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FATE: A Tribute to Majora's Mask

Catalog Number MCOL-0110
Barcode 00811576030274
Release Date May 25, 2018
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 20.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
LabelMateria Collective / /
PublisherMateria Collective LLC / /
Phonographic CopyrightMateria Collective LLC / /


Composer / Koji Kondo / , Toru Minegishi /
Arranger / David Russell, Brandon Strader, Darby Cupit, PokérusVGM, Andrew Filipski, Jeremy Harris Jones, Dan DeSimone, Peter Jones, Bonnie Bogovich, Ian Martyn, Tim Rosko, Younes Elbayad / , Skill Tree, Megan McDuffee, John Michael Hunt, OpenHeartSound, Amanda Laven, Sebastien Skaf, Ian Luckey, Daniel Romberger, John Robert Matz, Robby Duguay, Lucas Guimaraes, Jester Musician, Gunderslam, Alex Loaeza, Lee Prisby, Kevin Spencer, Louie Aronowitz, Xander Cruise, Laura Platt, Jay Kim, Connor Boyd, Matheus Garcia Souza, Lauren the Flute, Joe Zieja, Jeremiah Roque, Jaime Cross, Patti Rudisill, Antriksh Bali, Joshua Taipale, Patrick Dunnevant, Schematist, Michael Hoffmann, String Player Gamer, SonikBuster, Matthew S. Harrison, Garrett McPherson, Sam Bobinski, David Erick Ramos, Bijan Eghtesady, Nikolyst, Chris Porter, Josh Barron, Thomas Spargo, Ro Panuganti, Joel Everett, Sirenstar, Ronin Op F, Michael Garrett Steele, James C. Hoffman, Tyler Rydosz, Grahm Nesbitt, Will Dawson, Catboss., Matheus Manente, Peter Bobinski, Nautilus T Party, Zach Kohlmeier, Mark Benis, Fredrik Häthén, Laura Intravia, Sean Schafianski, Sauraen
Performer / Brandon Strader, Darby Cupit, Ian Martyn, PokérusVGM, Andrew Filipski, Bonnie Bogovich, David Erick Ramos, Nile River, Alex Hill, Alex Parrish, Amanda Laven, Andrew Stern, Dan DeSimone, Daniel Romberger, Doug Perry, Ian Luckey, Matheus Garcia Souza, Stephen Froeber, Peter Jones, aerie, Ann Zeng, Hat, Jayhan, Jeff Brenneman, Jim Newsome, Joel Everett, John Robert Matz, Liz Rishel, Marcela Estelië, Matheus Manente, Michael Garrett Steele, Michael Hoffmann, Nautilus T Party, SonikBuster, Strader, The Bwak Choir, Victoria Rose Maxfield, Zach Kohlmeier, Tim Rosko, Skill Tree, Viking guitar, Joe Chen, Mason Lieberman, Austin Hart, Bijan Eghtesady, Gregory Orosz, Jay Kim, Marjorie Halloran, Sirenstar, Tiago Rodrigues, Álex Garcigregor, Anonymous, ansgaros, CarboHydroM, Garrett McPherson, Kirill Polyanskiy, Maria Bastos, Peter Anthony Smith, Ro Panuganti, Trey Hodge, David Russell, Felipe Salinas, Robby Duguay, Sean Schafianski, sigmabeta, The GameBrass, Danny Flam, Julian Spillane, Alejandro Loaeza Salcido, Andrew Steffen, Lee Prisby, Dan Sudano, Kevin Spencer, Xander Cruise, Lil Purrito, Sam Bobinski, Lauren the Flute, Mai Yishan, Jeremiah Roque, Alex Loaeza, Lisa Guile, Jaime Cross, Patti Rudisill, Kristin Naigus, Paula Bressman, Patrick Dunnevant, Ken Crouch, String Player Gamer, Carlos Eiene, Peter Bobinski, Ryosuke Umezawa, Tom Miller, Troy Strand, James C. Hoffman, Joe Zieja, Darby & Ian, Catboss, Fabian Fabro, Isaku Kageyama, Thomas Spargo, Triforce Quartet (Chad Schwartz, Christopher Ferrara, Jacob Roege, Stanley Beckwith), Marc Papeghin, Trevor Alan Gomes, Bassoonify, Jackie Berg, Jesse Buddington, Josué Ferreira de Oliveira, Laura Intravia, Louie Aronowitz, mkafie, Reven, Saoirse Mings, Tyler Rydosz, David Deutsch, Laura Epling, Riley Mathews, Grahm Nesbitt, Kevin Vitz-Wong, Kaite Brandt, Materia Brasilis, Rene Samajauskas, Wyrgan, Nikolyst, Lauren Liebowitz, Emma Kramer-Rodgers, Toby Rodriguez, Dave Sylvester, Harpsona, Julia Handschin, The ETHEReal String Orchestra, Angel Mannion, Brendon Shapiro, James Naigus, Lori Syngajewski, May Claire La Plante, Natalie Clyne, Omar Najmi, Patricio Thielemann, Thennecan, Chelsea McBride, Fredrik Häthén, Claire Buzzelli, Damian Nguyen, Kyle Hughes, Materia Collective, Michael Scott Gebhart
Lyricist / Darby Cupit, Amanda Laven, Xander Cruise, Nathaniel Chambers, Sirenstar, Marcela Estelië, Zach Kohlmeier
Recording Engineer / Eric Foshee, True Sounds
Mixing Engineer / David Russell, Andrew Filipski, Tom Miller, Peter Jones, Nathaniel Chambers, Tim Rosko, John Michael Hunt, James C. Hoffman, Ian Luckey, John Robert Matz, Robby Duguay, Sean Schafianski, TrueSounds, Eric Foshee, Fredrik Hathen, Jeremiah Roque, Jaime Cross, Patrick Dunnevant, Michael Hoffmann, Matthew S. Harrison, Chris Porter, Ian Martyn, V-Ism, Ronin Op F, Zach Kohlmeier
Mastering Engineer / Chris Vaughn
Sound Effects / Jaime Cross
Programmer / Ian Martyn, KReichJr, Peter Bobinski


