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Chronicles of Time: A Chrono Trigger Arrangement Project

Catalog Number N/A
Barcode 841787132559
Release Date Feb 14, 2016
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 19.99 USD
Media Format 5 Digital
Classification Arrangement, Vocal
PublisherChronicles of Time / /
DistributorLoudr / /


Composer / Yasunori Mitsuda / , Nobuo Uematsu / , Noriko Matsueda / , Tsuyoshi Sekito /
Arranger / Warriors of Time, Grant Henry, Max Noël, Ivan Hakštok, Claude D., Space Hammer, Erica Patoka, WARK!, Travis Vengroff, Dan Taylor, Alyssa Menes, Patrick "VGdrum" Kulikowski, Mikhail Ivanov / , Marshall Art (Mikhail Ivanov / , Jeffrey Roberts), L Guapo, B Fresh, Snappleman, norg, finbeard, Simon "Scaredsim" Sternis, Ian Luckey, Alexander Brandon, Emily Thompson, Kunal, Jer Roque, Cory Harbak, Steven Soderberg, Christophe "CHM" Blondel, Derris-Kharlan, Cory Johnson, Dale North, Ashley "Sonikbuster" Watts, Two Iron Fists, GuardianSoul, Super Guitar Bros (Steven Poissant, Sam Griffin), The World Is Square, William Carlos Reyes, Yulia "Shipluss" Nechaeva, David Peacock, Chuck Simpson, Maho Azuma / , Timo Hellmund, John Weible, Eight Bit Disaster, Super Soul Bros., XPRTNovice, Tim Yarbrough, Luiza Carvalho, missingNo., Alex Dobson, Peter Kim, Bruce Bonebrake II, Yusef Kelliebrew, Vasily "Harmsing" Blokhin, ansgaros, Justin Taylor, Alexander Shishkanov / , Thad Stevens, Amanda Lepre, Isaac Villareal, Jonathan Peros, Midee, Ryan Postlethwait
Performer / Warriors of Time (Chris Ryberg, CJ Graham, Julian Spillane, Kris Huber, Kyle Hoke), Grant Henry, Hindsight (Christophe Blondel, Bryan Hakim, Kain Lacroix, Max Noël), Ivan Hakštok, Mikhail Ivanov / , Claude D., Space Hammer (David Reardon, Joe Corbett), Lucca & The Inventions (Erica Patoka, Patrick "VGdrum" Kulikowski, Grant "Stemage" Henry, Dave Reardon), WARK! (John Weible, Dan Taylor, Kevin Lawrence, James Moats, Cory Johnson, Ryan Davies, Kunal Majmudar, John Robert Matz, Joe Zieja, Grant Henry), Travis "Careless" Vengroff, Ofer, Jared Dunn, Grospixels (Max Noël, Laurent Roucairol, Olivier Tamagna, Jean-Christian Verdez), Yes, Mayhem (Grant Henry, Dan Taylor, Kevin Lawrence, James Moats, April Taylor), Alyssa Menes, Patrick "VGdrum" Kulikowski, Damian Kulikowski, Ashley Lynn Watts, Doug Perry, The Hot Cats (Ryan Postlethwait, Dan Taylor, Kevin Lawrence), Marshall Art (Mikhail Ivanov / , Jeffrey Roberts), Chuck "finbeard" Simpson, Jer Roque, Yusef Kelliebrew, Bryan Hakim, Vasily "Harmsing" Blokhin, Nate "FoxxDragon" Horsfall, Peter "melody" Kim, Steven Soderberg, Ryan "Mega Beardo" Postlethwait, Erik "VikingGuitar" Peabody, George "norg" Nowik, Conformist Nonsequitur, GearX2, Grant "Stemage" Henry, L Guapo, B Fresh, Snappleman, norg, finbeard, Midee, Simon "Scaredsim" Sternis, Christophe "CHM" Blondel, Kirby's Dream Band (Erich Beckmann, Andre Beller, Ian Luckey, Mike Montemarano, Ryan Munz, Ryan Olson), Alexander Brandon, Kevin Lin, DROIDEKKA (Brandon Melton, Chris Horton, Emily Jackson, Jarett Edge, Emily Thompson, Evan Trest), Kunal, Arc Impulse (Andrew Estrada, Chris Macnider, Zach Wolfenbarger, Jer Roque, Mike Rutledge, Bobby Shields), Cory Harbak, Adam Henry, Thad Stevens, Somewhere in Time (Steven Soderberg, Tom Socia), Derris-Kharlan, Cory Johnson, Dale North, Yulia "Shipluss" Nechaeva, Leann Erickson, Chris Erickson, Michael Evans, Two Iron Fists (Jonathan Sterling, Bruce Bonebrake II), Kenny Davis, Matheus S. Garcia Souza, Super Guitar Bros (Steven Poissant, Sam Griffin), Lauren Liebowitz, The World Is Square (Nick Doane, Dave Reardon, Joe Corbett, Lauren Michelle Christerson, Joshua Edginton), Nate Horsfall, Erik Peabody, Jadwiga Kulikowski, Cezary Kulikowski, Danielle Foley, Alice Griffin, Montclair Gamer Symphony Orchestra (Leann Erickson, Chris Erickson, Casey Fulvi, Harry Hipwell, Danny Conde, Mike Godett, Lauren Olivola, Nick Roiz), William Carlos Reyes, Emily Thompson, Rosie Samter, Videri String Quartet (Lizzie Jones, Michael Hustedde, Roselie Samter, Jeremiah Barcus), Maho Azuma / , ViolinistBAKA, Mark Bassett, Max "Wild_Cat" Noël, Eight Bit Disaster (Elliot Wernlund, John Baxter, DeJuan Gailes, Eric Krouse, Matt Murphy), Super Soul Bros. (Robbie Benson, Brian Sheu, Chris Haman, Alex Popoff, Bill Smolik, Christian Manzana), XPRTNovice, Tim Yarbrough, Natalie Clyne, Luiza Carvalho, Dominic Cerquetti, Laura Intravia, missingNo., Peter Kim, Chuck Simpson, John Baxter, Elliot Wernlund, Bruce Bonebrake II, Materia (Peter Kim, Kwesi Andoh, Julius Verzosa, Kevin Lin), Harmsing (Vasily "Harmsing" Blokhin, Elena Izotova, Denis Chekolda, Kirill Gladkov, Andrey Konstantinov, Ilya Filatov), ansgaros, Justin Taylor, Alexander Shishkanov / , Descendants of Erdrick (Amanda Lepre, Thad Stevens, Emily Thompson, Jaime Watson), Isaac Villareal, Jonathan Peros, Ailsean, Ryan Postlethwait
Lyricist / Travis Vengroff, Ryan Postlethwait, Nick Doane
Recording Studio / Futura Productions
Mixing Engineer / Nathan Chandler


