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Disc 1

01 battlecry
02 ole
03 raw material
04 genome
05 dry
06 death wish
07 vagrancy
08 sneak chamber
09 YOU feat. Kazami
10 tubed (drum please!!!)
11 pretending to...
12 night out
13 tsurugi no mai
14 world without words
15 silver morning
16 624 part 1
17 shiki no uta (song of the seasons)



keyboards, piano, synthesizer, effects, bass: takano, isao / tsutchie [m03, 05, 9-11]
guitars: ishii, masayuki [from Tica, m05, 9]
guitars: kogure, shinya [m10]
bass: watanabe, hitoshi [m17]
guitar: fukuhara, masanobu [m17]
vocal: kazami [m9]
background vocal arrangement by lori fine [COLDFEET, m9]
keyboards, piano: matsumoto, keiji [m17]
tenor sax: takegami, yoshinari [m17]
programming: force of nature [m07, 08]
programming: tsutchie [m03, 05, 9-11]
additional programming: takano, isao [m03, 05, 9-11]
recorded and mixed by illicit tsuboi [m03, 05, 9-11]
recorded and mixed by FORCE OF NATURE at FORCE OF
NATURE laboratories [m06-08]
recorded and mixed by nujabes at park avenue studio
[m01, 02, 13-15, 17]
recorded and mixed by fat jon [m04, 12,16]
recorded by ishigaki, yoshitaka at burnish stone recording studios [m17]
recorded by Rinky Dink Studio Toritsudaigaku
[m03, 05, 9-11]
recorded at annen annex, Oakland [m01]
recorded at BS&T studio [m03, 05, 9-11]
mixed at Rinky Dink Studio Toritsudaigaku [m03, 05, 9-11]
mastered by takise, masayo at m’s disk mastering
[m03, 05, 07, 08, 9-11]
mastered by hashimoto, youei at aubrite mastering studio
[m01, 02, 04, 06, 12-17]
FORCE OF NATURE appears courtesy of Libyus Music
kazami appears courtesy of SME Records Inc.
tsutchie appears courtesy of cutting edge / AVEX INC
Producer: ishikawa, yoshimoto [victor entertainment, inc.]
Production cooperative: takeuchi, masakazu [libyus music] [m01-17] / matsui, “808” toshishige [clockwise] [m03, 05, 07, 08, 9-11] / sato, takamitsu [weed] [m03, 05, 07, 08, 9-11]
Promoter: itoh, shosei [victor entertainment, inc,] [m01-17]
sugawara, yoshinori [victor entertainment, inc.][m01-17]
masuko, kei [victor entertainment, inc.][m06, 12-15]
Sales promoter: yamashita, kou [victor entertainment, inc.]
[m01-17] / sato, masakazu [victor entertainment, inc.][m01-17]
Art director: kanzaki, mugen [amaty, inc.] [m01-17]
Editorial coordinator: kobayashi, yasuko [victor entertainment, inc.] [m01-05, 07-11,16,17] / touya, asako [victor entertainment, inc.][m06, 12-15]

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