Disc 1 Arrangement

01 Cherry Blossoms Outside ClockTown 4:54
02 The Dawning 3:22
03 A Mask Salesman's Saudade (Song of Healing) 2:16
04 Astral Observatory 5:55
05 Middle Boss Battle 2:02
06 Memories of Zelda 4:39
07 The Field 2:34
08 Kamaro's Dance 3:24
09 Mini Bwakky Cheepy Game 1:33
10 In the Midst of a Guruguru ~ グルグルの夢の中に家があるかもしれない 2:36
11 House (A Cappella Version) 1:45
12 Mayor's Hall - Con Grazia (String Quintet) 2:22
13 She Pwn Ya 2:44
14 Got Milk? (They Wub) 3:40
15 Swamp Tour for Four 4:45
16 Woods of Mystery 3:07
17 プレスビー!!!プレスビー!!!プレスビー!!!(Press B!!! Press B!!! Press B!!!) 3:03
18 Deku Nut's Palace 3:09
19 Zorapalooza 8:58
20 The Indigo-go's (Demo Version) 3:04
21 Escape from the Pirates' Fortress 3:19
22 The Newest and Smoothest Wave of Bossa Nova 4:58
23 Music Box Mansion 2:37
24 Dynasty of the Dead 4:32
25 Elegy of Emptiness 1:03
26 Stone Tower Temple 2:54
27 Calling the Four Giants 2:03
28 Majora's Theme 4:09
29 Run the Rupees (feat Lil' Purrito) 4:25
30 Fated Meeting 2:42
31 Link vs. Darmani at the Races 5:03
32 Mask of Sin 3:49
33 Funky Fairy's Fountain (Acoustic Version) 2:15
34 Messing Up Shop 1:58
35 Flooting Gallery 1:27
36 Gurugula Salad 3:50
37 Healing Song 3:26
38 Magic Hag's Potion Shop 1:17
39 Walk in The Woods 2:22
40 Deku Palace 2:15
41 Sonata of Awakening The Guitar 2:35
42 Mountain Village 2:29
43 Goron Village (A Cappella Version) 2:39
44 Father to Son 2:54
45 Snowhead Brew 4:33
46 Song of Healing 2:54
47 Paradise 2:29
48 An Exercise in Piracy 3:16
49 The Water Machine 4:12
50 The Dance of the Mad Frog 3:58
51 Frog Song 1:49
52 Doom Cavern 2:51
53 Cow Smuggers from Space 2:40
54 Pickin' On Cremia 1:32
55 Ikana (The Bloody History of Ikana) 3:15
56 Stone Tower Temple 4:06
57 Final Hours 3:14
58 Wrath 3:03
59 Song of Healing - Theme & Variations 2:57
60 Hold Your Hand 4:32
61 You're in the Mayor's House Now 4:48
63 Missed Event 2 0:09
64 Romani Ranch 2:11
65 Giddy Up! 2:31
66 Reflections in the Swamp 3:40
67 The Metal Hag's House 3:02
68 The 13th Terrible Fate 2:02
69 The Voice of the Mountain 4:12
70 Nova Onda Bossa 4:05
71 Sharp's Curse 5:07
72 Ikana's Wrath 3:54
73 Fallin' (Disco in the Milk Bar) 3:40
74 Final Hours 4:23
75 Tatl & Tael 2:43
76 Termina's Last Hope 3:20
77 The True Face 4:56
78 Swing Indigo 3:43
79 And Many New Days To Come 4:56
Disc length 257:22



