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a galaxy of new stars / TSUKINO CROWD×ALTAIR THEATER

a galaxy of new stars / ツキクラ×劇団アルタイル
Catalog Number VVCL-1186~7
Barcode 4547366344400
Release Date Mar 14, 2018
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 4320 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Vocal, Drama
ManufacturerSony Music Labels Inc. / /
DistributorSony Music Marketing Inc. / /



Disc 1 [VVCL-1186]

01 ラブ★デンジャラス 2:03
02 紙飛行機 4:46
03 ガラスの花 3:47
04 GUILTY 3:41
05 運命のScramble 3:17
06 くれないの想い 4:17
07 Carry On 3:22
08 あの日の僕らへ 4:53
09 CHILD DAYS 3:00
10 It's my life 3:47
11 Ride on 4:27
12 はじまりのうた 2:53
13 Shiny Stars 3:03
14 Wonderful Stage 4:23
15 Move On Easy 4:10
16 Going!! 3:26
17 Be With You 2:55
18 Beginning 3:19
19 最終電車 4:04
20 集合写真 4:30
Disc length 74:03
Disc 2 [VVCL-1187]

01 麻布ノブアキComment 0:55
02 市ヶ谷リンタロウComment 0:47
03 大崎イズモComment 0:58
04 霞サクヤComment 0:42
05 要タツヒコComment 1:12
06 神谷トウマComment 0:50
07 蔵前カズキComment 0:49
08 護国寺ミカドComment 0:46
09 駒込タイキComment 1:03
10 東雲ユウリComment 0:56
11 渋谷ヨウスケComment 0:57
12 千川リツComment 0:55
13 辰巳マキComment 1:01
14 月島ヒジリComment 0:44
15 豊洲ダイスケComment 1:02
16 永田イツキComment 1:14
17 中野タツヤComment 1:05
18 森下ショウゾウComment 1:01
19 両国ジュンペイComment 1:30
Disc length 18:27

  Total tracks 39   Total length 1:32:30


[Disc 1] - songs

Performer: Nobuaki Azabu (CV: Nobuaki Oka [岡延明])
Composer: WolfJunk
Arranger: WolfJunk
Lyricist: WolfJunk, mamimi

Performer: Rintaro Ichigaya (CV: Yuki Inoue)
Composer: FURUTA, Dr.Lilcom
Arranger: Dr.Lilcom
Lyricist: FURUTA

Performer: Izumo Osaki (CV: Keisuke Furuhata)
Composer: Masaki Iehara, Giz'Mo (Jam-9)
Arranger: Masaki Iehara
Lyricist: Giz'Mo (Jam-9)

Performer: Sakuya Kasumi (CV: Kazuharu Ara [荒一陽])
Composer: Hiroki Arai
Arranger: Hiroki Arai
Lyricist: Hiroki Arai

Performer: Tatsuhiko Kaname (CV: Shoichiro Oomi [大海将一郎])
Composer: Kohei Tsunami
Arranger: Kohei Tsunami
Lyricist: Rie Otsuka

Performer: Toma Kamiya (CV: Yojiro Itokawa [糸川耀士郎])
Composer: Kohei Tsunami
Arranger: Kohei Tsunami
Lyricist: Rie Otsuka

Performer: Kazuki Kuramae (CV: Kazuki Terashita [寺下知輝])
Composer: VaChee, Yutaro Ogawa
Arranger: VaChee, Yutaro Ogawa, AWOKI
Lyricist: VaChee, Yutaro Ogawa

Performer: Mikado Gokokuji (CV: Taisei Nishino [西野太盛])
Composer: Shogo, Shingo Mochizuki
Arranger: Shuho Mitani
Lyricist: Sai

Performer: Taiki Komagome (CV: Taiki Kumagai [熊谷大樹])
Composer: corin.
Arranger: corin.
Lyricist: corin.

Performer: Yuri Shinonome (CV: Taichi Ichikawa)
Composer: Shogo, Shin Hasegawa
Arranger: Shin Hasegawa
Lyricist: Shogo

Performer: Yosuke Shibuya (CV: Junya Komatsu [小松準弥])
Composer: Yusuke Yamamoto
Arranger: Yusuke Yamamoto
Lyricist: Kazushi Yamaji

Performer: Ritsu Senkawa (CV: Eishin Fudemura)
Composer: Kohei Tsunami
Arranger: Kohei Tsunami
Lyricist: Ayana Wada

Performer: Maki Tatsumi (CV: Tatsuya Tokutake)
Composer: Kohei Tsunami
Arranger: Kohei Tsunami
Lyricist: Rie Otsuka

Performer: Hijiri Tsukishima (CV: Ryo Kikuchi [菊地燎])
Composer: VaChee, Yutaro Ogawa
Arranger: VaChee, Yutaro Ogawa, AWOKI
Lyricist: VaChee, Yutaro Ogawa

Performer: Daisuke Toyosu (CV: Daisuke Nakajima [仲島大輔])
Composer: Naoaki Iwami
Arranger: Naoaki Iwami
Lyricist: Ayana Wada

Performer: Itsuki Nagata (CV: Ippei Matsuoka [松岡一平])
Composer: Kon-K
Arranger: Kon-K
Lyricist: Kon-K

Performer: Tatsuya Nakano (CV: Tatsuya Iizuka [飯塚達哉])
Composer: Takashige Tsukada
Arranger: Takashige Tsukada
Lyricist: Kelly

Performer: Shozo Morishita (CV: Shozo Tamura [田村昇三])
Composer: AWOKI
Arranger: AWOKI
Lyricist: Tenta Sugisaka

Performer: Junpei Ryogoku (CV: Junpei Baba)
Composer: Junya Maesako, Yasutaka.Ishio
Arranger: Yasutaka.Ishio
Lyricist: Junya Maesako

Performer: all cast
Composer: Junya Maesako, Dr.Lilcom
Arranger: Dr.Lilcom
Lyricist: Junya Maesako

[Disc 2] - Character Comment
M-01: Nobuaki Azabu (CV: Nobuaki Oka)
M-02: Rintaro Ichigaya (CV: Yuki Inoue)
M-03: Izumo Osaki (CV: Keisuke Furuhata)
M-04: Sakuya Kasumi (CV: Kazuharu Ara)
M-05: Tatsuhiko Kaname (CV: Shoichiro Oomi)
M-06: Toma Kamiya (CV: Yojiro Itokawa)
M-07: Kazuki Kuramae (CV: Kazuki Terashita)
M-08: Mikado Gokokuji (CV: Taisei Nishino)
M-09: Taiki Komagome (CV: Taiki Kumagai)
M-10: Yuri Shinonome (CV: Taichi Ichikawa)
M-11: Yosuke Shibuya (CV: Junya Komatsu)
M-12: Ritsu Senkawa (CV: Eishin Fudemura)
M-13: Maki Tatsumi (CV: Tatsuya Tokutake)
M-14: Hijiri Tsukishima (CV: Ryo Kikuchi)
M-15: Daisuke Toyosu (CV: Daisuke Nakajima)
M-16: Itsuki Nagata (CV: Ippei Matsuoka)
M-17: Tatsuya Nakano (CV: Tatsuya Iizuka)
M-18: Shozo Morishita (CV: Shozo Tamura)
M-19: Junpei Ryogoku (CV: Junpei Baba)

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