Disc 1 Arrangement, Vocal

01 I'm a Pretty Big Fan of Fares 5:37
02 Sunny With 100% Chance of Balloons 1:30
03 In the Presence of More Enemies 3:45
04 Runnin' in Circles 4:07
05 Frog's Theme 3:37
06 One Feather Short of a Stone Arm 2:36
07 New Song of Land 3:08
08 Atom Heart Machine 8:26
09 Untold 2:54
10 Critical Heat 5:17
11 Chro-NO You Di'int 2:24
12 Bike Chase: Fury Road 2:33
13 Joints of Steel 5:45
14 Party at Lab 16 7:21
15 Nobody's Badder and Nobody's Cooler 2:45
Disc length 61:45
Disc 2 Arrangement

01 Antecedent 2:08
02 One Day at a Time 7:57
03 Rock The Frog 3:12
04 Norstein Bekkler's Song of Horrors 2:33
05 Epoch ~ Wings of Time 3:10
06 the Guide of travellers along the roads of this world and along that leading to the next 0:29
07 Guardian Angel 3:19
08 First Tentacle of Mars 4:04
09 Deciduous Biome 6:26
10 To Far Away Times 4:13
11 With Zeal in Their Eyes 6:06
12 Temporal Eternity 9:09
13 No Adventure Without You 4:37
14 Eons I 6:05
15 Eons II 4:44
16 Eons III 4:46
Disc length 72:58
Disc 3 Arrangement, Vocal