"FATE: A Tribute to Majora’s Mask is a collaborative remix album by members of the Materia Collective, honoring the music from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

It is an eclectic mix of genres and styles that reflect the tone of the original soundtrack. FATE is divided into three parts: The First Day, a collection of tracks reflecting the anxiety and elation of the first foray into Clock Town; The Second Day, a more melancholy selection reflecting the denial and doubt that the moon is falling into the earth; and The Final Day, a shorter yet intense set of pieces reflecting both the dread of the end and the glimmer of hope that still shines in the world’s final moments.

Majora’s Mask is known for being a wildly different, yet powerful, addition to the Legend of Zelda series. Both the game and the soundtrack have had a profound effect on our lives, which is why we chose to pay tribute to it in this large-scale collaboration with other fans and members of the VGM community. This game in particular stands out to us because, more than any game in the franchise preceding it and following it, Majora’s Mask dealt with the positive and negative issues that human beings face every day as well as in major moments in life - grief, death, the inevitable passage of time, fear, rejection, and temptation, but also friendship, reconciliation, perseverance, justice, hope, and love.

This was a game not about the struggle between “Good vs. Evil” but about how people act in the face of hardship, and what the consequences of their actions are. Despite the game’s surreal environment, it puts the player in the middle of realistic situations that could happen to anyone. The music reflects this duality – while it reuses familiar themes and textures from previous games, it also introduced new ideas and sounds, with a heavier emphasis on atmosphere and minimalism. This combination makes the music sound foreign and jarring, yet familiar and accessible. In creating this album, we set out to explore these ideas and themes, and invite our colleagues and friends in the Materia Collective to interpret these ideas and themes in their own way as well.

We hope you enjoy our arrangements and our take on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask."

Peter Bobinski: Producer
Sam Bobinski: Producer
Antonio Villamandos: Album Artwork, Promotional Artwork
Chris Vaughn: Mastering Engineer
Doug Perry: Special Thanks
Emily McMillan: Special Thanks
Eric Buchholz: Special Thanks
Jayson Napolitano: Marketing
Lauren Leibowitz: Marketing
Sebastian Wolff: Executive Producer
SuperMCGamer: Special Thanks (Listening Party Host)
Theophany: Special Thanks


1. Cherry Blossoms Outside ClockTown
David Russell: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer

2. The Dawning
Brandon Strader: Arranger, Keyboard

3. A Mask Salesman's Saudade (Song of Healing)
Darby Cupit: Producer, Arranger, Piano, Lyricist, Vocals, Audio Engineer
Ian Martyn: Concertina, Low Whistle

4. Astral Observatory
PokérusVGM: Producer, Arranger, Performing Artist

5. Middle Boss Battle
Andrew Filipski: Producer, Electric Guitar, Bass, Arranger, Mixing Engineer

6. Memories of Zelda
Jeremy Harris Jones: Producer, Arranger
Bonnie Bogovich: Vocals
David Erick Ramos: Ocarina
Nile River: Harp
Tom Miller: Mixing Engineer

7. The Field
Austin Hart: Producer
Alex Hill: Tuba
Alex Parrish: Oboe
Amanda Laven: Xylophone
Andrew Stern: Cello
Dan DeSimone: Producer, Arranger, Trumpet
Daniel Romberger: Trombone
Doug Perry: Snare
Ian Luckey: Accordion
Matheus Garcia Souza: Violin
Stephen Froeber: Balalaika

