Strader
Accordion: Careless

13. Airship
Arranged by Dacian Grada
Electric Guitar & Bass: Dacian Grada
Acoustic Guitar: Kain White
Trombone: EricL_Music

14. Gurgu Volcano
Arranged by Hashel05
Electric/Acoustic Guitar & Bass: Hashe05
Organ: Toxodentrail

15. Floating Castle
Arranged by TheCoolestNerdGuy
Performers: TheCoolestNerdGuy, Lauren the Flute

16. Battle Scene
Arranged by VideoGamesG33k
Performers: VideoGamesG33k, Hashel05

17. Victory Fanfare
Arranged by Prjzcalavera
Electric Guitar, Bass & Keyboards: Prjzcalavera
Guitar Solo: Pegster McDudeson
Bass Solo: Dacian Grada

18. Ending Theme
Arranged by DT Majesty
Performers: DT Majesty, Orchestral Fantasy, Team Frieson, Jnsk, VideoGamesG33k

19. Game Over
Arranged by ImAFutureGuitarHero
Electric Guitar, Bass, Keyboards & Drums: ImAFutureGuitarHero
Rhythm Guitar: Colbydude
Guitar Solo: SwigglesRP
Organ Solo: Toxodentrail

20. Save Music
Arranged by Ganaé
Performers: Ganaé, Gabin Loubiere

21. Church
Arranged by Toxodentrail
Organ: Toxodentrail
Accordion: Adam Matlock

22. Abandoned Castle
Arranged by SharpRainMusic
Performers: SharpRainMusic, David Cookie, Andrew Filipski

23. Lute
Arranged by TylerNJazz
Keyboards, Trumpet, Bass & Percussion: TylerNJazz
Vocals: Crystal Dennis

24. Build a Bridge
Arranged by Jer Roque
Performers: Jer Roque, TheCoolestNerdGuy, Lori Syngajewski, Sigmabeta, Posu Yan, Thennecan, Daniel Woodyer, Natalie Clyne, Mkafie, John Robert Matz, Ian Martyn, Andrew Filipski

25. To Some Place Deep
Arranged by Tentaclepotatodroid
Keyboards & Electric Guitar: Tentaclepotatodroid
Additional Performer: Richard L

26. Restoration of the Crystals
Arranged by VictorTheguitarNerd
Electric Guitar: VictorTheguitarNerd
Bass: Draskon

27. Get an Important Item
Arranged by Arvangath
Performers: Arvangath, Orly

28. Inn
Arranged by Pegster McDudeson
Acoustic Guitar, Melodica & Percussion: Pegster McDudeson
Lead Acoustic Guitar: Mairiba

29. Mid Boss Battle
Arranged by Thennecan
Electric Guitar, Guitar Solo (1) & Keyboards: Thennecan
Guitar Solo (2): Tiago Rodrigues

30. Boss Battle A
Arranged by Craig Matterson
Performers: Craig Matterson, Lemellekh2

31. Boss Battle B
Arranged by Draskon
Performers: Draskon, DT Majesty

32. Last Battle
Arranged by Team Friesen
Piano, Melodica, Organ & Flute: Marie Friesen
Bass, Guitar, Drum Programming, Synths & Moog Mother 32: Chris Friesen
Trumpet: TylerNJazz

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NES (Famicom), Nintendo Game Boy Advance

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