01 Morning 4:16
02 Scattering Blossoms 3:19
03 Memories of the Past 3:36
04 A Meeting With DStiny (feat. Kenny Davis) 3:33
05 Melodía de la montaña (feat. Doug Perry + Matheus S. Garcia Souza) 2:49
06 The Gaylord Millennial Festival (feat. The World is Square) 1:54
07 March of the Frog 2:08
08 Biggest Blackest Omen 3:03
09 Where the Monsters Hide 4:11
10 Underground Sewer 4:43
11 The Brink 2:38
12 The Beginning of the Future 2:01
13 Manoria Cathedral 4:09
14 For Zealotry! (feat. Rosie Samter) 4:07
15 Chrono Trigger, Allegro Con Brio 3:23
16 Peaceful Days 3:13
17 風の憧憬 (Kaze No Shōkei) 4:05
18 Secret of the Forest 10:06
19 Go Gentle Into the Night 2:02
Disc length 69:16
Disc 4 Arrangement, Vocal

01 Tanked on Soda 3:42
02 Primevil 3:23
03 Nick'o Time 3:16
04 Cantina Automatica 3:29
05 G.A.T.O. Must Be Respected 2:51
06 Crono & Marle (feat. Maho Azuma + Natalie Clyne) 5:40
07 Depths of the Night (feat. Dom + Laura Intravia) 3:29
08 Corridors of Time 5:21
09 Indomitable 2:59
10 Never Gonna Power Down 3:59
11 Time to Rest 3:01
12 Echoes of the Night 4:13
13 Chrono Suite 11:23
14 Green Memories 5:54
15 Hotel Tyrano 7:00
16 Time Flies Like a Dream 5:06
Disc length 74:46
Disc 5 Arrangement

01 Epich (Part 1) 5:02
02 Epich (Part 2) 4:06
03 Epich (Part 3) 3:51
04 Palace of the Enlightened 4:47
05 Pull the Trigger 3:19
06 Apathetic Existence (Eternal Hopeless Consciousness) 6:03
07 ...Injustice For All 4:41
08 Memories Past 4:18
09 Yakra'ddabe Kidding me 3:08
10 Arena Rex (feat. Ailsean, finbeard, norg, prozax, Snappleman) 4:00
11 The Black Wind 7:05
12 Lavos I 9:04
13 Lavos II 3:58
14 Lavos III 7:59
15 But You're Still Hungry 5:58
Disc length 77:19

  Total tracks 81   Total length 5:56:04


We are the team behind 2013's acclaimed Secret of Mana tribute album: Spectrum of Mana. Chronicles of Time is our highly-anticipated tribute to Chrono Trigger - 5 discs and 75 tracks long, 2 years in the making.

This project is a world wide collaboration between over 200 artists within VGM communities such as Dwelling of Duels, OverClocked ReMix, and many live bands, who expertly re-imagine the beloved SNES-era RPG soundtrack originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, and Noriko Matsueda.

The album's five discs are sorted by Chrono Trigger's time eras:
  Prehistory (Rock, Fun, Primal)
  Antiquity (Synthesized, Adventurous, Magical)
  Middle Ages (Natural, Worldly, Gentle)
  Present (Jazz, Soulful, Dance)
  Apocalyptic Future (Metal, Destruction, Dramatic)

These eras cover a wide swath of genres and feature performances from a diverse range of talent.

Chronicles of Time also includes a collection of over 50 pieces of lovingly crafted artwork by 13 different artists, depicting the game's most memorable scenes and characters. This project was organized by veteran game industry animator and visual artist Nate Horsfall. Representing two years of dedicated work from hundreds of people to pay tribute to one of the greatest games of all time.