8. Kamaro's Dance
Peter Jones: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Vocals

9. Mini Bwakky Cheepy Game
Bonnie Bogovich: Producer, Arranger, Vocals, Kazoo
aerie: Vocals
Amanda Laven: Vocals
Ann Zeng: Vocals
Daniel Romberger: Vocals, Kazoo
Hat: Kazoo
Ian Martyn: Vocals
Jayhan: Vocals
Jeff Brenneman: Vocals
Jim Newsome: Vocals, Kazoo
Joel Everett: Vocals, Toy Piano
John Robert Matz: Vocals, Kazoo, Hosaphone
Liz Rishel: Vocals, Kazoo, Nose Flute
Marcela Estelië: Vocals
Matheus Manente: Vocals
Michael Garrett Steele: Vocals, Kazoo
Michael Hoffmann: Vocals, Kazoo
Nathaniel Chambers: Mixing Engineer
Nautilus T Party: Vocals, Kazoo
SonikBuster: Vocals
Strader: Vocals
The Bwak Choir: Featuring Artist
Victoria Rose Maxfield: Vocals, Kazoo
Zach Kohlmeier: Vocals

10. In the Midst of a Guruguru ~ グルグルの夢の中に家があるかもしれない
Ian Martyn: Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synth, Drum Programming

11. House (A Cappella Version)
Tim Rosko: Producer, Arranger, Vocalist, Mixing Engineer

12. Mayor's Hall - Con Grazia (String Quintet)
Younes Elbayad: Producer, Arranger

13. She Pwn Ya
Skill Tree: Producer, Performing Artist, Arranger
Viking guitar: Electric Guitar

14. Got Milk? (They Wub)
Megan McDuffee: Producer, Arranger

15. Swamp Tour for Four
John Michael Hunt: Producer, Arranger, Producer, Mixing Engineer
Joe Chen: Viola
Mason Lieberman: Cello
Matheus Sardinha Garcia Souza: Violin (1 and 2)

16. Woods of Mystery
OpenHeartSound: Producer, Arranger

17. プレスビー!!!プレスビー!!!プレスビー!!!​(​Press B​!​!​! Press B​!​!​! Press B​!​!​!​)
Amanda Laven: Producer, Vocals (Alto), Arranger, Lyrics, Vocals (Soprano)
Andrew Filipski: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Ann Zeng: Vocals (Alto)
Austin Hart: Cello
Bijan Eghtesady: Drums
Bonnie Bogovich: Vocals (Soprano)
Chris Porter: Translator (Japanese)
Daniel Romberger: Vocals (Bass)
Gregory Orosz: Alto Flute
Ian Martyn: Lead Vocals, Lyrics Editor
James C. Hoffman: Mixing Engineer
Jay Kim: Violin
Jayhan: Vocals (Alto)
Jim Newsome: Vocals (Bass)
Marcela Estelië: Vocals (Soprano)
Marjorie Halloran: Vocals (Soprano), Vocals (Alto)
Matheus Garcia Souza: Violin
Michael Garrett Steele: Vocals (Tenor), Vocals (Bass)
Nautilus T Party: Vocals (Tenor), Vocals (Bass)
PokérusVGM: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Saoirse "aerie" Mings: Vocals (Alto)
Sirenstar: Lead Vocals
Tiago Rodrigues: Bass Guitar
Zach Kohlmeier: Tenor

18. Deku Nut's Palace
Sebastien Skaf: Producer, Arranger

19. Zorapalooza
Ian Luckey: Producer, Arranger, Accordion, Bass, Keyboards, Mixing Engineer
Álex Garcigregor: Keyboard
Andrew Filipski: Acoustic Guitar
Anonymous: Tenor Saxophone
ansgaros: Electric Guitars
CarboHydroM: Electric Guitar
Daniel Romberger: Bongos, Cabasa, Cajon, Claves, Tambourine, Trombones
Garrett McPherson: Keyboard
Gregory Orosz: Bass Clarinet, Clarinet
Ian Martyn: Bodhrán, Bouzouki, Low Whistle, Meowsic, Otamatone, Concertina, Irish Tenor Banjo, Smallpipes, Ukulele
Jay Kim: Electric Violin
Kirill Polyanskiy: Violin
Maria Bastos: Violin
Peter Anthony Smith: EWI
Ro Panuganti: Electric Guitar
Tim Rosko: Ukulele
Trey Hodge: Electric Guitar
Zachary Kohlmeier: Boomwhacker

20. The Indigo​-​go's (Demo Version)
Daniel Romberger: Producer, Arranger, Trombone (1-4)
David Russell: Piano
Doug Perry: Drum Set, Vibraphone
Felipe Salinas: Guitar
Ian Martyn: Bass Guitar
James C. Hoffman: Mixing Engineer
John Robert Matz: Trumpet (1-2)
Robby Duguay: Trumpet (3-4)
Sean Schafianski: Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone (1-2)
sigmabeta: Tenor Saxophone (1-2)

