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LAUNCH: StarCraft Reimagined

Catalog Number MCOL-0090 [Extra Credits]
Barcode 00811576030137
Release Date May 04, 2018
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 10.00 USD
Media Format 3 Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
Organizations Materia Collective / / (Label), Materia Collective LLC / / (Publisher, Phonographic Copyright)
Composer / Glenn Stafford, Derek Duke, Jason Hayes, Tracy W. Bush, Ian Martyn
Arranger / Lazerwolph, Jay Kim, Matthew S. Harrison, Patrick Allred, Anne Strader, Joel Everett, Chad Schwartz, Christopher Ferrara, Lucas Guimaraes, Ian Martyn, Dan Sudano, Lee Prisby, OtaConnor, Chris Vaughn, zykO, Lee Neikirk, Masha Lepire, Matheus Manente, Bonnie Bogovich, Andrew Kroepel, Michael Hoffman, Antriksh Bali, Matias Castro Cancino, Daniel Romberger, Virginia Pettis, Mason Lieberman, Brandon Strader, Pierre-Louis de La Soudière, Nathaniel Chambers, String Player Gamer, Thennecan, Jortanis
Performer / Triforce Quartet (Christopher Ferrara, Jacob Roege, Stanley Beckwith, Chad Schwartz), Joel Everett, Doug Perry, Lucas Guimaraes, Alex Hill, Andrew Filipski, Ashley Lynn Watts, Bijan Bryan Eghtesady, Daniel Romberger, Fabian Fabro, JohnStacy, Julia Handschin, Ken Crouch, Ian Martyn, Klaymore (Dan Sudano, Lee Prisby), Andrew Dunn, Masha Lepire, Materia Brasilis, Josué Ferreira de Oliveira, Matheus Garcia Souza, Matheus Manente, Bonnie Bogovich, Danny Flam, John Robert Matz, Robby Duguay, Liz Rishel, Michael Hoffman, The GameBrass, JohnStacy, Coin Op Co., Chelsea McBride, Gregory Orosz, Hannah Rose Dexter, Jackie Berg, Jess Destramp, John Michael Sanchez, Virginia Pettis, Tournament Arc (Austin Pekarna, David Gibson McLean, Dawn M. Bennett, Jess Destramp, Mason Lieberman, Trevor Gomes, Yousef Mousavi), Pierre-Louis de La Soudière, Wedge HD, Michael Garrett Steele, Justin Olejnik, String Player Gamer, Thennecan, Angela Escudero, Gabriel Vizcarra, Keadrin Dick, Jortanis & Emmanuelisk (Jortanis, Emmanuelisk), Ian Harshman
Lyricist / Ian Martyn, Thennecan
Mixing Engineer / Jay Kim, Joel Everett, Lucas Guimaraes, Ian Martyn, Masha Lepire, Matheus Manente, Nathaniel Chambers, John Robert Matz, Robby Duguay, Virginia Pettis, Pierre-Louis de La Soudière, Thennecan
Mastering Engineer / James Hoffman, Sean Schafianski, Stephen Froeber, Voidsloth


Disc 1 [MCOL-0090] Arrangement

01 Multiply and Decimate [RUSH INTRO] 5:00
02 Dismember the Disobedient 2:22
03 Evolution Complete 3:47
04 For the Swarm 1:58
05 First Contact 5:00
06 Main Title (RUSH) 2:32
07 Can't Contain the Rush 4:23
08 Undercurrents Overtaking 4:59
09 Death of the Overmind 3:08
10 Zerg Defeat Baby 3:44
11 Xel'Naga Furioso 3:40
Disc length 40:33
Disc 2

01 Homeland [VOID INTRO] 4:59
02 The Fifty Fingered Archon 2:50
03 Folie Minérale 3:22
04 Protoss Lundu 2:13
05 Dearest Helena Tango 1:58
06 Funeral for a Hero 2:57
07 Brood War Aria 2:30
08 Protoss Two 4:57
09 Transmitted Helena 1:21
10 Protoss One Trailer 1:49
11 En Taro Brassadar (Protoss Three) 4:58
Disc length 33:54
Disc 3