Disc 1: 65,000,000 B.C. ~ Prehistory
  Mastered by Grant "Stemage" Henry

  1.01. Warriors of Time: "I'm a Pretty Big Fan of Fares"

    Performed by Warriors of Time:
      Guitars: Chris Ryberg & CJ Graham
      Synths: Julian Spillane
      Drums: Kris Huber
      Bass: Kyle Hoke
    Mixed and produced by Chris Ryberg

  1.02. Stemage: "Sunny With 100% Chance of Balloons"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by Grant Henry
    Original track by Tsuyoshi Sekito for 1999 PlayStation release

  1.03. Hindsight: "In the Presence of More Enemies"

    Arranged by Max Noël
    Performed by Hindsight:
      Guitars: Christophe Blondel & Bryan Hakim
      Drums: Kain Lacroix
      Bass: Max Noël
    Mixed by Christophe Blondel

  1.04. Ivan Hakštok & streifig: "Runnin' in Circles"

    Performed by:
      Electric guitar & bass: Ivan Hakštok
      Acoustic guitar: Mikhail Ivanov
    Arranged and Mixed by Ivan Hakštok

  1.05. Claude D.: "Frog's Theme"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by Claude D.

  1.06. Space Hammer: "One Feather Short of a Stone Arm"

    Performed and produced by David Reardon and Joe Corbett

  1.07. Lucca & The Inventions: "New Song of Land"

    Arranged by Erica Patoka
    Performed by Lucca & The Inventions:
      Vocals, mandolin & keys: Erica Patoka
      Drums & percussion: Patrick "VGdrum" Kulikowski
      Bass: Grant "Stemage" Henry
      Extra percussion: Dave Reardon
    Samples by Mikhail Ivanov
    Mixed by Grant "Stemage" Henry

  1.08. WARK!: "Atom Heart Machine"

    Arranged by WARK!
    Performed by WARK!
      Synths, organ & MIDI stuff: John Weible
      Bass: Dan Taylor
      Drums: Kevin Lawrence
      Acoustic guitar: James Moats
      Electric guitar: Cory Johnson
      Additional synths: Ryan Davies
    Mixed by Luiza S. Carvalho

  1.09. Careless: "Untold"

    Performed by:
      Drums: Jared Dunn
      Guitar & bass: Grant Henry
      Flute: Ofer
      Accordion, keyboard, violin: Travis "Careless" Vengroff
    Written and arranged by Travis Vengroff
    Mixed by Grant Henry

  1.10. Grospixels: "Critical Heat"

    Arranged by Max Noël
    Performed by Grospixels:
      Bass: Max Noël
      Guitars: Laurent Roucairol & Olivier Tamagna
      Keyboards: Jean-Christian Verdez
    Mixed by Laurent Roucairol

  1.11. Yes, Mayhem: "Chro-NO You Di'int"

    Performed by Yes, Mayhem:
      Guitar: Grant Henry
      Bass: Dan Taylor
      Drums: Kevin Lawrence
    Arranged and mixed by Dan Taylor

  1.12. Alyssa Menes & Patrick Kulikowski: "Bike Chase: Fury Road"

    Arranged by Alyssa Menes & Patrick "VGdrum" Kulikowski
    Performed by:
      Guitar, keyboard, bass & alto sax: Alyssa Menes
      Drums, chorus: Patrick "VGdrum" Kulikowski
      Second guitar solo: Damian Kulikowski
      Additional chorus: Ashley Lynn Watts, Doug Perry
    Additional drum mixing by Patrick "VGdrum" Kulikowski, Grant "Stemage" Henry, & Chris Ryberg
    Mixed by Alyssa Menes

  1.13. streifig & The Hot Cats: "Joints of Steel"

    Performed by:
      Guitar & melodica: Mikhail Ivanov
      The Hot Cats:
        Vocals & Lyrics: Ryan Postlethwait
        Bass: Dan Taylor
        Drums: Kevin Lawrence
    Arranged and mixed by Mikhail Ivanov