21. Escape from the Pirates' Fortress
The GameBrass: Performing Artist
Alex Hill: Tuba
Daniel Romberger: Trombone
Danny Flam: French Horn
John Robert Matz: Trumpet (1), Arranger, Mixing Engineer
Robby Duguay: Trumpet (2), Arranger, Mixer

22. The Newest and Smoothest Wave of Bossa Nova
Lucas Guimaraes: Producer
Andrew Filipski: Guitar
Bijan Bryan Eghtesady: Drums
Ian Martyn: Bass
Julian Spillane: Keyboard
Sean Schafianski: Alto Saxophone, Mixing Engineer

23. Music Box Mansion
Jester Musician: Producer, Arranger

24. Dynasty of the Dead
Gunderslam: Producer, Arranger

25. Elegy of Emptiness
Alex Loaeza: Producer, Arranger
Alejandro Loaeza Salcido: Piano
Andrew Steffen: Viola
Andrew Stern: Cello
John Robert Matz: Trumpet in Bb
TrueSounds: Mixing Engineer

26. Stone Tower Temple
Lee Prisby: Producer, Arranger, Guitar, Bass, Engineer
Dan Sudano: Guitar

27. Calling the Four Giants
Kevin Spencer: Producer, Guitar, Arranger
Eric Foshee: Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer

28. Majora's Theme
Louie Aronowitz: Producer, Arranger

29. Run the Rupees (feat Lil' Purrito)
Xander Cruise: Producer, Rap Vocals, Lyricist
Lil Purrito: Hook Vocal
Nathaniel Chambers: Beat Production, Mixing Engineer, Hook Lyrics

30. Fated Meeting
Laura Platt: Producer, Arranger
Jay Kim: Producer, Arranger

31. Link vs. Darmani at the Races
Daniel Romberger: Producer, Arranger, Commentator (Viscen), Scriptwriter, Trombones (1-4)
Fredrik Hathen: Mixing Engineer
Jeff Brenneman: Commentator (Mutoh)

32. Mask of Sin
Connor Boyd: Producer, Arranger

33. Funky Fairy's Fountain (Acoustic Version)
Robby Duguay: Producer, Arranger, Acoustic Guitar

34. Messing Up Shop
Matheus Garcia Souza: Producer, Violins
Doug Perry: Percussion
Peter Bobinski: Mixing
Sam Bobinski: Double Bass

35. Flooting Gallery
Lauren the Flute: Producer, Arranger, Flute
Gregory Orosz: Piccolo, Alto
Mai Yishan: Flute

36. Gurugula Salad
Joe Zieja: Producer, Arranger

37. Healing Song
Jeremiah Roque: Producer, Piano, Arranger, Mixing Engineer

38. Magic Hag's Potion Shop
Alex Loaeza: Producer, Arranger, Piano
Gregory Orosz: Clarinet in Bb
John Robert Matz: Horn in F
Lisa Guile: Flute
True Sounds: Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer

39. Walk in The Woods
Jaime Cross: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Performing Artist, Sound Design

40. Deku Palace
Patti Rudisill: Producer, Arranger, Violin, Viola
Kristin Naigus: Oboe, English Horn, Flute, Ocarina, Recorders, Pan Flute, Guitar, Mandolin, Drums, Percussion
Paula Bressman: Harp

41. Sonata of Awakening The Guitar
Andrew Filipski: Producer, Acoustic Guitar, Mixing Engineer, Arranger

42. Mountain Village
Antriksh Bali: Producer
Joshua Taipale: Producer

43. Goron Village (A Cappella Version)
Patrick Dunnevant: Producer, Arranger, Vocals, Body Percussion, Mixing Engineer
Tim Rosko: Vocals, Body Percussion

44. Father to Son
Schematist: Producer, Arranger

45. Snowhead Brew
Michael Hoffmann: Producer, Arranger, Mixer
Ken Crouch: Trumpet
Sean Schafianski: Soprano Saxophone

46. Song of Healing
String Player Gamer: Producer, Arranger, Performer

47. Paradise
SonikBuster: Producer
Doug Perry: Vocals
Matheus Sardinha Garcia Souza: Guitar

48. An Exercise in Piracy
Matthew S. Harrison: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer

49. The Water Machine
Garrett McPherson: Producer, Arranger

50. The Dance of the Mad Frog
Sam Bobinski: Producer, Arranger, Double Bass
Carlos Eiene: Tenor Saxophones
Daniel Romberger: Tenor Trombones
Doug Perry: Vibraphone, Drumset
John Robert Matz: Trumpets
Peter Bobinski: Clarinets, Mixing Engineer
Ryosuke Umezawa: Baritone Saxophone
Sean Schafianski: Alto Saxophones
Tom Miller: Piano
Troy Strand: Bass Trombone