01 Main Title (Starshaft Remix) [NUKE INTRO] 4:24
02 The Terran Doctor 3:44
03 Butt Buster 4:18
04 Terran Two 3:22
05 Terran Three (Fire it Up) 4:24
06 Bout Time 4:45
07 Terran Two 4:02
08 When I See You Again 3:05
09 Terran Victory: Xeno's Delight 4:24
Disc length 36:28


""LAUNCH: StarCraft Reimagined" is a collection of remixes from "StarCraft" and "StarCraft: Brood War." Spread across 3 unique EPs, the album explores music from the hit franchise in new and electic ways. RUSH features high-enerrgy Zerg remixes. VOID features organic and acoustic Protoss remixes. NUKE features retro, groove-oriented Terran remixes. As a whole, the album explores every genre from EDM and metal, to orchestral and choral, to funk and hip-hop, delivering a fresh perspective on the classics that you know and love."

Emmanuel Lagumbay: Album producer, Mentor (VOID)
Jordan Chin: Album producer
Pierre-Louis de La Soudière: Mentor (NUKE)
Benjamin Wallace: Mentor (NUKE)
Dan Aragon: Album Art Design
Emily McMillan: Special Thanks
Ian Martyn: Mentor (VOID)
James Hoffman: Mastering Engineer (VOID)
Joe Chen: Special Thanks
Lauren Liebowitz: Special Thanks
Masha Lepire: Mentor (VOID)
Materia Collective: Special Thanks
Matheus Manente: Mentor (RUSH)
Sean Schafianski: Mastering Engineer (NUKE)
Sebastian Wolff: Overmind
Stephen Froeber: Mastering Engineer (RUSH)
Tiago Rodrigues: Mentor (RUSH)
Yishan Mai: Mentor (RUSH)



1. Multiply and Decimate [RUSH INTRO]
Lazerwolph: Producer
Voidsloth: Mastering

2. Dismember the Disobedient
Jay Kim: Producer, Mixing Engineer

3. Evolution Complete
Matthew S. Harrison: Producer, Mixer
Matthew S. Harrison: Arranger

4. For the Swarm
Patrick Allred: Producer, Arranger

5. First Contact
Anne Strader: Producer

6. Main Title (RUSH)
Triforce Quartet: Performing Group
Chad Schwartz: Assistant Transcriber, Assistant Arranger, Cello
Christopher Ferrara: Assistant Arranger, Violin (I)
Doug Perry: Percussion
Jacob Roege: Violin (II)
Joel Everett: Lead Transcriber, Lead Arranger, Mixing Engineer
Joel Everett: Piano, Synth
Stanley Beckwith: Viola

7. Can't Contain the Rush
Lucas Guimaraes: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Synthesizer
Alex Hill: Tuba
Andrew Filipski: Guitar
Ashley Lynn Watts: Vocals
Bijan Bryan Eghtesady: Drums
Daniel Romberger: Trombone
Fabian Fabro: Bass
John Stacy: French Horn
Julia Handschin: Vocals
Ken Crouch: Trumpets

8. Undercurrents Overtaking
Ian Martyn: Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Lyrics, Additional Composition
Jordan Chin: Mentor

9. Death of the Overmind
Klaymore: Performing Group
Dan Sudano: Guitar, Bass, Arranger
Lee Prisby: Guitar, Producer, Arranger, Engineering