  1.14. Marshall Art and Friends: "Party at Lab 16"

    Performed by:
      Guitar: Mikhail Ivanov
      NES chiptune & guitar: Jeffrey Roberts
      Drums: Chuck "finbeard" Simpson
      Drums: Patrick "VGdrum" Kulikowski
      Piano: Jer Roque
      Drums: Yusef Kelliebrew
      Guitar: Bryan Hakim
      Bass & synth: Vasily "Harmsing" Blokhin
      Guitar: Nate "FoxxDragon" Horsfall
      Guitar: Peter "melody" Kim
      Guitar: Steven Soderberg
      Acoustic guitar, bayan, harmonica & recorder: Claude D.
      Vibraphone: Doug Perry
      Guitar: Ryan "Mega Beardo" Postlethwait
      Vocals: Ashley Lynn Watts
      Guitar: Erik "VikingGuitar" Peabody
      Voice: George "norg" Nowik
      Guitar: Conformist Nonsequitur
      Guitar: GearX2
      Guitar: Grant "Stemage" Henry
    Edited & mixed by Jeffrey Roberts

  1.15. L Guapo and B Fresh: "Nobody's Badder and Nobody's Cooler"

    Performed by L Guapo & B Fresh
    Written by Nick Doane

Disc 2: 12,000 B.C. ~ Antiquity
  Mastered by Jeffrey "jmr" Roberts

  2.01. finbeard, Norg & Snappleman: "Antecedent"

    Performed by Snappleman, norg, finbeard

  2.02. Snappleman, finbeard, Midee & Norg: "One Day at a Time"

    Arranged by norg
    Performed by:
      Bass: norg
      Guitars: Snappleman
      Drums: finbeard
      Violin: Midee
    Mixed by Snappleman

  2.03. ScaredSim & CarboHydroM: "Rock the Frog"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by Simon "Scaredsim" Sternis
    Guitars by Christophe "CHM" Blondel

  2.04. Ivan Hakštok: "Norstein Bekkler's Song of Horrors"

    Arranged, performed (electric guitar & bass), and mixed by Ivan Hakštok

  2.05. Kirby's Dream Band: "Epoch ~ Wings of Time"

    Arranged by Ian Luckey
    Performed by Kirby's Dream Band:
      Drums: Erich Beckmann
      Bass: Andre Beller
      Keyboards: Ian Luckey & Mike Montemarano
      Guitars: Ryan Munz & Ryan Olson
    Mixed by Mike Montemarano

  2.06. Marshall Art: "the Guide Of travellers along the roads of this world and along that leading to the next"

    Arranged by Marshall Art
    Performed by Marshall Art:
      Guitar: Mikhail Ivanov
      NES chiptunes: Jeffrey Roberts
    Mixed by Jeffrey Roberts

  2.07. Alexander Brandon & Kevin Lin: "Guardian Angel"

    Arranged by Alexander Brandon
    Performed by:
      Keys, effects, etc.: Alexander Brandon
      Drums: Kevin Lin

  2.08. DROIDEKKA: "First Tentacle of Mars"

    Arranged by Emily Thompson
    Performed by DROIDEKKA:
      Guitar: Brandon Melton
      Bass: Chris Horton
      Trumpet: Emily Jackson
      Saxophone: Jarett Edge
      Keyboards & melodica: Emily Thompson
      Drums: Evan Trest
    Mixed by Josh Bruton

  2.09. Kunal Majmudar: "Deciduous Biome"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by Kunal

  2.10. Arc Impulse: "To Far Away Times"

    Arranged by Jer Roque
    Performed by Arc Impulse:
      Keytar: Andrew Estrada
      Violin: Chris Macnider
      Electric guitar: Zach Wolfenbarger
      Piano: Jer Roque
      Bass: Mike Rutledge
      Drums: Bobby Shields
    Mixed by Zach Wolfenbarger

  2.11. Demonstray & Friends: "With Zeal in Their Eyes"

    Performed by:
      Synths: Cory Harbak
      Drums: Adam Henry
      Fretless bass: Thad Stevens
      Guitars: Grant Henry
      Piano: Jer Roque
    Arranged and mixed by Cory Harbak

  2.12. Somewhere in Time: "Temporal Eternity"

    Arranged by Steven Soderberg
    Performed by Somewhere in Time:
      Guitar & bass: Steven Soderberg
      Voice of Magus: Tom Socia