51. Frog Song
David Erick Ramos: Producer, Arranger

52. Doom Cavern
Bijan Eghtesady: Producer, Arranger

53. Cow Smuggers from Space
Nikolyst: Producer, Arranger

54. Pickin' On Cremia
Chris Porter: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer
Andrew Filipski: Acoustic Guitar (2)
Daniel Romberger: Whistling
Ian Luckey: Accordion
Ian Martyn: Tenor Banjo
James C. Hoffman: Acoustic Guitar (1)
Joe Zieja: Mandolin
Matheus Manente: Tambourine, Shaker
Peter Jones: Harmonica
Sam Bobinski: Upright Bass

55. Ikana (The Bloody History of Ikana)
Darby & Ian: Performing Artist
Darby Cupit: Vocals, Lyrics, Arranger
Ian Martyn: Guitar, Bass, Synth, Drum Programming, Arranger

56. Stone Tower Temple
Josh Barron: Producer, Arranger
Andrew Filipski: Guitar
Andrew Steffen: Violin, Viola, Bass
Andrew Stern: Cello
Catboss: Flute
Fabian Fabro: Bass Guitar
Ian Martyn: Mixing Engineer, Mandolin, Bodhran
Isaku Kageyama: Congas, Taiko
Trey Hodge: Guitar

57. Final Hours
Thomas Spargo: Producer, Guitar, Arranger

58. Wrath
Ro Panuganti: Producer, Guitars, Bass, Arranger
Daniel Romberger: Alto Trombone, Trombone
Jay Kim: Keyboard
Sigmabeta: Tenor Saxophone

59. Song of Healing - Theme & Variations
Triforce Quartet: Performing Artist
Chad Schwartz: Cello
Christopher Ferrara: Violin (I)
Jacob Roege: Violin (II)
Joel Everett: Arranger
Stanley Beckwith: Viola

60. Hold Your Hand
Sirenstar: Producer, Vocals, Lyrics, Arranger
KReichJr: Producer, Programming
V-Ism: Mixing Engineer

61. You're in the Mayor's House Now
John Michael Hunt: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer
Carlos Eiene: Tenor Saxophone
Doug Perry: Drums
Marc Papeghin: Trumpet
Sam Bobinski: Double Bass
Trevor Alan Gomes: Piano

Ronin Op F: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer

63. Missed Event 2
Michael Garrett Steele: Producer, Arranger, Alto Saxophone (1), Alto Saxophone (2), Vocals (Alto), Vocals (Tenor), Vocals (Baritone), Vocals (Bass)
Alejandro Loaeza Salcido: Piano
Alex Hill: Tuba
Alex Parrish: Oboe (1), Oboe (2)
Amanda Laven: Vibraphone, Xylophone, Suspended Cymbal
Andrew Stern: Cello
Ann Zeng: Vocals (Alto), Vocals (Tenor), Vocals (Baritone)
Austin Hart: Cello
Bassoonify: Bassoon (1), Bassoon (2)
Bonnie Bogovich: Vocals (Soprano 1)
Daniel Romberger: Trombone (1), Trombone (2), Vocals (Baritone), Vocals (Bass)
Fredrik Häthén: Mixing Engineer
Gregory Orosz: Clarinet (1), Clarinet (2), Bass Clarinet
Ian Martyn: Vocals (Alto), Vocals (Tenor), Vocals (Baritone), Vocals (Bass)
Jackie Berg: Piccolo
Jay Kim: Violin (1), Violin (2), Viola
Jayhan: Flute (1), Flute (2), Vocals (Alto)
Jeff Brenneman: Vocals (Baritone)
Jesse Buddington: Vocals (Alto), Vocals (Tenor)
Jim Newsome: Vocals (Bass)
Joe Zieja: Clarinet (1), Clarinet (2), Flute (2)
John Robert Matz: Irish High Whistle, Horn 1, Horn 2, Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Vocals (Tenor)
Josué Ferreira de Oliveira: Flute (1), Flute (2)
Laura Intravia: Piccolo
Lauren the Flute: Piccolo, Flute (1), Flute (2)
Louie Aronowitz: Ska Band, Vocals
Marjorie Halloran: Viola, Vocals (Soprano 1), Vocals (Soprano 2)
Michael Hoffmann: Vocals (Tenor), Vocals (Baritone), Vocals (Bass)
mkafie: Violin (1), Violin (2)
Nautilus T Party: Vocals Tenor, Vocals Baritone, Vocals Bass
Peter Jones: Trumpet (1), Trumpet (2)
Reven: Vocals (Soprano 1), Vocals (Soprano 2)
Sam Bobinski: Double Bass
Saoirse Mings: Vocals (Alto), Vocals (Tenor)
Skill Tree: Vocals (Alto)
Tim Rosko: Vocals (Tenor), Vocals (Baritone), Vocals (Bass)
Victoria Rose Maxfield: Vocals (Soprano 1)
Zach Kohlmeier: Trombone (1), Trombone (2)

