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Immortal 4

Catalog Number AKCD004~5
Release Date Apr 11, 2011
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 24.95 EUR
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Arrangement
Published by MAZ Sound Tools
Composed by Tim Follin, Tim Wright, Manfred Linzner, Matthias Steinwachs, Philip Nixon, Martin Iveson, Jon Hare, Richard Joseph, Jason Page, Al Lowe, Raymond Usher, Jolyon Myers, Mark Knight, Frédéric Motte, Jean Baudlot, Olof Gustafsson, Nicola Tomljanovich, Chris Hülsbeck, Fabio Barzagli, Tomas Dahlgren, Nikola Tomic, Allister Brimble, Hans-Hermann Franck, Steve Blenkinsopp, Michael Davis, René Gazzoldi, Barry Leitch, Dave Govett
Arranged by Jogeir Liljedahl, Tim Wright, Manfred Linzner, Eike "Romeo Knight" Steffen, Matthias Steinwachs, Philip Nixon, Christian Nagel, Jan Zottmann, Andrew Barnabas, Jon Hare, Jason Page, Fabian Del Priore, Stuart Ross, Henning Nugel, Mark Knight, Jean Baudlot, Frédéric Motte, Olof Gustafsson, Nicola Tomljanovich, Daniel White, Fabio Barzagli, Andreas Böhm, Matt McLellan, Christian Zwang, Christian Pignon, Hans-Hermann Franck, Steve Blenkinsopp, Andie Burt, René Gazzoldi, Roberto Bogni, Davide Valbusa, Barry Leitch, George Sanger
Performed by Øyvind Vik, Jon Hare, Neil Waters, Julian Landymore, Jim Cuomo, Al Lowe, David Jarnage, Richard Joseph, Graeme King, Ian Ritchie, David Mohr, Frequency 44, Henning Nugel, René Gazzoldi, Roberto Bogni, Davide Valbusa, Joe Lyford, Laurie Webb, The Fat Man & Team Fat at the CES, George Sanger, Joe McDermott, Kevin Phelan, Dave Govett


Disc 1

01 LED Storm 4:26
02 Lemmings "March Of The Green Tops" 5:09
03 Tales From Heaven "Thousand Tales" 2:08
04 Gauntlet 3: The Final Quest 4:08
05 Flink "Forest" 5:22
06 Pickled Onions 5:45
07 Jaguar XJ220 "Moody Breeze" 5:34
08 Cannon Fodder "War" 3:27
09 Paradroid 90 5:39
10 Wolfchild 4:27
11 Leisure Suit Larry "Larry’s Theme" 2:06
12 Walker 3:28
13 Big Run 3:27
14 Liberation: Captive 2 5:42
15 Future Wars "Les Voyageurs Du Temps" 3:18
16 Fury Of The Furries "Lagoon" 2:58
17 Fascination 5:35
18 Cannon Fodder "Narcissus" 5:45
Disc length 78:24
Disc 2

01 Flashback 3:23
02 Benefactor 2:36
03 F17 Challenge 4:07
04 Turrican 2 "Desert Rocks" 4:50
05 T-Zero "Alien Scratch" 6:09
06 Final Fight "Lost In Time" 4:21
07 Zarathrusta 3:33
08 Capital Punishment 4:47
09 Zeewolf "Medley" 4:57
10 Atomino 4:21
11 Ultimate Body Blows 4:51
12 First Samurai 4:26
13 Dangerous Streets 5:13
14 TFX "Anarchy" 9:32
15 Don’t Waste My Time 4:25
16 Puggsy "Puggs In Space" 4:06
17 Wing Commander 2:53
Disc length 78:30


1.01. LED Storm
Composed by Tim Follin
Arranged by Jogeir Liljedahl
Guitars by Øyvind Vik

1.02. Lemmings "March Of The Green Tops"
Composed & arranged by Tim Wright

1.03. Tales From Heaven "Thousand Tales"
Composed & arranged by Manfred Linzner

1.04. Gauntlet 3: The Final Quest
Composed by Tim Follin
Arranged by Eike "Romeo Knight" Steffen
Special thanks to Nathan Allen Pinard