  2.13. CarboHydroM: "No Adventure Without You"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by Christophe "CHM" Blondel

  2.14. Derris-Kharlan: "Eons I"
  2.15. Derris-Kharlan: "Eons II"
  2.16. Derris-Kharlan: "Eons III"

    All three arranged, performed, and mixed by Derris-Kharlan

Disc 3: 600 A.D. ~ Middle Ages
  Mastered by Grant "Stemage" Henry

  3.01. Cory Johnson: "Morning"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by Cory Johnson

  3.02. Dale North: "Scattering Blossoms"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by Dale North
    Original track by Tsuyoshi Sekito for 1999 PlayStation release

  3.03. Ashley Watts, Alyssa Menes, Jer Roque & Yulia Nechaeva: "Memories of the Past"

    Performed by:
      Piano: Yulia "Shipluss" Nechaeva
      Flute & piccolo: Leann Erickson
      Clarinet: Chris Erickson
      Cello: Michael Evans
    Percussion programming: Jer Roque
    Wind ensemble manager: Alyssa Menes
    Arranged and produced by Ashley "Sonikbuster" Watts

  3.04. Two Iron Fists: "A Meeting With DStiny (feat. Kenny Davis)"

    Performed by:
      Two Iron Fists:
        Acoustic guitars: Jonathan Sterling & Bruce Bonebrake II
        Bass & drums: Bruce Bonebrake II
      Piano: Kenny Davis
    Original track by Tsuyoshi Sekito for 1999 PlayStation release

  3.05. GuardianSoul: "Melodía de la montaña (feat. Doug Perry + Matheus S. Garcia Souza)"

    Arranged by GuardianSoul
    Performed by:
      Percussion: Doug Perry
      Violin: Matheus S. Garcia Souza

  3.06. Super Guitar Bros. and Friends: "The Gaylord Millennial Festival (feat. The World is Square)"

    Arranged by Steven Poissant & Sam Griffin
    Performed by:
      Super Guitar Bros.:
        Steel string guitars, additional percussion, claps & chanting: Steven Poissant
        Nylon string guitar, chanting: Sam Griffin
      Flute & chanting: Lauren Liebowitz
      Bass: norg
      Melodica: Jer Roque
      The World is Square:
        Glockenspiel: Nick Doane
        Djembe, claps & chanting: Dave Reardon & Joe Corbett
      Chanting: Nate Horsfall, Erik Peabody, Mikhail Ivanov, Patrick "VGdrum" Kulikowski, Damian Kulikowski, Jadwiga Kulikowski, Cezary Kulikowski, Danielle Foley, & Alice Griffin
    Mixed by Sam Griffin

  3.07. Alyssa Menes: "March of the Frog"

    Arranged by Alyssa Menes
    Performed by the Montclair Gamer Symphony Orchestra:
      Piccolo & flute: Leann Erickson
      Clarinet: Chris Erickson
      Tenor sax: Casey Fulvi
      Trumpets: Harry Hipwell & Danny Conde
      Trombone: Mike Godett
      Horns in F: Lauren Olivola & Nick Roiz
    Mixed by A.C. Menes

  3.08. The World is Square: "Biggest Blackest Omen"

    Performed by The World is Square:
      Classical guitar: Lauren Michelle Christerson
      Percussion: Joe Corbett
      Glockenspiel: Nick Doane
      Bass: Joshua Edginton
      Keyboard: David Reardon

  3.09. Yes, Mayhem: "Where the Monsters Hide"

    Arranged by Dan Taylor
    Performed by Yes, Mayhem:
      Vocals & ukelele: James Moats
      Guitar: Grant Henry
      Bass, fretless bass, keys & guitar: Dan Taylor
      Drums: Kevin Lawrence
      Flute: April Taylor
    Mixed by Dan Taylor

  3.10. William Carlos Reyes: "Underground Sewer"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by William Carlos Reyes