64. Romani Ranch
James C. Hoffman: Producer, Arranger

65. Giddy Up!
Tyler Rydosz: Producer, Arranger, Mandolin
David Deutsch: Acoustic Guitar
Laura Epling: Violin
Riley Mathews: Banjo
Sam Bobinski: Bass

66. Reflections in the Swamp
Grahm Nesbitt: Producer, Arranger, Piano
Kevin Vitz-Wong: Clarinet

67. The Metal Hag's House
Will Dawson: Producer, Arranger

68. The 13th Terrible Fate
Catboss.: Producer, Arranger

69. The Voice of the Mountain
John Robert Matz: Producer, Arranger, Vocals (Countertenor), Hurdy Gurdy, Irish Flutes, Recorders, Horns, Trumpets, Euphonium, Bodhrán, Piano
Andrew Steffen: Violin, Violas
Andrew Stern: Cello
Kaite Brandt: Baby Goron
Sam Bobinski: Bass

70. Nova Onda Bossa
Materia Brasilis: Performing Artist
Josué Ferreira de Oliveira: Flute
Marcela Estelië: Lyrics, Vocals
Matheus Garcia Souza: Violin
Matheus Manente: Producer, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Drums, Percussion
Rene Samajauskas: Piano

71. Blight of the Gods
Wyrgan: Performing Artist
Peter Bobinski: Guitar, Drum Programming, Mixing Engineer, Vocals

72. Ikana's Wrath
Nautilus T Party: Producer, Arranger, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Electric Guitar
aerie: Vocals (Alto)
Bonnie Bogovich: Vocals (Soprano 1), Vocals (Soprano 2), Vocals (Alto)
Daniel Romberger: Vocals (Baritone), Vocals (Bass)
Darby Cupit: Vocals (Bass)
Doug Perry: Vocals (Tenor)
Elizabeth Zharoff: Score Assistance
Fredrik Häthén: Mixing Engineer
Ian Martyn: Vocals (Alto), Vocals (Tenor), Vocals (Baritone)
Jayhan: Vocals (Soprano 2), Vocals (Alto)
Jim Newsome: Vocals (Bass)
John Robert Matz: Vocals (Tenor)
Laura Intravia: Vocals (Soprano 1), Vocals (Soprano 2)
Liz Rishel: Vocals (Soprano 1), Vocals (Soprano 2), Vocals (Alto)
Michael Garrett Steele: Vocals (Baritone)
Michael Hoffmann: Vocals (Tenor), Vocals (Baritone)
Reven: Vocals (Soprano 1), Vocals (Alto)
Robby Duguay: Vocals (Baritone), Vocals (Bass)
Tim Rosko: Vocals (Tenor), Vocals (Baritone)
Victoria Rose Maxfield: Vocals (Soprano 1)

73. Fallin' (Disco in the Milk Bar)
Zach Kohlmeier: Producer, Arranger, Lyrics, Mixing Engineer, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Andrew Filipski: Bass Guitar
Darby Cupit: Lead Vocals
Garrett Steele: Saxophone
Jay Kim: Violin, Keyboard
Louie Aronowitz: Guitar, Background Vocals, Drum Set
mkafie: Violin
Nikolyst: Drum Set

74. Final Hours
Michael Hoffmann: Producer, Arranger, Mixer Engineer
Lauren Liebowitz: Flute

75. Tatl & Tael
Mark Benis: Producer, Arranger
Emma Kramer-Rodgers: Alto Flute
Kristin Naigus: Clarinet
Toby Rodriguez: Guitar

