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EXILE: A Tribute to Supergiant Games

Catalog Number MCOL-0212
Release Date May 31, 2019
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 14.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
Published by Materia Collective / /
Composed by Darren Korb
Arranged by Outset Initiative, Martino Vacca, Darby Cupit, FirahFabe, Matías Lati Quezada, Daniel Romberger, Will Dawson, Brandon Strader, Tyler Rydosz, Nathan Madsen, Fredrik Häthén, Álex Garcigregor, Peter Jones, Stemage, Matias Castro Cancino, Peter Bobinski, Ronin Op F, MononymNumerical, Thennecan, Michael Garrett Steele, wolfman1405, Danilo Ciaffi, Max K Webster, Louie Aronowitz, Elizabeth Zharoff, HatVGM, Lauren the Flute, Ryan Fogleman, Jeff Penny, Ben Wallace, Spencer Bambrick, Bonnie Bogovich, Tim Rosko, Psamathes, Dacian Grada, Eli Bishop, OtaConnor, Ian Martyn, Kevin Vitz-Wong, Trey Hodge, Nathaniel Chambers, Lucas Guimaraes, Zach Kohlmeier, Michael Hoffmann, Andrew Kroepel, Austin Hart, John Robert Matz, Catboss., Nautilus T Party
Performed by Cédric Curtelin, Darby Cupit, Ian Martyn, FirahFabe, Matheus Manente, Xale, Matías Lati Quezada, Julio Muñoz Palma, The Game Brass, Danny Flam, Robby Duguay, Videri String Quartet (Matheus Garcia Souza, Chris Ferrara, Jeremiah Barcus, Roselie Samter), Will Dawson, Brandon Strader, Tyler Rydosz, Andrew Steffen, Drew Miller, Riley Mathews, Nathan Madsen, Daniel Romberger, Jeremy McCormick, John Robert Matz, JohnStacy, HatVGM, Peter Jones, Sam Bobinski, Sean Schafianski, Trey Hodge, Bonnie Bogovich, Brian Diamond, Jim Newsome, Lauren Liebowitz, Liz Rishel, Marcela Estelië, Michael Garrett Steele, Michael Hoffmann, Psamathes, Saoirse Mings, Troisnyx, wolfman1405, Álex Garcigregor, Claire Henry, Dan Taylor, Stemage, Sirenstar, Ronin Op F, MononymNumerical, Virginia Pettis, Melancholy Robot, Thennecan, SonikBuster, Andrew Dunn, Joe Chen, Justin Olejnik, Michaela Nachtigall, Tiago Rodrigues, Dan Getty, Derek Dupuis, Henry Godfrey, insaneintherainmusic, Justin Zakrajsek, Kyle Martin, Nisa Addina, Alex Hill, Danilo Ciaffi, Davide Faraoni, Max K Webster, Damian Nguyen, Eli Bishop, Gregory Orosz, Yishan Mai, Louie Aronowitz, Elizabeth Zharoff, Lauren the Flute, Doug Perry, Kevin Spencer, Mason Lieberman, Peter Bobinski, Ben Wallace, Laura Intravia, Peter Kim, ETHEReal String Orchestra, James C. Hoffman, Natasha Lende, West McKeller, Nautilus T Party, Tim Rosko, Dacian Grada, Julie Sakalys, Angelique Hodge, Free The Green Beans, Lord Bif, Andrew Filipski, Patrick Allred, Zach Kohlmeier, Marjorie Halloran, mkafie, Chris Muggli-Miller, Kevin Vitz-Wong, Rachel Robison, Andrew Kroepel, Ken Crouch, Andrew Stern, Jayhan, The Triumvirate Choir
Lyrics by Darren Korb, Fredrik Häthén, MononymNumerical, Lauren the Flute, Nautilus T Party, Ian Martyn, Zach Kohlmeier


