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Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart: Inspired by the Music of Final Fantasy IX
Catalog Number OCRA-0053
Release Date Sep 09, 2015
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format 4 Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherOverClocked ReMix / /



Disc 1

01 Moguo's Knife Party (Over the Hill) 5:32
02 Sjá, Minn Heim (A Place to Call Home) 3:35
03 Black Mage Master (Vivi's Theme) 4:20
04 Canaries and Hurricanes (Swords of Fury, Behind the Door) 4:24
05 Vamo alla Django (Vamo' allá Flamenco) 2:57
06 Lunar Rebellion (Court Jesters) 3:40
07 Knight-wit (Steiner's Theme) 3:48
08 Prima Variations (Prima Vista Orchestra) 2:36
09 Doomed Lovers (Tragic Love) 3:35
10 t.r.e.e. (Danger in the Forest) 3:40
11 Exploda (Battle 1) 3:56
12 Bossa de Victory (Fanfare) 3:33
13 The Throes of Death(guise) [Battle 2] 5:32
14 Corra! (Run!) 3:43
15 Memories of Dali (Village of Dali) 4:18
16 Birth Under a Blue Light (Zidane's Theme) 5:12
Disc length 64:21
Disc 2

01 Craic in the Castle Walls (Cid's Theme) 3:55
02 Late Night Lindblum (Lindblum) 3:48
03 As Long As We Remember (Garnet's Theme) 3:13
04 Zaghnol Comes (Festival of the Hunt) 5:20
05 Yummy-yummies (Quina's Theme, Qu's Marsh) 5:31
06 The Knight of Woeful Sorrow (Freya's Theme) 3:47
07 You Don't Know Me (Unforgettable Silhouette) 3:48
08 Spirits of Gaia (Faerie Battle) 3:33
09 Terraforming Gaia (Kuja's Theme) 5:20
10 March of Robbers in Treno City (Dark City Treno) 3:17
11 In the Hall of the Gangster King (Tantalus' Theme) 3:20
12 Ambitious Whispers, Immoral Chants (Wicked Melody, Devil's Ambition) 4:43
13 Into the Sandstorm (Cleyra's Trunk) 5:06
14 Tribe of the Sandy Treehouse (Cleyra Settlement) 3:15
15 Save the Queen (The Wavering Blade) 4:48
16 To Be Forgotten (Eternal Harvest) 5:59
Disc length 68:43
Disc 3

01 A Rose in the Storm (Roses of May) 4:24
02 Dig This Fossil (Fossil Roo) 3:49
03 Rally-ho! (Conde Petit) 4:22
04 Fixations (Before the Altar) 3:40
05 Blakk Majik (Black Mage Village) 4:56
06 I Am Gonna Stop Eventually (Unforgettable Sorrow) 3:19
07 I'll Always Be There (Eiko's Theme) 4:35
08 Iifa, the Super Tree of Death (Iifa, the Ancient Tree of Life) 2:57
09 Assassimander (Amarant's Theme) 4:05
10 Four Score and Six-Eight (Tetra Master) 3:21
11 Miles and Miles Away (Esto Gaza) 4:20
12 When Love Must Be Saved (Broken Spell, Healed Hearts) 4:12
13 The Final Melody (Melodies of Life) 5:05
14 Through Sun-Drenched Skies (Aboard the Hilda Garde) 3:46
15 Bibliotheca ~ Dreamer in the Library (Daguerreo, the Hermit's Library) 4:37
Disc length 61:28
Disc 4

01 Inritus Bellum (The War to Nothingness) [Guardians] 3:15
02 Ghosts (Terra) 5:25
03 Ground Zero (Bran Bal, the Soulless Village) 3:40
04 The Fallen Savior (Pandemonium) 4:20
05 You and I (We're Not Alone) [Not Alone] 4:22
06 Viking Funeral for the Damned (Silver Dragon) 6:49
07 Filtering Through the Memories (Memoria) 4:24
08 Crystalline Tempest (Crystal World) 3:33
09 Arxidopita (The Darkness of Eternity) 14:01
10 Zero World (The Final Battle) 11:00
11 Prelude to Fantasy (Prelude) 3:48
Disc length 64:37

  Total tracks 58   Total length 4:19:09


Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart
Comments from album director Cain McCormack (Fishy) and ReMixers
Album freely available at

Firstly, credit where it is due! This album project was originally started by Brandon Strader, who you might also know as the director of the FFI and FFII albums on OC ReMix. Please do check out those, and all of the other Final Fantasy albums!