76. Termina's Last Hope
Fredrik Häthén: Producer, Arranger
Alex Hill: Tuba
Alex Parrish: Oboe, Flute, Piccolo
Andrew Steffen: Violin, Viola, Bass
Andrew Stern: Cello
Ann Zeng: Vocals (Alto)
Austin Hart: Cello
Bassoonify: Bassoon
Bonnie Bogovich: Vocals (Soprano), Vocals (Alto)
Daniel Romberger: Trombone, Vocals (Baritone), Vocals (Bass)
Darby Cupit: Vocals (Bass)
Dave Sylvester: Piano
David Erick Ramos: Ocarina
Doug Perry: Vocals (Baritone), Vocals (Bass)
Gregory Orosz: Piccolo, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet
Harpsona: Harp
Isaku Kageyama: Taiko
Jesse Buddington: Vocals (Tenor)
Jim Newsome: Vocals (Bass)
John Robert Matz: French Horn, Trumpet, Vocals (Tenor), Soloist (Male)
Julia Handschin: Vocals (Alto)
Laura Intravia: Vocals (Soprano), Vocals (Alto)
Lauren the Flute: Flute, Vocals (Soprano)
Marcela Estelië: Vocals (Soprano), Vocals (Alto)
Maria Bastos: Violin, Viola
Matheus Manente: Vocals (Tenor), Vocals (Baritone)
Michael Hoffmann: Vocals (Tenor), Vocals (Baritone)
Nautilus T Party: Vocals (Baritone), Vocals (Bass)
Reven: Soloist (Female)
Saoirse Mings: Vocals (Alto), Vocals (Soprano)
The ETHEReal String Orchestra: String Section

77. The True Face
Laura Intravia: Producer, Arranger, Flute, Piccolo, Vocals (Soprano), Vocals (Alto)
Alex Hill: Tuba
Andrew Steffen: Violin (I/II), Viola
Andrew Stern: Cello
Angel Mannion: Vocals (Baritone)
Bassoonify: Bassoon
Bonnie Bogovich: Vocals (Soprano), Vocals (Alto)
Brendon Shapiro: Piano
Dan Romberger: Trombone, Vocals (Baritone)
Doug Perry: Vocals (Baritone)
Gregory Orosz: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Ian Martyn: Vocals (Tenor)
James Naigus: French Horn
JayHan: Vocals (Alto)
Jesse Buddington: Vocals (Alto)
Jim Newsome: Vocals (Baritone)
John Robert Matz: Trumpet, Vocals (Tenor)
Ken 'Hat' Crouch: Vocals (Tenor)
Kristin Naigus: Oboe, English Horn
Liz Rishel: Vocals (Soprano), Vocals (Alto), Vocals (Tenor)
Lori Syngajewski: Vocals (Alto)
Marcela Estelie: Vocals (Soprano)
Maria Bastos: Viola, Vocals (Soprano)
Matheus Manente: Vocals (Tenor)
Matheus Sardinha Garcia Souza: Violin (I/II)
May Claire La Plante: Vocals (Soprano)
Michael Garrett Steele: Vocals (Baritone)
Michael Hoffmann: Vocals (Baritone)
Natalie Clyne: Vocals (Soprano)
Nautilus T Party: Vocals (Tenor), Vocals (Baritone)
Omar Najmi: Vocals (Tenor), Vocals (Baritone)
Patricio Thielemann: Vocals (Baritone)
Pete Bobinski: Mixing Engineer
Reven: Vocals (Soprano), Vocals (Alto)
Sam Bobinski: Contrabass
Saoirse Mings: Vocals (Alto)
Sonikbuster: Vocals (Alto)
Thennecan: Vocals (Tenor)
Tim Rosko: Vocals (Tenor), Vocals (Baritone)
Troy Strand: Bass Trombone
Victoria Rose Maxfield: Vocals (Soprano)

78. Swing Indigo
Sean Schafianski: Producer, Alto Sax (1)
Carlos Eiene: Tenor Sax (1), Tenor Sax (2)
Chelsea McBride: Baritone Sax
Daniel Romberger: Trombones
David Russell: Piano
Doug Perry: Drums
Fredrik Häthén: Alto Sax (2)
John Robert Matz: Trumpet
Peter Bobinski: Guitar
Sam Bobinski: Bass

79. And Many New Days To Come
Sauraen: Producer, Arranger
Alex Parrish: Oboe
Alexander Hill: Tuba
Claire Buzzelli: Piccolo
Damian Nguyen: Oboe
Daniel Romberger: Trombone
Doug Perry: Bendir
Ian Martyn: Concertina, Mandolin
Joe Zieja: Clarinet
John Robert Matz: French Horn, Trumpet
Kyle Hughes: Drum
Materia Collective: Featured Artist
Michael Scott Gebhart: Bassoon (1), Bassoon (2)
Thennecan: Tambourine

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