Disc 1

01 The World That Was 4:13
02 Percy's Epic Orchestral Escape 2:23
03 The Pantheon (Ain't Gonna Catch You) 2:45
04 Terminal March 2:26
05 Twisted Streets 3:38
06 Bynn the Breaker 4:59
07 Spike in a Rail 2:56
08 If You Build It 3:22
09 Folk of Jevel 2:31
10 The Mancer's Swing 3:27
11 Mother, I'm Here 3:16
12 We Could Still Evacuate 4:59
13 Brushed by Her Teeth 2:31
14 Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme) 4:55
15 Vanishing Point 2:22
16 Become One 3:54
17 TraceVoid() 2:05
18 Coasting (Cloudbox Cruise Edition) 3:57
19 Forecast 3:09
20 The Spine 2:46
21 SPLOOSH! 4:27
22 Where are you, Red? 4:59
23 She Shines 4:37
24 In Circles 4:06
25 Don't Break Me This Time 3:50
26 Heightmap 2:32
27 Spark of Hope (Blank Canvas) 3:22
28 Apex Beat 3:22
29 Gateless 3:53
30 We're One 4:03
31 Paper Boats 4:57
32 Roimh an Ollóg Uiscí Saillte (Before the Salt and Roiling Sea): a Vagrant Song 2:55
33 Downriver Dirge 3:20
34 In The Flame 3:20
35 Path to Glory 3:14
36 Forbidden Knowledge 3:06
37 Water Falls Downside 3:58
38 The Eight Scribes 2:26
39 Flutter Fly 1:56
40 Strange Voyage 4:59
41 Foolproof Plot 4:59
42 Dies Irae Grandioso 2:23
43 Mourning Song 1:23
44 Sky Dance 4:13
45 Quest for Honor 2:12
46 Will of the Scribes 2:19
47 The Old Ways 3:52
48 Never to Return (p a r t y) 4:50
49 Bound Together (Exile) 4:54
Disc length 171:01


Brian Diamond: Producer
Darren Korb: Original Composer
Emily McMillan: Special Thanks
James C. Hoffman: Mastering Engineer
Lauren Liebowitz: Marketing
Nathaniel Chambers: Mastering Engineer
Peach Oniisan: Album Art
Sebastian Wolff: Executive Producer
Stephen Froeber: Co-Producer

1 The World That Was
Outset Initiative: Producer, Arranger

2 Percy's Epic Orchestral Escape
Martino Vacca: Arranger
Cédric Curtelin: Strings, Mixing Engineer

3 The Pantheon (Ain't Gonna Catch You)
Darby Cupit: Vocals, Producer, Mixing Engineer
Ian Martyn: Guitar

4 Terminal March
FirahFabe: Arranger, Bandurria, Laud, Octavina
Fredrik Häthén: Mixing Engineer
Ian Martyn: Bouzouki
Matheus Manente: Kalimba, Drums
Xale: Hammered Dulcimer, Guzheng

5 Twisted Streets
Matías Lati Quezada: Arranger, Producer, Mixing Engineer, Drums, Bass, Guitar
James C. Hoffman: Mixing Engineer
Julio Muñoz Palma: Woodwinds (Quenas), Charango, Trompe

6 Bynn the Breaker
Daniel Romberger: Producer, Arranger, Trombone
Alex Hill: Tuba
Chris Ferrara: Violin (2)
Danny Flam: French Horn
James C. Hoffman: Mixing Engineer
Jeremiah Barcus: Cello
John Robert Matz: Trumpet (1)
Matheus Garcia Souza: Violin (1)
Robby Duguay: Trumpet (2), Editing (2)
Roselie Samter: Viola
Sam Bobinski: Double Bass
The Game Brass: Performing Artist
Videri String Quartet: Performing Artist

7 Spike in a Rail
Will Dawson: Arranger, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming, Mixing Engineer

8 If You Build It
Brandon Strader: Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass, Acoustic Guitar, 12 String Acoustic, Mandolin

9 Folk of Jevel
Tyler Rydosz: Producer, Arranger, Mandolin
Andrew Steffen: Violin, Double Bass
Drew Miller: Acoustic Guitar
Riley Mathews: Banjo