  3.11. Super Guitar Bros.: "The Brink"

    Arranged and performed by Steven Poissant (steel string guitar) & Sam Griffin (nylon string guitar)
    Mixed by Sam Griffin

  3.12. Yulia Nechaeva: "The Beginning of the Future"

    Arranged & performed (piano) by Yulia "Shipluss" Nechaeva

  3.13. William Carlos Reyes: "Manoria Cathedral"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by William Carlos Reyes

  3.14. Emily Thompson: "For Zealotry! (feat. Rosie Samter)"

    Performed by:
      Piano: Emily Thompson
      Violin & viola: Rosie Samter
    Mixed by Josh Barton

  3.15. Videri String Quartet: "Chrono Trigger, Allegro Con Brio"

    Arranged by David Peacock
    Performed by Videri String Quartet:
      Violins: Lizzie Jones & Michael Hustedde
      Viola: Roselie Samter
      Violoncello: Jeremiah Barcus
    Recorded by John Westin at Futura Studios in Boston, MA
    Mixed by Nathan Chandler

  3.16. William Carlos Reyes: "Peaceful Days"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by William Carlos Reyes

  3.17. finbeard & Friends: "風の憧憬 (Kaze No Shōkei)"

    Arranged by Chuck Simpson & Maho Azuma
    Performed by:
      Vocals & drums: Chuck "finbeard" Simpson
      Flute: Maho Azuma
      Violin: ViolinistBAKA
      Cello: Mark Bassett
      Guitars: Grant "Stemage" Henry
      Bass: Max "Wild_Cat" Noël
    Mixed by Grant Henry

  3.18. Cory Johnson: "Secret of the Forest"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by Cory Johnson

  3.19. AriesT: "Go Gentle Into the Night"

    Arranged & mixed by Timo Hellmund

Disc 4: 1,000 A.D. ~ Present
  Mastered by Erik "VikingGuitar" Peabody

  4.01. WARK!: "Tanked on Soda"

    Arranged by John Weible
    Performed by WARK!:
      Bass: Dan Taylor
      Drums: Kunal Majmudar
      Guitars & percussion: James Moats
      Trumpet: John Robert Matz
      Sax: Joe Zieja
      Guitars: Grant Henry
    Mixed by James Moats

  4.02. Eight Bit Disaster: "Primevil"

    Performed by Eight Bit Disaster:
      Tenor saxophone: Elliot Wernlund
      Bass: John Baxter
      Guitar: DeJuan Gailes
      Drums: Eric Krouse
      Keys: Matt Murphy
    Arranged, recorded & mixed by Eight Bit Disaster

  4.03. Super Soul Bros.: "Nick'o Time"

    Performed by Super Soul Bros.:
      Left-hand keyboard bass & piano: Robbie Benson
      Guitar: Brian Sheu
      Drums: Chris Haman
      Tenor sax: Alex Popoff
      Trumpet: Bill Smolik
      Trombone: Christian Manzana
    Recorded by Stephen Marley
    Mixed by Steve Murr

  4.04. XPRTNovice: "Cantina Automatica"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by XPRTNovice

  4.05. Tim Yarbrough: "G.A.T.O. Must Be Respected"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by Tim Yarbrough

  4.06. Jer Roque: "Crono & Marle (feat. Maho Azuma + Natalie Clyne)"

    Performed by:
      Piano: Jer Roque
      Flute: Maho Azuma
      Vocals: Natalie Clyne
    Arranged and mixed by Jer Roque

  4.07. LuizA177: "Depths of the Night (feat. Dom + Laura Intravia)"

    Performed by:
      Guitar: Luiza Carvalho
      Piano: Dominic Cerquetti
      Horn solos: Laura Intravia
    Arranged, sequenced, and mixed by Luiza Carvalho

  4.08. missingNo.: "Corridors of Time"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by missingNo.
    Arranged by Alex Dobson
    Mixed by Curtis Buckoll at Raincity Records

  4.09. melody: "Indomitable"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by Peter Kim

  4.10. Demonstray & Friends: "Never Gonna Power Down"

    Performed by:
      Synths: Cory Harbak
      Drums: Chuck Simpson
      Bass: John Baxter
      Trumpet & saxophones: Elliot Wernlund
    Arranged and mixed by Cory Harbak