As you might have heard, this album has been a long time coming. This is partly because it is humongous, featuring 58 tracks with contributions from 57 artists. Final Fantasy IX has a huge soundtrack (over 120 tracks), and the reason for this is the great number of variations on motifs. There are so many variations that we actually had to limit the number of versions of similar themes. Twice in interviews, Mr. Uematsu has said that the Final Fantasy IX soundtrack is his favourite of the series, and you can definitely tell he got carried away given the depth on display. Even if you don't agree that it's his best, I definitely think it's the most cohesive effort in the series.

One thing you might notice about this album is the amount of new faces (or new at the time) who contributed multiple tracks. This is because they actually joined OC ReMix just for this project because of how much they love FFIX. I'm personally really happy for that to be the case, as I've always thought that you can really hear when people are invested in their tracks. Spotlighting the game music you really love is what we're all about here, and I feel like that is particularly true with this album.

I'd like to extend a huge thank you to all the contributors to the album including the 57 ReMixers; the awesome artists at Game-Art-HQ; José for working on the trailer; Kevin "TheGreyNinja" Merriman for the cover art; Flexstyle for a bit of mastering; and finally djp, Larry, and the other staff for helping to get everything out the door.

Thanks for waiting, and I really hope you enjoy it!

- Cain McCormack


1-01. Benjamin Briggs - "Moguo's Knife Party"
Source: "Over the Hill"

1-02. M-H - "Sjá, Minn Heim"
Source: "A Place to Call Home"

1-03. The Dual Dragons - "Black Mage Master"
Source: "Vivi's Theme"

1-04. Fishy - "Canaries and Hurricanes"
Sources: "Swords of Fury," "Behind the Door"

1-05. AndyP, Fishy feat. Dan Bryant - "Vamo alla Django"
Source: "Vamo' allá Flamenco"

1-06. IanFitC - "Lunar Rebellion"
Source: "Court Jesters"

1-07. ch4rl33 - "Knight-wit"
Source: "Steiner's Theme"

1-08. Calum Bowen - "Prima Variations"
Sources: "Prima Vista Orchestra," "Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII"

1-09. Brandon Strader - "Doomed Lovers"
Source: "Tragic Love"

1-10. Ross Kmet - "t.r.e.e."
Source: "Danger in the Forest"

1-11. Cyril the Wolf, Fishy - "Exploda"
Source: "Battle 1"

1-12. Calum Bowen - "Bossa de Victory"
Source: "Fanfare"

1-13. Gario - "The Throes of Death(guise)"
Source: "Battle 2"

1-14. Dr. Manhattan - "Corra!"
Source: "Run!"

1-15. Jean Of mArc, Solveig Giffin, Christine MacIsaac - "Memories of Dali"
Source: "Village of Dali"

1-16. Knight of the Round (Justin Taylor, Justin Wilbanks) - "Birth Under a Blue Light"
Source: "Zidane's Theme"

2-01. XPRTNovice - "Craic in the Castle Walls"
Source: "Cid's Theme"

2-02. Mattias Häggström Gerdt - "Late Night Lindblum"
Source: "Lindblum"

2-03. Archangel, Claire Yaxley - "As Long As We Remember"
Source: "Garnet's Theme"

2-04. Sixto Sounds - "Zaghnol Comes"
Source: "Festival of the Hunt"