10. Zerg Defeat Baby
OtaConnor: Producer

11. Xel'Naga Furioso
Chris Vaughn: Producer


1. Homeland [VOID INTRO]
zykO: Producer
Andrew Dunn: Cello

2. The Fifty Fingered Archon
Lee Neikirk: Producer

3. Folie Minérale
Masha Lepire: Producer, Guitar, Arranger, Mixing Engineer

4. Protoss Lundu
Materia Brasilis: Performing Group
Josué Ferreira de Oliveira: Flutes
Matheus Garcia Souza: Violins
Matheus Manente: Producer, Acoustic Guitars, Percussion, Mixing Engineer

5. Dearest Helena Tango
Joel Everett: Producer, Piano, Arranger
Bonnie Bogovich: Vocals, Arranger
Ian Martyn: Concertina

6. Funeral for a Hero
Andrew Kroepel: Producer, Arranger
Alex Hill: Tuba
Daniel Romberger: Trombone
Danny Flam: Horn
John Robert Matz: Trumpet (1)
Masha Lepire: Collaborator
Robby Duguay: Trumpet (2)

7. Brood War Aria
Bonnie Bogovich: Producer, Vocals
Joel Everett: Piano
JohnStacy: Transcription
Liz Rishel: Vocals
Nathaniel Chambers: Mixing Engineer

8. Protoss Two
Michael Hoffman: Producer, Arranger, Piano

9. Transmitted Helena
Antriksh Bali: Producer, Arranger

10. Protoss One Trailer
Matias Castro Cancino: Producer

11. En Taro Brassadar (Protoss Three)
The GameBrass: Performing Group
Alex Hill: Tuba
Daniel Romberger: Producer, Arranger, Trombone
Danny Flam: French Horn (1)
John Robert Matz: Trumpet (1), Mixing Engineer
JohnStacy: French Horn (2)
Robby Duguay: Producer, Trumpet (2), Mixing Engineer


1. Main Title (Starshaft Remix) [NUKE INTRO]
Coin Op Co.: Performing Group
Chelsea McBride: Baritone Saxophone
Daniel Romberger: Trombone
Gregory Orosz: Flute
Hannah Rose Dexter: Bass
Jackie Berg: Tenor Saxophone
Jess Destramp: Alto Saxophone
John Robert Matz: Trumpet
John Michael Sanchez: Guitar
Ken Crouch: Trumpet
Patrick Allred: Trombone
Virginia Pettis: MIDI, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Producer

2. The Terran Doctor
Tournament Arc: Performing Group
Austin Pekarna: Bass Guitar
David Gibson McLean: Drums
Dawn M. Bennett: Voiceover (Terran VO)
Jess Destramp: Saxophone
Mason Lieberman: Music Director, Producer, Additional Guitar
Trevor Gomes: Piano
Yousef Mousavi: Guitar

3. Butt Buster
Brandon Strader: Producer

4. Terran Two
Pierre-Louis de La Soudière: Producer, Arranger, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Mixing Engineer
Daniel Romberger: Trombone
Jess Destramp: Saxophone
John Robert Matz: Trumpet

5. Terran Three (Fire it Up)
Wedge HD: Performing Group, Keyboards
Daniel Romberger: Trombone
Michael Garrett Steele: Alto Saxophone
John Robert Matz: Trumpet
Justin Olejnik: Drums

6. Bout Time
Nathaniel Chambers: Producer
Ian Martyn: Performer
Pierre-Louis de La Soudière: Performer
Matheus Manente: Performer

7. Terran Two
String Player Gamer: Producer, Guitar, Violin

8. When I See You Again
Thennecan: Producer, Arranger, Electric Guitar, Lyrics, Mixing
Angela Escudero: Vocals
Fabian Fabro: Electric Bass
Gabriel Vizcarra: Violin, Viola
Keadrin Dick: Cello

9. Terran Victory: Xeno's Delight
Jortanis & Emmanuelisk: Performing Group
Chris Vaughn: Mixing Advice
Emmanuel Lagumbay: Sound Design, Vocals (Emmanuelisk)
Ian Harshman: Vocals (Terran Rebels)
Jordan Chin: Producer, Vocals (Jortanis)

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