10 The Mancer's Swing
Nathan Madsen: Piano, Arranger, Mixing Engineer
Daniel Romberger: Trombone
Jeremy McCormick: Drums
John Robert Matz: Trumpet
JohnStacy: Trumpet
Ken 'HatVGM' Crouch: Trumpet
Peter Jones: Trumpet
Sam Bobinski: Upright Bass
Sean Schafianski: Alto Saxophone
Trey Hodge: Guitar
Xale: Baritone Saxophone

11 Mother, I'm Here
Fredrik Häthén: Producer, Arranger, Additional Lyrics
Bonnie Bogovich: Vocals (Soprano 1), Vocals (Soprano 2)
Brian Diamond: Vocals (Baritone), Vocals (Bass), Vocals (Tenor)
Daniel Romberger: Vocals (Baritone), Vocals (Bass)
Ian Martyn: Vocals (Baritone), Vocals (Tenor)
Jim Newsome: Vocals (Bass)
John Robert Matz: Vocals (Tenor)
Lauren Liebowitz: Vocals (Soprano 1), Vocals (Soprano 2)
Liz Rishel: Vocals (Soprano 1), Vocals (Soprano 2)
Marcela Estelië: Vocals (Soprano 1), Vocals (Soprano 2)
Matheus Manente: Vocals (Baritone), Vocals (Tenor)
Michael Garrett Steele: Vocals (Baritone), Vocals (Bass)
Michael Hoffmann: Vocals (Baritone)
Psamathes: Vocals (Alto 1), Vocals (Alto 2), Vocals (Soprano 1), Vocals (Soprano 2)
Saoirse Mings: Vocals (Alto 1)
Troisnyx: Vocals (Alto 1), Vocals (Alto 2), Vocals (Soprano 1), Vocals (Soprano 2)
wolfman1405: Zulf (solo), Vocals (Tenor), Vocals (Bass)

12 We Could Still Evacuate
Álex Garcigregor: Arranger, Keyboard, Guitar, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer

13 Brushed by Her Teeth
Peter Jones: Producer, Mixing Engineer, Arranger, Talkbox, Piano
Matheus Manente: Percussion, Bass, Processed Percussion

14 Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme)
Claire Henry: Vocals (Lead)
Dan Taylor: Electric Bass, Fretless Bass
Stemage: Vocals (Lead)

15 Vanishing Point
Matias Castro Cancino: Arranger, Mixing Engineer

16 Become One
Wyrgan: Producer
Peter Bobinski: Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Guitar
Sirenstar: Vocals

17 TraceVoid()
Ronin Op F: Producer, Guitar

18 Coasting (Cloudbox Cruise Edition)
MononymNumerical: Producer, Arranger, Lead Vocals, Lyrics
Virginia Pettis: Ukelele
Melancholy Robot: Mixing Engineer, Guitar, Co-Producer

19 Forecast
Thennecan: Producer, Arranger, Guitar, Bass
SonikBuster: Electronic Percussion, Sound FX

20 The Spine
Michael Garrett Steele: Arranger
Andrew Dunn: Cello
Daniel Romberger: Trombone
Fredrik Häthén: Mixing Engineer
Ian Martyn: Bass
Joe Chen: Viola
John Robert Matz: Trumpet
Justin Olejnik: Drums
Michaela Nachtigall: Violin
Sirenstar: Vocals
Tiago Rodrigues: Guitar

wolfman1405: Producer
Dan Getty: Drums
Daniel Romberger: Alto Trombone (Solo), Trombone
Derek Dupuis: Keyboards
HatVGM: Trumpet
Henry Godfrey: Percussion
insaneintherainmusic: Tenor Saxophone
John Robert Matz: Trumpet
JohnStacy: French Horn (Solo)
Justin Zakrajsek: Alto Sax (Solo)
Kyle Martin: Tenor saxophone
Michael Garrett Steele: Alto Saxophone
Nisa Addina: Violin (Solo)
Sean Schafianski: Soprano Sax
Alex Hill: Tuba
Xale: Baritone Saxophone