2-05. Mattias Häggström Gerdt - "Yummy-yummies"
Sources: "Quina's Theme," "Qu's Marsh"

2-06. Abadoss, AndyP, Fishy - "The Knight of Woeful Sorrow"
Source: "Freya's Theme"

2-07. katethegreat19 - "You Don't Know Me"
Source: "Unforgettable Silhouette"

2-08. Brandon Strader - "Spirits of Gaia"
Source: "Faerie Battle"

2-09. Gario - "Terraforming Gaia"
Source: "Kuja's Theme"

2-10. Bluelighter - "March of Robbers in Treno City"
Source: "Dark City Treno"

2-11. Verdegrand - "In the Hall of the Gangster King"
Source: "Tantalus' Theme"

2-12. Archangel - "Ambitious Whispers, Immoral Chants"
Sources: "Wicked Melody," "Devil's Ambition"

2-13. jnWake, Argle - "Into the Sandstorm"
Source: "Cleyra's Trunk"

2-14. katethegreat19 - "Tribe of the Sandy Treehouse"
Source: "Cleyra Settlement"

2-15. IanFitC - "Save the Queen"
Source: "The Wavering Blade"

2-16. Fishy, Chris | Amaterasu - "To Be Forgotten"
Source: "Eternal Harvest"

3-01. Natalya Zarraga feat. Seth Tallman - "A Rose in the Storm"
Source: "Roses of May"

3-02. Mazedude - "Dig This Fossil"
Source: "Fossil Roo"

3-03. Moomba feat. Fishy - "Rally-ho!"
Source: "Conde Petit"

3-04. RiverSound - "Fixations"
Source: "Before the Altar"

3-05. Brandon Strader, Jeff Ball - "Blakk Majik"
Source: "Black Mage Village"

3-06. Brandon Strader - "I Am Gonna Stop Eventually"
Source: "Unforgettable Sorrow"

3-07. Flexstyle - "I'll Always Be There"
Source: "Eiko's Theme"

3-08. ch4rl33 - "Iifa, the Super Tree of Death"
Source: "Iifa, the Ancient Tree of Life"

3-09. ch4rl33 - "Assassimander"
Source: "Amarant's Theme"

3-10. djpretzel - "Four Score and Six-Eight"
Source: "Tetra Master"

3-11. XPRTNovice - "Miles and Miles Away"
Source: "Esto Gaza"

3-12. Bluelighter - "When Love Must Be Saved"
Source: "Broken Spell, Healed Hearts"

3-13. Jovette Rivera feat. ISAO - "The Final Melody"
Source: "Melodies of Life"

3-14. Archangel - "Through Sun-Drenched Skies"
Source: "Aboard the Hilda Garde"

3-15. katethegreat19, Chaeley - "Bibliotheca ~ Dreamer in the Library"
Source: "Daguerreo, the Hermit's Library"

4-01. Mikeaudio - "Inritus Bellum (The War to Nothingness)"
Source: "Guardians"

4-02. LuIzA, Level 99 - "Ghosts"
Source: "Terra"

4-03. halc - "Ground Zero"
Source: "Bran Bal, the Soulless Village"

4-04. Darangen - "The Fallen Savior"
Source: "Pandemonium"

4-05. Poolside feat. Amanda Appiarius - "You and I (We're Not Alone)"
Source: "Not Alone"

4-06. Knight of the Round (Justin Taylor), Adam Higgins - "Viking Funeral for the Damned"
Source: "Silver Dragon"

4-07. sephfire - "Filtering Through the Memories"
Source: "Memoria"

4-08. Archangel - "Crystalline Tempest"
Source: "Crystal World"

4-09. SnappleMan, finbeard, norg - "Arxidopita"
Source: "The Darkness of Eternity"

4-10. Fishy feat. Ludiotic - "Zero World"
Sources: "The Final Battle," "Battle 2," "Kuja's Theme," "Wicked Melody"

4-11. Archangel - "Prelude to Fantasy"
Source: "Prelude"

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