  4.11. Bruce Bonebrake II: "Time to Rest"

    Performed by Bruce Bonebrake II (guitars, drums & bass)
    Original track by Tsuyoshi Sekito for 1999 PlayStation release

  4.12. Tim Yarbrough & Yusef: "Echoes of the Night"

    Performed by Tim Yarbrough & Yusef Kelliebrew

  4.13. Materia: "Chrono Suite"

    Arranged by Peter Kim
    Performed by Materia:
      Guitars: Peter Kim
      Bass: Kwesi Andoh
      Keyboards: Julius Verzosa
      Drums: Kevin Lin

  4.14. Harmsing: "Green Memories"

    Arranged by Vasily "Harmsing" Blokhin
    Performed by Harmsing:
      Bass & boss: Vasily "Harmsing" Blokhin
      Drums & vocals: Elena Izotova
      Keyboards & piano: Denis Chekolda
      Guitar: Kirill Gladkov
      Sax: Andrey Konstantinov
      Trumpet: Ilya Filatov
    Mixed by Alexey Baranov

  4.15. Eight Bit Disaster: "Hotel Tyrano"

    Performed by Eight Bit Disasters:
      Soprano, tenor & baritone saxophones; shekeré: Elliot Wernlund
      Vocals, bass: John Baxter
      Guitar: DeJuan Gailes
      Drums & cowbell: Eric Krouse
      Vocals, keys, congas & guiro: Matt Murphy
    Arranged, recorded & mixed by Eight Bit Disaster

  4.16. Ivan Hakštok: "Time Flies Like a Dream"

    Arranged, performed (electric guitar & bass), and mixed by Ivan Hakštok

Disc 5: 1,999 A.D. - 2,300 A.D. ~ Apocalypse
  Mastered by Erik "VikingGuitar" Peabody

  5.01. ansgaros: "Epich (Part 1)"
  5.02. ansgaros: "Epich (Part 2)"
  5.03. ansgaros: "Epich (Part 3)"

    All three arranged, sequenced, performed & mixed by ansgaros

  5.04. Justin Taylor: "Palace of the Enlightened"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by Justin Taylor

  5.05. GearX2: "Pull the Trigger"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by Alexander Shishkanov

  5.06. Thad Stevens: "Apathetic Existence (Eternal Hopeless Consciousness)"

    Arranged by Thad Stevens
    Mixed by Snappleman

  5.07. Descendants of Erdrick: "...Injustice For All"

    Arranged by Amanda Lepre
    Performed by Descendants of Erdrick:
      Guitars: Amanda Lepre
      Bass: Thad Stevens
      Keyboards: Emily Thompson
      Drums: Jim Watson
    Mixed by Snappleman

  5.08. Isaac Villareal: "Memories Past"

    Arranged by Isaac Villareal
    Performed by:
      Guitar, programming: Isaac Villareal
      Bass: Thad Stevens
    Mixed by Snappleman

  5.09. Jonathan Peros: "Yakra'ddabe Kidding me"

    Arranged, performed, and mixed by Jonathan Peros

  5.10. Midee: "Arena Rex (feat. Ailsean, finbeard, norg, prozax, Snappleman)"

    Performed by:
     Guitars: Snappleman, Ailsean & prozax
     Drums: finbeard
     Bass: norg

  5.11. Mega Beardo: "The Black Wind"

    Performed by Ryan Postlethwait
    Arranged, performed (guitars), programmed, and mixed by Ryan Postlethwait

  5.12. Cory Johnson: "Lavos I"
  5.13. Cory Johnson: "Lavos II"
  5.14. Cory Johnson: "Lavos III"

    All three arranged, performed, and mixed by Cory Johnson

  5.15. Marshall Art: "But You're Still Hungry"

    Arranged by Marshall Art
    Performed by Marshall Art:
      Guitar: Mikhail Ivanov
      NES chiptunes: Jeffrey Roberts
    Mixed by Jeffrey Roberts

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