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Yamaidare darlin' / May'n

ヤマイダレdarlin' / May'n



Disc 1

01 Yamaidare darlin' 5:17
02 Kokuhaku 4:57
03 Lethe -May'n ver.- 4:56
04 Yamaidare darlin' (without May'n) 5:11
05 Kokuhaku (without May'n) 4:56
06 Lethe -May'n ver.- (without May'n) 4:57
Disc length 30:14



M-01 - TV Anime "Aquarion Logos" Opening Theme
Composer: Yoko Kanno
Arranger: Yoko Kanno
Lyricist: Gabriela Robin

Produced & Arranged: Yoko Kanno
Programming: Keishi Urata, Shunsuke Sakamoto
Guitars: Susumu Nishikawa

Recording Engineer: Masashi Yabuhara, Shohei Kasuya
Assistant Engineer: Ryo Kanai
Mixing Engineer: Masashi Yabuhara
Recording & Mixing Studios: Victor Studio, Green Bird Studio

Composer: Shouhei Matsushita
Arranger: Shouhei Matsushita
Lyricist: Anju Mana

Guitars, Programming & All Other Instruments: Shouhei Matsushita (M-Swift)
Chorus: Eliana

Recording Engineer: Katsumi Sambongi
Mixing Engineer: Shinjiro Ikeda
Recording & Mixing Studio: monogram sounds

M-03 - Smartphone Game "Cross Legion" Theme Song
Composer: Peter Dal Woo Kim
Arranger: Shiro SAGISU
Lyricist: Peter Dal Woo Kim

Produced and Arranged by Shiro SAGISU

Drums: Gary Husband
Bass and Piano programming: Shiro SAGISU
Guitars: Makoto Matsushita
Backing vocals: May'n and Paul Lee

The London Studio Orchestra
Leader, 1st Violin Principal: Perry Montague-Mason
2nd Violin Principal: Emlyn Singleton
Viola Principal: Peter Lale
Cello Prinipal: Caroline Dale
Bass Principal: Chris Laurence

Orchestra contractors: Lucy Whalley and Isobel Griffiths
Session Management: Philip Bagenal, Yuiko Mukaino and Shiro SAGISU
Recording Engineer: Rupert Coulson, Philip Bagenal and Shiro SAGISU
Recording & Mixing Studio: Beethoven (Paris), Eastcote (London) and Air Lyndhurst Hall (London)
Mixing Engineer: Masahiro Kawaguchi and Shiro SAGISU

Mastering Engineer: Takahiro Uchida

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