Tokyo 2020 Olympics - The Official Video Game

(Game Release)
東京2020オリンピック The Official Video Game
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Release Date
July 24, 2019
Release Type
Official Release
Sony PlayStation 4
SEGA Games / / (Developer, Publisher)


Sound Producer / Teruhiko Nakagawa /
Lead Composer / Kenichi Tokoi /
Composers / Jun Senoue / , Tomonori Sawada /
Sound Editor / Teruhiko Nakagawa / , Tatsuyuki Maeda / , Tadashi Kinukawa /
Production Director / Atsushi SUSHI Kosugi (Beat On Beat, Inc.)
Recording Director / Atsushi SUSHI Kosugi (Beat On Beat, Inc.)
Scoring Arranger / Larry Hochman
Conductor / Larry Hochman
Orchestra / Budapest Scoring Orchestra
Session Supervisor / Balint Sapszon
Recording Manager / Miklós Lukács Jr.
Music Preparation / Anna Sapszon
Assistant Recording Engineer / Miklós Lukács Sr.
Recording Studio / Studio 22 Budapest, Power House Recording Studio
Recording Engineer / Gábor Buczkó, Poul Pouwer
Mix Engineer / Dave Darlington
Mix Studio / Bass Hit Recording
Koto / Nobuhiro Kaneko

Song Credits

Singer / Lexy Brook, Erika Hosoi Murell
Lyrics / runblebee


Sound Section
Sound Producer & Sound Editor: Teruhiko Nakagawa
Lead Composer: Kenichi Tokoi
Composers: Jun Senoue, Tomonori Sawada
Sound Editors: Tatsuyuki Maeda, Tadashi Kinukawa

Budapest, Amsterdam, New York & Tokyo Recording & Mix Session
Production & Recording Director: Atsushi SUSHI Kosugi (Beat On Beat, Inc.)
Scoring Arranger and Conductor: Larry Hochman

Budapest Scoring Orchestra
Session Supervisor: Balint Sapszon
Recording Manager: Miklós Lukács Jr.
Music Preparation: Anna Sapszon
Recording Engineer: Gábor Buczkó
Assistant Recording Engineer: Miklós Lukács Sr.
Recorded Studio: Studio 22 Budapest

Amsterdam Production
Recording Engineer: Poul Pouwer
Recording: Power House Recording Studio

New York Mix Production
Mix Engineer: Dave Darlington
Mix Studio: Bass Hit Recording

Tokyo Recording Production
Koto: Nobuhiro Kaneko

Theme Song "One"
Opening & Ending Theme Singer: Lexy Brook
Opening Theme Singer: Erika Hosoi Murell
Lyrics: runblebee


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