22 Where are you, Red?
Danilo Ciaffi: Arranger, Guitar, Bass, Programming, Mixing Engineer
Davide Faraoni: Guitars

23 She Shines
Joe Chen: Viola
Max K Webster: Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Lead Vocals
Alex Hill: Tuba
Andrew Dunn: Cello
Damian Nguyen: Oboe
Daniel Romberger: Trombone
Eli Bishop: Violin (1), Violin (2)
Gregory Orosz: Clarinet
HatVGM: Trumpet
JohnStacy: Horn
Xale: Bassoon
Yishan Mai: Flute

24 In Circles
Louie Aronowitz: Producer, Arranger, Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Mixing Engineer

25 Don't Break Me This Time
Elizabeth Zharoff: Producer, Arranger, Vocals, Mixing Engineer
Brian Diamond: Vocals

26 Heightmap
HatVGM: Producer, Arranger, Performer

27 Spark of Hope (Blank Canvas)
Lauren the Flute: Arranger, Vocals, Flute, Lyrics
Daniel Romberger: Mentor
Doug Perry: Drums
Ian Martyn: Mandolin
Joe Chen: Viola
Kevin Spencer: Electric Guitar (Lead), Electric Guitar (Rhythm)
Mason Lieberman: Cello
Michaela Nachtigall: Violin
Peter Bobinski: Mixing Engineer, Acoustic Guitar
Sam Bobinski: Bass Guitar, Double Bass
Stemage: Electric Guitar (Solo)
wolfman1405: Vocals

28 Apex Beat
Ryan Fogleman: Arranger, Mixing Engineer

29 Gateless
Jeff Penny: Arranger, Producer, Mixing Engineer

30 We're One
Ben Wallace: Arranger, Keyboard
Chris Ferrara: Violin
Daniel Romberger: Trombone
Doug Perry: Vibraphone, Drums
insaneintherainmusic: Tenor Saxophone
James C. Hoffman: Mixing Engineer
Jeremiah Barcus: Cello
John Robert Matz: Trumpet
Laura Intravia: Flute, Vocals
Matheus Garcia Souza: Violin
Peter Kim: Electric Guitar
Roselie Samter: Viola
Sean Schafianski: Alto Saxophone
Videri String Quartet: Performing Artist

31 Paper Boats
Spencer Bambrick: Producer, Arranger
ETHEReal String Orchestra: Strings
James C. Hoffman: Guitar
Natasha Lende: Vocals
West McKeller: Guitar

32 Roimh an Ollóg Uiscí Saillte (Before the Salt and Roiling Sea): a Vagrant Song
Bonnie Bogovich: Arranger, Vocals, Sound Design, Percussion
Nautilus T Party: Vocals, Lyrics, Translation, Additional Sound Design
Ian Martyn: Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Nathaniel Chambers: Mixing Engineer

33 Downriver Dirge
Tim Rosko: Arranger, Vocals, Mixing Engineer

34 In The Flame
Psamathes: Producer, Arranger, Vocals (Tenor), Acoustic Guitar, Mixing Engineer
Dacian Grada: Co-Producer, Co-Arranger, Mandolin, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

35 Path to Glory
Videri String Quartet: Performing Artist
Chris Ferrara: Violin, Recording Engineer
Eli Bishop: Arranger
Jeremiah Barcus: Cello
Matheus Garcia Souza: Violin, Recording Engineer, Editing
Nathan Chandler: Mixing Engineer
Roselie Samter: Viola

36 Forbidden Knowledge
OtaConnor: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer

37 Water Falls Downside
Ian Martyn: Arranger, Lyrics, Guitar, Synth Programming
Julie Sakalys: Vocals
Kevin Vitz-Wong: Recording Engineer (Vocals)
Lauren the Flute: Flute

38 The Eight Scribes
Kevin Vitz-Wong: Producer, Arranger
Chris Muggli-Miller: Mixing Engineer

39 Flutter Fly
Trey Hodge: Producer, Arranger, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals, Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer
Angelique Hodge: Violin, Percussion

