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Super Metroid ~Reserve Tank: VARIAtions~

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Dec 15, 2008
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement


Disc 1

01 Heat Vision 4:44
02 Edenal 4:19
03 Energy Recharge 4:51
04 Lonely Petals 5:06
05 bLiNd Metallic Hope 3:18
06 Unknown Origin 4:38
07 In Your Prime 6:01
08 Photosymbiosis (bLiNd Version) 2:25
09 Speed Run 3:58
10 bLiNd's Snowy Brinstar 5:11
11 The Planet's Call 3:53
12 Redemption 2:04
13 Health Item 2:23
14 Eat This, bLiNd 4:14
15 Groovin' to a Star 1:40
16 I Ain't Afraid of No Pterodactyl 1:41
17 Jazzed Up 'Troids 1:04
18 Uplifter 4:00
19 My Minute 4:10
20 Sleeping Thought 1:53
21 The Galaxy Awaits 3:26
22 From Brinstar, to bLiNd 4:56
23 Just How Deep 3:35
24 Power-Up 4:02
25 One More Time, Just Once! 4:39
26 Samus in the Inferno (Short Edit) 3:17
27 Brinstar's Good Enough 2:34
28 Kindred 4:38
29 The Man Who Could Suddenly See 4:45
30 Jade Catacombs 6:56
Disc length 114:21



This is an album born out of love and friendship towards a great musician, who's made a difference in the lives of everyone who contributed to this project and many more. His name is bLiNd, and fell very ill a while back, and as a response to this the community of OverClocked ReMix put together this album in order to support him in his recovery.

His recovery went well, and eventually contributed his own music to the album. Now everyone can listen to the music and read the stories of the people who wanted nothing but to help a friend in need.



Thanks so much for making such great music all these years. You have a true talent.

We heard about your health issues at OCR, so we decided to do something that might help get your spirits up. This is a remix album called Super Metroid ~Reserve Tank: VARIAtions~.

It's a little Brinstar-heavy, but I don't think you'll mind too much. ;) A lot of people contributed to this little project, ranging from established artists to people just starting out. I didn't want to exclude anyone. :)

We hope you enjoy all of these (mine especially ;) and we hope you have a full and speedy recovery.

Lots of love from all of us at OverClocked ReMix!

~ DarkeSword

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