1.05. Flink "Forest"
Composed & arranged by Matthias Steinwachs

1.06. Pickled Onions
Composed & arranged by Philip Nixon

1.07. Jaguar XJ220 "Moody Breeze"
Composed by Martin Iveson
Arranged by Christian Nagel

1.08. Cannon Fodder "War"
Composed by Jon Hare & Richard Joseph
Arranged by Jan Zottmann, Andrew Barnabas & Jon Hare
Vocals by Jon Hare
Trumpet by Neil Waters
Saxophone by Julian Landymore & Jim Cuomo
Produced by Andrew Barnabas, Jan Zottmann & Elad Fish

1.09. Paradroid 90
Composed & arranged by Jason Page

1.10. Wolfchild
Composed by Martin Iveson
Arranged by Fabian Del Priore

1.11. Leisure Suit Larry "Larry's Theme"
Composed by Al Lowe
Arranged by Jan Zottmann
Saxophone by Al Lowe
Produced by Jan Zottmann & Kati O'Toole

1.12. Walker
Composed by Raymond Usher
Arranged by Stuart Ross
Produced by Raymond Usher & Stuart Ross

1.13. Big Run
Composed by Jolyon Myers
Arranged by Henning Nugel

1.14. Liberation: Captive 2
Composed & arranged by Mark Knight

1.15. Future Wars "Les Voyageurs Du Temps"
Composed & arranged by Jean Baudlot

1.16. Fury Of The Furries "Lagoon"
Composed & arranged by Frédéric Motte

1.17. Fascination
Composed & arranged by Frédéric Motte
Acoustic guitars by David Jarnage

1.18. Cannon Fodder "Narcissus"
Composed by Jon Hare
Recorded 1993 in Joe's Garage Studio, London
Vocals, guitars & bass by Jon Hare
Keyboards by Richard Joseph
Drums by Graeme King
Saxophone by Ian Ritchie

2.01. Flashback
Composed & arranged by Jean Baudlot
Engineered by Damien Chalumeau

2.02. Benefactor
Composed & arranged by Olof Gustafsson

2.03. F17 Challenge
Composed & arranged by Nicola Tomljanovich
Guitars by David Mohr

2.04. Turrican 2 "Desert Rocks"
Composed by Chris Hülsbeck
Arranged by Daniel White

2.05. T-Zero "Alien Scratch"
Composed & arranged by Fabio Barzagli

2.06. Final Fight "Lost In Time"
Composed by Jolyon Myers
Arranged by Andreas Böhm & Matt McLellan
Performed by Frequency 44

2.07. Zarathrusta
Composed by Tomas Dahlgren
Arranged by Christian Zwang
Special thanks to Manuel Sehrbrock

2.08. Capital Punishment
Composed & arranged by Nikola Tomic
Additional guitars by Henning Nugel

2.09. Zeewolf "Medley"
Composed by Allister Brimble
Arranged by Christian Pignon

2.10. Atomino
Composed & arranged by Hans-Hermann Franck

2.11. Ultimate Body Blows
Composed & arranged by Steven Blenkinsopp

2.12. First Samurai
Composed by Michael Davis
Arranged by Andie Burt
Produced by Michael Davis & Andie Burt

2.13. Dangerous Streets
Composed by René Gazzoldi
Arranged & performed by René Gazzoldi, Roberto Bogni & Davide Valbusa

2.14. TFX "Anarchy"
Composed & arranged by Barry Leitch
Guitars by Joe Lyford

2.15. Don't Waste My Time
Composed & arranged by Philip Nixon
Vocals by Laurie Webb

2.16. Puggsy "Puggs In Space"
Composed & arranged by Tim Wright

2.17. Wing Commander
Composed by Dave Govett
Performed by The Fat Man & Team Fat at the CES
Guitars by George Sanger & Joe McDermott
Bass by Kevin Phelan
Drums by Dave Govett

Album Produced by Jan Zottmann

Mastered by Hans-Jörg Maucksch at Pauler Acoustics

Cover artwork by Stephane Belin
Booklet artwork by Toni Bratincevic
Additional artwork by Michael Englyst
Logo by The Light Works

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Commodore Amiga, Commodore Amiga CD32

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