40 Strange Voyage
Free The Green Beans: Performing Artist
Ian Martyn: Bass
Lord Bif: Drums
Matheus Manente: Guitar
Nathaniel Chambers: Lead Vocals, Arranger, Mixing Engineer

41 Foolproof Plot
Lucas Guimaraes: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Synths
Andrew Filipski: Guitar
insaneintherainmusic: Upright Bass
Dean Nguyen: Vibraphone
Gregory Orosz: Clarinet
John Robert Matz: Trumpet
JohnStacy: Engraving Assistance
Matheus Manente: Drums
Nathan Madsen: Tenor Saxophone
Patrick Allred: Trombone
Sean Schafianski: Alto Saxophone

42 Dies Irae Grandioso
Zach Kohlmeier: Producer, Arranger, Lyrics, Mixing Engineer, Harpsichord, Vocals, Drums
Andrew Filipski: Bass
Louie Aronowitz: Guitar
Marjorie Halloran: Vocals
mkafie: Violin
Ronin Op F: Violin

43 Mourning Song
Bonnie Bogovich: Vocals (Soprano)
Peter Jones: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Vocal Lead, Vocals (Lead)
Brian Diamond: Vocals (Tenor)
Chris Muggli-Miller: Vocals (Bass)
HatVGM: Vocals (Tenor)
Ian Martyn: Vocals (Tenor)
John Robert Matz: Vocals (Tenor)
Julie Sakalys: Vocals (Alto)
Kevin Vitz-Wong: Vocals (Bass)
Marcela Estelië: Vocals (Soprano)
Matheus Manente: Vocals (Bass)
Psamathes: Vocals (Soprano), Vocals (Alto)
Rachel Robison: Vocals (Alto)
Sirenstar: Vocals (Lead)
Tim Rosko: Vocals (Tenor)

44 Sky Dance
Michael Hoffmann: Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Piano, Organ
Ian Martyn: Electric Bass
Peter Bobinski: Electric Guitar

45 Quest for Honor
Andrew Kroepel: Arranger, Track Producer, Mixing Engineer, Vocals (Alto 2), Vocals (Tenor 1)
Angelique Hodge: Vocals (Alto 1)
Bonnie Bogovich: Vocals (Soprano 1), Vocals (Soprano 2)
Brian Diamond: Vocals (Tenor 2), Vocals (Baritone), Vocals (Bass)
Chris Muggli-Miller: Vocals (Baritone)
Daniel Romberger: Vocals (Baritone)
Darby Cupit: Vocals (Bass)
Ian Martyn: Vocals (Tenor 1), Vocals (Tenor 2)
Jim Newsome: Vocals (Bass)
John Robert Matz: Vocals (Tenor 1)
Ken Crouch: Vocals (Tenor 2)
Liz Rishel: Vocals (Soprano 1), Vocals (Soprano 2), Vocals (Alto 1), Vocals (Alto 2)
Sean Schafianski: Vocals (Bass)

46 Will of the Scribes
Austin Hart: Producer, Mixing Engineer
Andrew Dunn: Cello
Andrew Stern: Cello

47 The Old Ways
The Game Brass: Performing Artist
Alex Hill: Tuba
Daniel Romberger: Trombone
Danny Flam: Horn
John Robert Matz: Arranger, Trumpet (1)
Robby Duguay: Trumpet (2)

48 Never to Return (p a r t y)
Catboss.: Arranger, Producer, Mixing Engineer
Brian Diamond: Vocals
Jayhan: Vocals

49 Bound Together (Exile)
Nautilus T Party: Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar
Bonnie Bogovich: Vocals (Alto)
Darby Cupit: Vocals (Bass)
Elizabeth Zharoff: Vocals (Alto)
Jayhan: Vocals (Alto)
John Robert Matz: Vocals (Tenor)
Liz Rishel: Vocals (Soprano)
Marcela Estelië: Vocals (Soprano)
Matheus Manente: Vocals (Bass)
Psamathes: Vocals (Soprano)
Sirenstar: Lead Vocals
The Triumvirate Choir: Performing Artist
Tim Rosko: Vocals (Tenor)

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